A character with magic levels may try to learn a spell if it is either taught at him (one week) or he reads it from spellbook (one day). The character cannot learn a spell with higher level than his magic level, divided by 3 (normal rounding). Thus, a first level magician cannot learn any spells (except little catrips, but they are not described here).

To learn a spell, a test must success. Add +1 for each mental attribute and +1 for each level the spell is under his maximum. If the test is unsuccesful, the character cannot try the spell until he has gained a new magic level.

When a new character is created, all spells selected are automatically learned, excpet for the highest level ones. For them, a successful test must be made. Those not learned can be replaced with other spells.

There is no limit to number of spells the character may have in his mind. Note that some creatures may cause loss of memories...
When a spell is cast it is usually magic until transformed into a pure energy. Thus, a creature or item which is immune to magic is immune to any spell directed at it, unless the spell changes into same element. Likewise, creature resistant to magis dispels spells at least with d6 roll 4+. This applies to all non-element spells, like all enchantments, healing spells, teleportation etc.

Note also that all miracles are magic as are all innate powers, and same rules apply to them. Also mote that creature's magic resistance or immunity does not apply to his items or enchantments on him.


The needed number of magic points is listed in the spell description. If there is 'X', the caster is free to determine value for that, with higher values producing more powerful effects.
The spell can be cast up to 30 meters away from the caster
The caster must touch the target. If in melee, normal to-hit is required, and if it misses, spell is wasted. This roll is done after casting is performed. If the target is willing, use held armor, with +2 bonus to-hit.
Creates a 15 meter bolt, and all creatures in the path are viable targets. Roll to-hit with +4 against each. The caster can use his own to-hit bonuses against first target if they are better than +4. The bolt can usually bounce from objects to reach its full length. If the lenght is defined, it is that instead of 15 meters.
The bold can be such that it affects only the first creature it hits.
Ignore armor
As detailed in system, it needs only to hit the target or his armor, needing 3 against held and more against moving.
Creates a temporary magical effect, which can be dispelled before the effect wears off. Otherwise, it lasts about as long as described in the spell, but can vary up to 50% as judged by the GM. Same enchanment is never cumulative, if cast again, only the one with longer duration remains.
All spells require only one action to be cast, unless the spell is a ritual. These require longer casting time, chants and possible material components. The actual casting time is noted.
The spell creates a wall. If the wall would be broken by some object or creature while being cast, the spell automatically fails. If the wall is solid and prevents moving through it, is is immune to all attacks except physical, acid and polymorph, unless noted otherwise. In addiiton, piercing attacks cannot harm it.

Level 1
SpellMP AttributesEffect
Burning Hands 13m bolt, single-hit Target hit with 2 fire damage
Color Spray 1bolt All hit -2 to-hit next round because blinded, unless save vs. stun at -2.
Detect Evil 1touch Senses if the touched item or creature is cursed or unholy. If cast on creature, also senses if any items worn by the creature are cursed.
Detect Magic 1- Caster senses all magical auras in close vicinity (within 10 meters and preferably visible), unless hidden somehow.
Enlarge 4Xtouch, enchantment (10 min) Target creature scretches in size. Height is increased by half for each X, and weight accordingly (in power of 3). The target gains strong attribute for each level. Note that items and clothing does not growth, and the spell fails, if the growth is resisted with any force (like armor).
Feather Fall 1Enchantment (1 hour) The caster stops his falling and is slowed down to descend of 1 meter each round. The spell automatically dispels when the caster hits the ground.
Light 1Enchantment (1 day) Lights up the area around the caster. The area is illuminated with light equal to cloudy daylight, and covers an area about 10 meters across.
Magic Missile 3Xranged Target hit with X magic missiles, each causing 1 magical damage. Hits automatically.
Produce Flame 1ranged Creates a burst of fire, igniting flammable material. If targeted on a creature, deals 1 point of fire damage.
Remove Fear 1touch, enchantment (1 hour) Target creature becomes immune to fear and if is currently scared or frightened, that emotion is removed.
Reveal Use 3ritual 1 min, touch Revelas the name of the target item in most cases. No information about the number of charges, curses or hidden status is revealed.
Shield 1enchantment (1 min) Creates a shimmering shield, giving the caster armor +1, at least 6 held or not.
Sleep 1touch Creature touched must save vs. mind magical sleep or is put to sleep.

Level 2
SpellMP AttributesEffect
Acid Arrow 2Xranged, to-hit Target hit is burnt with acid causing X points of acid damage.
Banish Xranged (enchantment 10 min) Target outer-planar creature is banished to home plane or ethereal creature forced to semi-material form unless it saves vs. magic at -1. Apply +2 to save if X is less than HD, and -2 if the target is inside a ward it cannot cross. Ethereal creature becomes only resistant to physical while the enchantment lasts if it fails to save.
Cause Fear 2ranged Target must save vs. magical mind fear, or becomes scared and frightened.
Darkness 2enchantment (1 hour) Area around the caster is dimmed and all creatures without night vision suffer a -1 to-hit, -2 with ranged attacks. Does not work in sunshine.
Detect Invisible 2touch, enchantment (1 hour) Enchanted creature can see invisible and detect illusions.
ESP 2touch, enchantment (10 mins) Target can, by closing his eyes and concentrating (requires an action), detect thoughts within 50 meters of him. No actual thoughts are read, but the creature gains general idea where other creatures are and their type. Does not detect mindless creatures.
Forget 2ranged, enchantment (1 min) Target creature must save vs. mind magic at -1 or becomes stupid and stunned. Stupidity lasts until effect is dispelled.
Force True Form 2- All shapeshifted creatures within 10 meter of the caster are immediately resumed to their basic form, unless save vs. magic at -4.
Gain Resistance 2touch, enchantment (1 hour) Target gains resistance against sleep, poison, polymorph, fire, cold or lightning, as determined by the caster.
Hide Aura 2touch, enchantment (6 hours) Target enchantment loses its magical aura and possible visual effects common to protection spells. If the target enchantment is dispelled, so is this.
Knock 2ranged Target mechanical lock is unlocked or simple bar opened. Cannot affect heavy, big bars.
Mirror Image 2enchantment (1 min) Creates a duplicate of the caster. Unless the attacker can see invisible, all attacks hit the wrong image unless roll 4+ on d6 first.
Stinking Cloud 2ranged, enchantment (see below) All breathing creatures in target area with diameter about 5 meter must save vs. poison each round or are stunned. Enchantment decays on a d6 roll 4+ at the start of the caster's turn.
Strength 2touch, enchantment (1 hour) Target gains attribute strong. If already strong, does +1 physical damage with normal weapons. Big weapons still do 2 points of damage.
Stun Ray 2bolt, ignore armor Targets hit must sav vs. magical stun or are stunned and lose their next action.
Ward 2Xritual 1 min, enchantment (6 hours) The caster draws a ward into ground against certain ouer-planar creature type. It must be made from appropriate materials and is always a circle, with 3-6 meter diameter. No creature of that type can cross or affect the ward if it has HD less than equal to X. Creatures with more HD can make a magic save to cross, and only one test is ever made against certain ward.
Web 2ranged, wall (6 hours) Creates a sticky web of up to 6x3 meters, which must be from wall to wall. Any creature stumbled into the web is grabbed with one strong attribute. The wall can be teared with 3x strong attributes or burnt, althought it does not burn very well.

Level 3
SpellMP AttributesEffect
Conjure Monster 3- Teleports one creature common to area near the caster. The creature behaves normally, and if there is no other creatures present (within 100 meters or so), the spell fails. Only 10 HD or smaller creatures are normally conjured.
Curse 3ranged The caster must phrase a curse to affect the target. If the target succeeds in magic save at -1 or the curse is badly phrased, the curse is transfered on a d6 roll 6 to some item worn or carried by the target. If directed directly to an item, automatically curses it unless it has some kind of protection. A black aura surrounds the target for a while if the spell is successful.
Dispel Magic 3ranged All enchantments in the target are dispelled on a d6 roll 4+ (roll for each). If targeted to specific enchantment, it is automatically dispelled unless somehow protected.
Drain Items 3ritual 1 min, touch The caster drains magical power from touched magical items, destroying them completely. The caster gains d3 magic points from each one-use magic item, 2d3 from wands and 2d6 from other items. Powerful magic items may resist the effect, and magic points drained is subject to approval from the GM.
Fly 3touch, enchantment (10 mins) Target creature levitates until enchantment is dispelled.
Free Breathing 3touch, enchantment (6 hours) Target creature becomes non-breathing and cannot suffocate until the enchantment is dispelled.
Haste 3touch, enchantment (1 min) Target creature gains +1 attack and +2 move.
Lightning Bolt 2+Xbolt Inflict X points of lightning damage to all targets hit.
Mind Blank 3touch, enchantment (1 hour) Target creature becomes immune to mind and cannot be detected with ESP or similar means.
Morph Armor 3touch Target armor piece is morphed to a new size to fit on a different creature. This spell has 1 in 6 chance to create an unfitting armor and then 1 in 6 chance to ruin the armor permanently. Increase the chance for drastic morphs.
Phantasmal Horrors 3ranged, enchantment (1 min) Target creature must save vs. mind magic or becomes either scared or paralyzed, as desired by the caster.
Slow 3ranged, enchantment (1 min) Unless target creature saves vs. magic at -2, he loses 1 attack per round (if multiple attacks with the same thing) or is at -2 to-hit because of slowness, and is at -2 move (or half, if starting move 4 or less).
Telepathy 3touch, enchantment (1 hour) Target creature may converse telepathically with any intelligent creature within 20-50 meters. Subjects are free to response to any conversation attempts.

Level 4
SpellMP AttributesEffect
Animate Dead Xtouch, enchantment (6 hours) The caster animates a corpse with X HD as a zombie, which will obey him blindly until destroyed or decays.
Aura of Fear 4touch, enchantment (1 minute) The target creature becomes scaring.
Dimension Door 4- The caster is instantly teleported up to 50 meters to known location or general direction. If would move into air or inside something solid, the caster is instead teleported to random safe place.
Extend 4ranged Target enchantment has its duration extended, from minute to 10 minute, 10 minute to hour or hour to 6 hours etc. Can only be done once per enchantment.
Fireball Xranged, to-hit, ignore armor Target location hit bursts into a 5m diameter fireball. Roll to-hit with +4 for all creatures in area, X dice, each hit causing 1 point of fire damage.
Fireshield 4touch, enchantment (1 hour) Target creature gains a shimmering field and is immune to fire.
Hold Monster 4ranged, enchantment (see below) Target creature is paralyzed unless saves vs. magical paralyzation. Enchanment is dispelled on a d6 roll 1 at the start of the creature's turn.
Invisiblity 4touch, enchantment (10 mins) Target creature and his possession and auras become invisible.
Metamorph 4touch, enchantment (6 hours) Target creature is poluymorphed into a new random creature unless saves vs. magical polymorph at -1.
Minor Globe of Invulnerability 4touch, enchantment (10 mins) Target creature is surrounded by a shimmering globe, and he becomes resistant to cold, lightning and fire.
Remove Curse 4touch Removes one curse (phrased at the time of the casting) from the target creature or an object.
Steal Mind 4touch, enchantment (1 day) Target creature must save vs. magic mind or loses his mind, becoming a vegetable or simply insane until the effect is dispelled or decays. All actions are handled by the GM.
Stone Skin 2Xtouch, enchantment (1 hour) Target creature gains extra layers of stone skin, which prevents X physical damage inflicted on target before collapsing.
Suggest 4ranged Target creature must save vs. magic mind at -1 or must perform one action described by the caster during the creature's next action. Suicidals are saved at +2. Suggest cannot force to use magical powers.
Wall of Fire 4ranged, wall (10 minutes) Creates a wall of blazing flames of up to 6x3 meters. Any creature passing through suffers 6 points of fire damage, and must save vs. fear to even try.

Level 5
SpellMP AttributesEffect
Charm Monster 5ranged, enchantment (6 hours) Target creature must save vs. mind magic or becomes submissive and totally friendly to the caster. Target still regards its friends but if he has to choose, will quite probably turn against them
Cloudkill 5ranged, enchant area (1 min) Creates a greenish cloud with diameter of 5 meters to target location. All breathing creatures in area take 2 poison damage each round.
Cone of Cold 3+Xbolt Inflict X points of cold damage to all targets hit.
Disenchant 4- All enchantments on and around the caster within 10 meters are dispelled on a d6 roll 4+, roll separately for each.
Frostshield 5touch, enchantment (1 hour) Target creature gains a shimmering field and is immune to cold.
Identify 10touch Reveals the name, charges, any curses, command words, general use and status of the target item. Hidden features may remain hidden.
Passwall 5touch, enchantment (1 hour) Opens a magical portal in a wall. This portal is 3x3 meters and up to 3 meters deep. When decays or dispelled, closes and ejects everything inside.
Polymorph 5bolt, one-hit, ignore armor Target hit is permanently polymorphed unless saves vs. magical polymorph. If polymorphed into an intelligent being, the target retains all mental stats, skills and memories.
Raise Dead Army 4+Xranged, enchantment (6 hours) Raises up to X human or similar corpses as zombies, which obey the caster blindly.
Restore 5touch Does one health restoration, restores all lost attributes for some effects or removes one blindness, deafness or disease. Cannot help on curses or permanent damage.
Summon 4+Xritual With appropriate ritual, the caster calls for certain outer-planar creature, limited to 2X HD. Summoned creature is not automatically friendly.
Telekinesis 2Xranged Target is hurled with a power of 100 kg per X to some direction, unless saves vs. magic at -1 per extra power in spell. If hits something, damaged extra power levels.
Teleport 5touch The caster and up to 2 other creatures touched are instantly teleported up to 50 meters, see dimension door spell. If cast directly on other creature, that creature is teleported randomly as with a failed dimension door spell.
Touch of Death 5touch The creature touched is immediately slain unless saves. vs. magical death at -1.
Wall of Ice 5ranged, wall (6 hours) Creates a wall of ice of up to 6x3 meters. No creature may pass through until it has been dispelled or destroyed. The wall has armor 5 and 10 health levels, and can be damaged with fire. The ice directly evoparates, no water is produced.

Level 6
SpellMP AttributesEffect
Anti-Magic Shell 6touch, enchantment (1 hour) Creature becomes immune to magic. This does not dispel magics already on him.
Chain Lightning 4+Xbolt, single-hit First target hit is damaged for X lightning damage. After that, the X is reduced by 1 and the lightning leaps to creature closest to previous target, ignoring targets already hit. Continue this until X is 0, the bolt cannot leap over 10 meters.
Death Spell 10- 2d6 times 5 HD of creatures around the caster within 20m must save vs. magical death at -1 or are immediately slain. Start from the creatures with the lowest HD.
Dig 6- Digs a hole in the direction pointed. If cast on earth or dirt, a hole with 2-3 meter diameter and depth of 10 meters is created. In a stone, a 3 meter hole. Does not affect metal, wood or creatures, unless cast from inside. If cast when swallowed, does 10 points of physical damage and ejects the caster.
Disintegrate 6bolt, single-hit, ignore-armor Target hit must save vs. disintegration at -2 if size less than an ogre. If saved or large target, inflicts 6 magical disintegration damage.
Energy Drain 5+Xtouch Target creature touched is energy drained for X damage. The caster gains half the magical death damage inflicted. Any exceed health levels vanish at the next sunrise unless lost before that.
Enforce Wall 5+Xenchantment (1 day) Up to 20 meters per X of wall (or 10x10 of ceiling or floor) is magically enforced to prevent any magical intrusion. No Passwall or Dig can penetrate the wall nor can it be disintegrated. Ethereal creatures cannot pass through it, either.
Fasten 6ritual 1 min, touch, enchantment (special) Target enchantment becomes fastened so that it lasts until dispelled; it does not decay at own time. However, until the enchantment is dispelled, the caster has his magic point maximum reduced by the magic points in the enchantment. If cast on creature enchantment, the original subject may re-save if not willing.
Globe of Invulnerability 6touch, enchantment (10 mins) Target creature is covered in a shimmering field, and he becomes immune to fire, cold and lightning.
Mystical Aura 5+Xritual 10 min, enchantment (1 day) Enchant an area up to one room (or similar area up to 10x5x5 meters) per X to prevent any teleportation inside the area or into it. Creature may still teleport away from the area. Does not affect the caster or creatures which have 10 HD more than the caster.
Petrificate 6bolt, single-hit, ignore-armor First target hit must save vs. magical polymorph petrification, or is instantly turned to stone.
Portal 5+Xenchantment (see below) The caster creates a portal to target location he has previously visited and instantly teleports to that location. The location must be on the same plane and within X times 5 kilometers, and is never accurate unless opened to Sanctuary. The portal always opens on a safe ground and cannot be opened to a location the caster has not seen. The portal is one-way and is closed on a d6 roll 4+ at the start of the caster's each subsequent turn.
Power Word, Stun 6ranged Target creature must save vs. magical stun at -4 or becomes stunned until rolls 4+ on a d6 at the end of his turn. Creatures add +1 to save for each full 5 health levels left.
Rock to Mud 6ranged Target rock formation up to 2-3 cubic meters is softened to mud. If targeted on harder substance or bigger formation, the spell may fail. If cast on rock-creature does 6 points of magical polymorph damage.
Spirit Form 6enchantment (10 mins) Caster and all items he held become semi-transparent and ethereal. While ethereal, the caster can move through walls or items, but cannot cast spells or use items. If the effect is dispelled while inside a solid object, death usually occurs.
Stone to Flesh 6touch, (enchantment 1 hour) Petrified creature touched is restored to life, but any damage sustained while petrified now affects the creature. In addition, if the target would otherwise survive it must still make a system shock save to remain alive. Stone-like creatures struck must save vs. magical polymorph at -2 or lose half their remaining health levels and 2 armor until effect is dispelled.

Level 7
SpellMP AttributesEffect
Enhanced Mystical Aura 6+Xritual 1 hour, enchantment (1 day) As level 6 spell Mystical Aura, but prevents teleportation from the area, too.
Finger of Death 7bolt Any creature hit must save vs. magical death at -1 or is immediately slain.
Major Conjuration 7- The caster cpnjures anything to appear into his hands or near him. Only items handled previously can be conjured, and the caster must be 'the owner of the item'. The spell may fail across planes and especially if some powerful creature now has it.
Meteor Swarm 2Xranged, to-hit X attacks, each causing 1 physical and 2 fire damage if hit. Roll separately for each, all targets must be within 10 meters of each other with no creatures in path to them. Cannot fire more than 5 meteors against a same target.
Negate Magic 10ranged Target magical effect is permanently dispelled. If cast generally at creature, dispels all normal enchantments and on a d6 roll 4+ random magical one-use items and permanenced spells. If targeted on a certain magical item or permanenced spell, dispels it automatically.
Permanency 15ritual 6 hours After the ritual is done, a new enchantment is cast and then made permanent with this spell. This new enchantment has no duration and cannot be dispelled with normal means. Only one enchantment can be made permanent on each creature, and each use of this spell permanently reduces the magic points of the caster by one.
Planar Gate 7enchantment (10 minutes) Creates a temporary portal between two places. This portal can be from one plane to another, but can only be opened to plane where the caster has something. This portal is two-way and very obvious.
Power Word, Kill 7ranged Target creature is immediately slain unless saves vs. death magic at -3. Creatures add +1 to save for each full 5 health levels left.
Prismatic Spray 10bolt Any creature hit is struck with magical lights, and is damaged with 2 points of fire, magical, magical poison and lightning damage. In addition, roll d6 for each target: 1-3: nothing else, 4: petrificate 5: insanity 6: teleport. These extra effects are resistable and cause effects as corresponding level 6, 4 and 5 spells.
Regenerate 10touch Target creature is either healed half the maximum health levels or one lost limb or sense is restored. If a lost part is regenerated, this takes a few minutes.
Reincarnate 7ritual 10 min, touch The caster creates a new body for a dead creature, and this body is then inhabitated by the spirit of the fallen. A random creature is created from the remains of the original creature, with normal polymorph rules. Reincarnated creature must make a system shock save to survive the resurrection, and if survives, starts with full health levels but 0 magic points. The rebirth counter is increased for both the caster and the subject in any case, and petrified creatures must be first turned back to flesh.
Shapeshift 7enchantment (1 hour) The caster transforms into a new form chosen at the time of the casting. Use normal polymorph rules, with caster able to determine the new form. Items and clothing does not change.
Wall of Force 7ranged, wall (10 minutes) Creates an invisible wall of up to 6x3 meters. No creature may pass through until it has been dispelled or destroyed. The wall has armor 6 and 30 health levels.
Weird 7ranged All creatures in target 5m diameter target area must save vs. mind magic at -1 or are instantly slain. In any case, all targets are stunned unless make a second save at -10.

Miracle AttributesEffect
Banish Evil ranged (enchantment 10 min) If target unholy creature has HD equal or less than priest faith level, it is inflicted with 2 points of turning damage In addition, it is banished to home plane or ethereal creature forced to semi-material form unless it saves vs. turning at -1. Apply +2 to save if Faith level is less than creature HD. Ethereal creature becomes only resistant to physical while the enchantment lasts if it fails to save.
Bless touch (enchantment 6 hours or 10 min) This miracle can be used either to remove curse (as level 4 spell) or to create holy water from normal water (one potion) or to bless a creature. A blessed creature has +1 saves (not cumulative with protection devices) and is immune to fear. If cast on unholy creature, works as miracle Banish Evil but with 6 damage and save with -2.
Evil Ward ritual 1 min, enchantment (6 hours) As level 2 spell Ward but against all unholy creatures, including undead. X is equal to faith level/2.
Heal touch Target hit is restored one health level, as defined in the main system
Resurrect ritual 1 min, touch Target creature is resurrected back to life. Both the caster and the target gains one rebirth, and the target must immediately make a system shock save to survive the resurrection. Petrified and those without quite intact body are beyond this miracle. Resurrected creature has full health levels and 0 magic points.
Turn Undead ranged Any number of target undead creatures must save vs. turning or are turned into a dust. Targets have -1 if total HD targeted is less than priest faith level, or +1 if more than twice. In addition, add +1 to save if undead HD is more than priest faith level. If any undead saves, on a d6 roll 4+ the priest is damaged 1 level.

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