Cursed items usually stop to work if benefictal normally. In addition, they cannot be removed without exceed force, and the wearer may try to prevent that. Note that swords or wands or other items not actually worn never stick to user, nor does many cursed items until their curse has apperaed - so putting a ring into a finger and then trying to remove it is not always a secure way to check it.
Items granting additional +1 armor are never cumulative. If a character has cloak of protection, bracers of defense and magical heavy armor, his armor is enhanced by +3 only.

As with armor, save bonus +1 is neither ever cumulative. In addition, do not apply save modifier to system shock saves! (used when a creature is resurrected or reincarnated or turned back to flesh)
When a new character is created, some magic items might be selected. Unless noted otherwise, the character is entitled to take level-10 magic items (mimimum 0, wiseguys). Any permanent magic item can be replaced with 2 wands or 5 one-use items. Items marked with * count as two of that kind. Items marked with ** are special, no ring of wishing can be taken and amulet of life saving count as one permanent magic item.

Magical rings are very common magical items used by many creatures with fingers or similar extremes. No more than one ring can be on each hand; multiple rings will cause unexpected results (probably both will stop to work).
Ring of X Resistance Wearer gains resistance against the element. Usually against fire, cold, poison or lightning.
Ring of X Immunity* As resistance, but grants immunity.
Ring of X Vulnerability As resistance, but vulnerability. Reveal use detects as resistance ring, however!
Ring of Free Action The wearer is immune to paralyzation.
Ring of Invisiblity The wearer is invisible as long as the ring is worn.
Ring of Levitation The wearer levitates as long as the ring is worn.
Ring of Polymorph Control If the wearer is concentrating on a certain creature at the time of polymorph, he is primarily transformed into that form.
Ring of Protection The wearer gains +1 save. This is not cumulative with any other protection device!
Ring of Regeneration The wearer regenerates at the rate of one health restoration each hour.
Ring of Teleport Control When teleported by an outer force the wearer teleports to location he is currently thinking og, if within range.
Ring of True Seeing The wearer can see the invisible and has night vision.
Ring of Wishing** The wearer may wish once, and then the ring becomes non-magical. See GM section for details.

Magical amulets are worn in the neck. Only one amulet can be worn at the time, multiple amulets will all cease to work or have other effects. In addition to their magical value, they are usually precious jewelry.
Amulet of Curse Protection The wearer has a save 4+ to dispel any curse cast on him or his items.
Amulet of ESP The wearer gains power to use ESP as with level 2 spell.
Amulet of Grounding This amulet grounds all lightning attacks cast on wearer, granting him immunity to lightning and stopping bolts at him, if they hit.
Amulet of Intact Form The wearer is resistant to polymorph, including disintegration and petrification.
Amulet of Life Protection The wearer gains resistance to death.
Amulet of Life Saving** Protects the wearer from one death, was that from some effect or single hit. The effect is negated and the amulet crumbles to dust. Cannot help against multiple hits.
Amulet of Magical Breathing The wearer does not need to breathe and cannot suffocate.
Amulet of Mind Protection The wearer is immune to mind and cannot be detected with ESP.
Amulet Versus Poison The wearer is immune to poison.

All magic weapons are normal melee or thrown weapons unless noted otherwise. Big weapon variants are very rare! Most are named after standard type of weapon, but there appear also axes, maces, warhammers etc.
Named weapons are unique artifacts with multiple powers. These weapons can also be intelligent and conversate either telepathically or verbally, and can have preferences for wielder.
Magic Sword Deals 2 damage
Firebrand Deals 1 + 2 fire damage
Frostbrand Deals 1 + 2 cold damage
Vorpal Blade* Deals 2 damage and negates resistant to physical. Even deals 1 damage to creature immune to physical!
Holy Sword* Deals 2 damage, except 3 against unholy creatures
Venom Blade Deals 1 + 2 poison damage
Obsidian Axe* This big weapon deals 3 damage
Thunder Hammer Deals 1 + 2 lightning damage
Scimitar of Speed* Deals 2 damage, and wielder has +1 attack.
Spelleater Sword Deals 2 damage, and wielder is resistant to magic. In addition, any spellcasting within 5 meters of the sword is automatically hard as the sword tries to eat the spell.
Axe of Hurling Deals 2 damage when thrown, and always returns to thrower
Longbow of Piercing This magical longbow deals 2 damage with all normal arrows.
Woodpecker This magical heavy crossbow can be fired 5 times before it needs to be loaded, with one loading action for all 5 quarrels.
Lightning Javelin This magical javelin will, when thrown, turn into a 20 meter lightning bolt, causing 6 damage to any creature hit. One use only.
Magical Arrow This magical arrow deals 2 damage upon hit.
Acid Arrow* This magical arrow transforms into acid during flight and deals 6 points of acid damage upon intact.
Arrow of Demon Slaying* This magical arrow deals 2 damage against any target, but if the target is a demon, it deals an additional 6 points of magical damage and the demon must save vs. death magic at -2 or be slain immediately. There exist also devil, giant and goblinoid slaying arrows.
Arrow of Fire* This magical arrow transforms into a fireball upon intact, attacking with 8 dice (see spell Fireball, level 4)
Venomous Arrow* This magical arrow deals 2 damage and an additional 4 poitns of poison damage and forces target to save vs. magical poison at -1 or die instantly.

Mithril armor Light armor, but +2 armor.
Magical Heavy Armor Heavy armor, but +3 armor.
Dragon Scale* Light armor, but +2 armor. Grants resistance against the type of which the scale is made from.
Lizard Leather Light armor. The wielder gains resistance to cold and poison and one strong-attribute to escape grabs.
Troll Hide* Heavy armor, but +3 armor. The wielder regenerates at the rate of one health restoration each hour.
Armor of the Deep* Light armor, but +2 armor. The wielder can swim as a fish in the water and may breathe underwater.

Spelleater Shield Grants the user immunity to magic. In addition, all casting within 5 meters of the shield is automatically hard, as the shield tries to eat the spell. any spell cast within 5 meters of the shield is dispelled on a d6 roll 4+ before it has any effect.
Shield of Reflection On a d6 roll 2+, reflects any bolts hitting the wielder.
Helm of Mind Protection The wearer is immune to mind magic.
Helm of Telepathy The wearer may use ESP to detect thinking creatures around him (as similar spell) and talk telepathically with some creature close to him
Helm of True Seeing Allows the wearer to see invisible and to have night vision, and does not confer the usual -1 to perception.
Cloak of Displacement Confers the user armor at least 8 while moving, but does not affect held armor or mobile armor at that level already. Creatures that see insivible ignore this armor.
Cloak of Invisiblity Confers the user invisiblity, as with level 4 spell Invisiblity.
Cloak of Magic Resistance Confers the user resistance to magic.
Cloak of Protection Confers the user +1 armor and +1 save, not cumulative with any other protection item or armor!
Slippery Cloak The wearer has strong x3 attributes when trying to escape any grab.
Gauntlets of Powers The wearer has attribute strong, unless already has that.
Bracers of Archery The wearer has at least +4 to-hit with any bow, instead of normal bonuses.
Bracers of Defense Confers the user +1 armor, not combinable with any other protection device nor any armor.

Boots of Elvenkind The wearer has stelth x5 when trying to make silently.
Jumping Boots The wearer can jump up to 8 meters horizontally or 4 meters upward.
Levitation Boots The wearer levitates as long as the boots are worn, being unable to walk on ground. See level 3 spell Fly.
Speed Boots The wearer has his land movement doubled. Apply this after any armor modifications, but before any fast-effects.
Water Walking Boots The wearer can walk on water. If tilted, he will sink into water normally.
Bag of Holding This magical container has limitless space and items in it weight only 1/10 of their normal weight. The bag can still break if overloaded and items must fit from the mouth.
Magical Rope This magical 15 meter rope can be thrown upward and it stays there until wrapped. It will hold up to 200 kg.
Orb of Warding This glass orb can be used to power up any permanent area enchantment. As long as an area enchantment is made permanent with this orb and permanency spell, no magic points are lost. However, if this orb is broken, all enchantments sustained by it are instantly dispelled.
Unicorn Horn This horn can cure any disease, temporary deafness or blindness or lost attributes. When touched at subject, on a d6 roll 4+ one random illness is removed. A cursed horn causes on a d6 roll 4+ one random illness or deafness!

Magical staffs are usually typical quarter staffs with possible magical properties, but nonethless dealing only 1 point of damage unless noted otherwise. However, they have reusable powers.
Some staffs have charges, which are used up by the powers. These charges can be reloaded by any magician as by casting a power 8 spell on it. However, if the staff is loaded to more than 10 charges, roll a d6 for each charging, and on a roll 1 the staff breaks.
As with wands, the powers are usually used as bolts, see wands for more details.
Staff of Cold This charged staff can create either Frostshield (as level 5 spell, on wielder only), Cone of Cold (as level 5 spell, 6 damage) or Wall of Ice (as level 5 spell, 2 charges).
Staff of Fire This charged staff can create either Fireshield (as level 4 spell, on wielder only), Fireball (as level 4 spell, 8 dice, 2 charges), jet of fire (as wand of fire) or Wall of Fire (as level 4 spell, 2 charges).
Staff of Healing This staff can be used to grant Restore (as level 5 spell) to any creature touched. This work only once per day for each creature, but there is no limit to number of creatures affected.
Staff of Power This charged staff grants the wielder +1 to all saves (not combined with any protection device). It can be used to cast Light or Detect Magic (as level 1 spells), can be used as a wand of fire or paralyzation, or to cast Dispel Magic (as spell) or to create Minor Globe of Invulnerability (as level 4 spell, wielder only).
Staff of Necromancy This charged staff can create either Animate Dead (as level 4 spell, up to 5 HD), Turn Undead (as miracle, with 10 Faith Levels), Cause Fear (as level 2 spell) or Darkness (as level 2 spell).
Staff of Rebirth This staff can be used to bring dead creatures back to life, as with miracle Resurrect. Each use uses one charge, and adds rebirth to user (and target, of course).

Wands are usually a 30-50 cm rod which is used by waving it. A certain power word maybe required, but not usually. Each wand usually has about 5-10 charges unless noted otherwise.
Most wands fire a bolt, see spells for description about bolts. Some of the wands are single-hit, some may hit all targets in the row.
A broken wand may have some results.
Wand of Conjuration Summons a creature as with leve 3 spell Conjure Monster.
Wand of Digging Creates a hole as with level 6 spell Dig. A broken wand may create a small earthquake and open ravines.
Wand of Fire Fires a bolt of fire, causing 6 damage to all creatures hit. Cold and lightning variants exists, too. A broken wand may blast the carrier for 1 point of damage for each charge left.
Wand of Light Creates Light (as level 1 spell). This wand usually has double charges.
Wand of Magic Detection Causes all magical items and enchantments within 10 meters to glow with soft glow for a while.
Wand of Opening The first lock in the direction pointed at is opened as with level 2 spell Knock.
Wand of Paralyzation Fires a green bolt and all targets hit must save vs. magical paralyzation or become paralyzed as with spell Hold Monster (level 4). A broken wand paralyzes the wearer unless he saves, at -1 per charge left.
Wand of Passing Creates Passwall (as level 5 spell) on the wall the wand is zapped at.
Wand of Polymorph Fires a bolt and first target hit is polymorphed as with level 5 spell Polymorph.
Wand of Sleep Fires a bolt and first target hit must save vs. mind magical sleep or is put to sleep as with level 1 spell.
Wand of Slow Monster Target zapped becomes slow as with level 3 spell unless saves vs. magic at -2.
Wand of Speed Monster Target zapped becomes fast as with spell Haste (level 3).
Wand of Teleportation Target zapped is teleported as with Teleport (level 5) spell. A broken wand may create a gate or portal.

Potions are one-use small vials with magical effects. The taste is usually different from potion to potion, except that potions from the same patch usually have a same odor, taste and color. Drinking a potion only partially only wastes the liquid.
If a potion breaks, the evaporating gases may sometimes affect the closest creature. On a d6 roll 4+, evaporating may affect.
Oils need about one minute for applying them, and have no evaporation effects.
Bravery Potion The drinker becomes immune to fear, as with level 1 spell Remove Fear.
Extra-Healing Potion* Two health restorations.
Free Breathing Potion Causes the drinker to become non-breathing as with level 3 spell Free Breathing.
Healing Potion One health restoration (see system)
Holy Water This blessed water can be used to remove curse from one item or it can be thrown at unholy creature. Causes 2 points of damage and may cause temporary blindness if cast on eyes.
Invisiblity Potion The drinker turns invisible as with level 4 spell Invisiblity.
Levitation Potion The drinker starts to levitate as with spell Fly (level 3).
Oil Against Fire When poured on subject, that becomes immune to fire until the oil is washed or wiped away, lasting usually 6 hours. Cold and lightning variants exist.
Oil of Etherealness The subject becomes ethereal as with level 6 spell Spirit Form.
Paralyzation Potion Drinker is paralyzed. If evaporating, always causes target to save vs. magical paralyzation at -2 or become paralyzed.
Polymorph Potion Drinker is temporary polymorphed as with level 4 spell Metamorph. Has a 1 in 6 chance to become permanent as with level 5 spell Polymorph.
Potion of Gain Power The drinker gains one restoration in magic points.
Restoration Potion The drinker resumes all lost attributes and gains his sight or hearing back (if temporary lost).
Speed Potion The drinker becomes fast as with level 3 spell Haste. A cursed potion slows the drinker as with level 3 spell Slow.
Strength Potion The drinker becomes strong as with level 2 spell Strength.

Anyone skilled in read/write can read a scroll and launch its magical effect. Reading a scroll requires normally only one round of combat time. Upon completing its effect, the scroll crumbles to dust. Scrolls usually have a title in some ancient language, but scrolls with identical title are usually of the same effect.
Scroll of Item Protection When read, the first item touched by the reader becomes protection from any normal wear, acid and other similar effects. If the item is already damaged, it is repaired.
Scroll of Magic Mapping When this scroll is read, the reader has his hand enchanted for a while and he draws a map of surrounding area in a few strokes. Complex maps are not copied.
Recharging Scroll* This scroll can be used to recharge any item with charges. A wand is charged to d10 charges, but on a roll 1 the wand breaks. A cursed scroll drains d6 charges, destroying it if reduced to less than 0 charges.
Protection Scroll from Undead Creates an invisible ward with diameter of 5 meters, and no undead can enter that area. This ward lasts about 6 hours and has power of 40, but is instantly dispelled if the scroll is removed from the center. There exists protection scrolls against various outer-planar creatures and animals, too.
Spell Scroll Almost any spell can be written into a scroll, and is then launched when read, using the power level used while written. The spell usually targets the caster or direction he is pointing at. The power level is 10 in normal cases.

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