Syndicate: The Corporate Future

Syndicate, Roleplaying the Dark Future 4th edition


Syndicate is a fast paced systemless simple role playing game of the near future. Life in near future is cheap and short, and players must always be careful and on the edge. Syndicate was originally meant for realistical cinematic campaigns, but is good for any campaign with need for fast realistic system. Cinematic does not mean that players cannot die. They die, and very easily. Cinematic in Syndicate means that players can make feats typical to action movies and is not hit as easily as common folk, making the game session more like action movies than realistic real-life stories.

Syndicate is for experienced game masters (GMs), because there is no very detailed system. Syndicate can be played as diceless system, although it is not encouraged. Players do not need to know system, but some basic knowledge about skill and attribute levels and available equipment is recommended.

RIP System



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