Summary of CP Costs


Standard Attributes
Strength, Endurance, Agility, Awareness, Willpower, Social
Superior (+2)6 cp
Good (+1)2 cp
Poor (-1)-2 cp
Inferior (-2)-4 cp
Special Attributes
Addiction-1 cp nuisance, -2 cp severe
Mental Problem-1 cp nuisance, -2 cp severe
Physical disadvantagevaries


LevelPrimary Secondary
Skilled (1)   1 cp0.5 cp
Expert (2)3 cp1.5 cp
Master (3)6 cp3 cp


Backed1 cp moderate, 2 cp strong
Contact0.25 cp
Cyberware2 cp mods, 3 cp systems
Expensive Items0.25 cp
Forced Agent-3 cp forced, -5 cp suicidal
Hunted-1 cp occassional, -2 cp continual
Friend0.5 cp
License0.25 cp
Officially Deadfree
Second Identity   0.25 cp
Stranger-2 cp
Superior Items0.5 cp

Cyber and Bioware

Initial cost 2 cp
Access Ware0.5 cp
Instinct Shield0.5 cp
Memory0.5 cp standard, 0.75 cp extended
Mind Link0.5 cp
Radio0.25 cp receiver, 0.5 receiver/transmitter
Voice Scrambler0.25 cp standard, 0.5 cp enhanced
Cyber Eyes0.25 cp
Camera, Display, Light Filter, LI, Magnification, Thermo0.25 cp each
Noise Filter0.25 cp
Recorder0.25 cp
Ultrafrequence Hearing0.25 cp
Air Filter0.5 cp
Blood Filter0.5 cp
Drug Injectors0.25 cp
EMP-Shielding0.5 cp
Gills0.5 cp
Rapier0.25 cp
Razors0.25 cp
Initial cost 3 cp, includes modifications
Artificial Body12 cp, with permission
Artificial Organs2 cp
Cyber Head1 cp
Cyber Limb1 cp one, 2 cp any number
Cyber Torso3 cp
Pressure Stabilization/TD>1 cp
Synthetic Body10 cp, with permission
Boosted Reflexes2 cp
Extra Powervaries
Plating2 cp
Reflex Wiring3 cp basic, 5 cp enchanced, +1 for dynamic
Synthetic Muscles   varies
Synthetic Skin1 cp
Titan Structure5 cp

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