All creatures have these attributes. See characters for rules.

HD or Level
The overall power of the creature.
Health Levels
The general stamina of the creature. If reduced to 0 or lower, the creature is knocked unconsicious and will die soon. Unless noted otherwise, the creature has health levels equal to HD.
Creature armor class, AC. Attacker's must score this level or higher to hit. The value may have two values, one for held, unconscious, paralyzed, sleeping or surprised creature and one for creature in combat (mobile). Armor value starts from creature base value, gaining more from skill levels and armor.
Number of attacks the creature may do in a combat round, including damage caused.
Any bonuses for to-hit, reduced from target armor class.
Combat movement speed. The creature may also has a special movement types, and they are listed here also.
Any special attributes the creature may have, including magic levels etc.


Here is any special attributes the creature may have.

The creature is insubstantial and may move through walls and objects and is immune to physical, acid and polymorph. However, the creature cannot handle items.
The creature may fly around or move on ground normally. The creature can push things while flying, and can move quite quickly.
The creature is invisible, and is seen only as a very faint movement. The creature has +2 armor, with at least 8 in any case, unless the attacker can see invisible.
The creature can slowly levitate in air, but cannot get force in his movement, being unable to push anything. The creature cannot move on ground normally while levitating.
The creature has no clear thoughts and cannot be detected with ESP. Likewise, it is immune to mind.
Night Vision
The creature can see well in the dark, being able to use ranged attacks in the dark locations and distinguishing creatures more accurately.
The creature does not live, and is immune to death, poison, disease and aging and does not need to breathe.
The creature is very frightening, causing all creatures with 4 HD or less to usually run away, at least be scared. Creatures with 5-9 HD may save vs. fear.
The creature radiates horrible unnatural aura of immense fright. Creature with less than 10 HD usually run immediately or are paralyzed from fear, while creatures with more HD may save vs. fear.
The creature has some special evil aura in it, and it can be repelled and banished because of that.
The creature has wings and can fly, as long as has room and strength to beat its wings.
The creature is resistant against given damage type, suffering only half damage from it and having +1 save-rerolls (see saves).
The creature is immune to given damage type, suffering no damage whatsoever. His items are not protected, however.
The creature is vulnerable to given attack type, negating one resistance. If the creature has no resistances to negate, reduces save-rolls by 1.
The creature is not just immune to attack type, it feeds from it! Instead of losing heatlth levels, add them! If an magical effect does no damage, add MP/2 to health.
These attributes can be at multiples, like strong x3.
The creature has natural resistance against all special attacks, gaining rerolls to saves.
The creature is very strong, gaining reroll at strength-related things. In addition, strong-attribute increses physical damage, see system.
The creature is very fast, gaining rerolls for speed-related tests and +1 armor for each level, unless held. Any heavy armor reduces this by 1 level, see system.
The creature has very good sight or hearing, gaining reroll at perception tests, and +1 to-hit with ranged, aimed attacks for each level. This does not apply to thrown weapons or spells.
The creature is bright and has willpower against any mind invasion, giving rerolls. This also improves his magic use.


The most common attack types causing loss of health levels or other effect. If the creature is resistant to the media, only half the damage is caused. Creature immune is just that, immune, but his items are not.

Corrosive liquids, may destroy any items (d6 roll 1) and always reduces quality of items.
Including freezing and ice storms. May shatter potions and wands (d6 roll 1)
Life force draining, causing loss of vitality. If the attack is energy drain the attacker gains half the amount of drained, round up. Any exceed health levels over normal maximum health level are lost at the next sunrise. Any creature slain by energy drain is normally raised as a same kind of creature as killer in the next dawn.
Various long or short-term diseases
All heating and flame attacks. Can easily burn paper and scrolls and boil potions (d6 roll 1)
Including electricity. May cause short blindness (d6 roll 4+, next action) and disintegrates rings and wands (d6 roll 1)
The pure magical power, causing general damage. Is usually part of the magical attacks, causing metamorph or mind effects.
Targeting the mind of the creature. Typical subclass is fear.
Includes pierce, cut and crunch. Cruch may break things and cut severe limbs (d6 roll 1 if damage 3+)
Venoms and poisons, causing damage when injected or touched, sometimes causing other effects.
Attacks trying to modify the creature, by aging it or by turning it into a frog, stone (petrification) or dust (disintegration). Disintegration may cause loss of random (big) item (d6 roll 1-3)


These are special effects caused by some special attacks. Most call for save which is more detailed in the system.

The creature is (temporary) blinded and attacks at -2. In addition, he cannot use ranged attacks or spells.
Target is filled with immense fear, and unless saves against it, becomes scared and must run away or cannot effectually fight while covering from fear. There is usually a HD level after creature is practically immune to fear.
The creature is paralyzed unless saves vs. paralyzation. Paralyzed creature cannot do anything until paralyzation vanishes. If no duration is noted, is is dispelled with d6 roll 1 at the start of the creature's action.
The creature is put to sleep unless saves vs. sleep. Sleeping creature may do nothing until awakes; if hit, awakes on a roll d6 1-3.
The creature is stunned unless saves vs. stun. A stunned creature loses its next action.
The creature becomes stupid if the save is unsuccessful. The stupid creature has hard time to think clearly, and on a d6 roll at the start of his turn, he cannot act. In addition, all spell-casting is automatically hard!
The creature is transformed into a new form unless saves vs. polymorph. See GM section for details.

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