Roleplaying the Infinite Possibilities

RIP System

The basic RIP system behind all complete games presented here. It can be expanded into any common game setting, and possible future expansions include space opera, wild west and horror. This basic section is cloned or merged to all game expansions presented here.
A short foreword about RIP system in general.

A basic rules of characters and creatures. Explanations of the attributes, attribute and skill levels and fundamentals of character point system.

All main mechanics behind RIP games. Simple, efficient storytelling system suitable for cinematic gaming. Includes guidelines on how to handle tests and challenges in systemless game and describes normal damage.


Syndicate V: the Corporate Future
Dark future expansion. Description of the dark world, advanced electronics, firearms, augmentations and wetware. Campaign ideas for dark future and sample characters and people. Suited for any light near future roleplaying but can be used in modern games, too.

RIP Fantasy
Quite classic fantasy expansion. The Earth, Spiritworld, Abyss and manaflows explained. Fantasy equipment and characters, fantasy creatures, demons and free-form magic system. Can be used with any fantasy world, but has one for convenience.

I also have a list of potential expansions for RIP like Hunters or RIP Praedor but they are only scetches. If you know any other RIP expansions or have made one, please report so I can add a link.

RIP game system, Syndicate V: the Corporate Future, Syndicate: Dark Era, Syndicate: Dark Future, RIP Fantasy and RIP Hunters are all (c) Kalle Marjola 1993-2002. Permission to download for personal use only. All rights reserved. See generic license page.

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