Army of Darkness Card Game:

Rules of Kalle

Kalle Marjola 2006


The official Army of Darkness Card Game has very lousy rules: complete chaos, unknown duration, no point. As I own the cards neverthless, this is a try to make more sensible game out of it. This is very alpha and there is most probably going to be some changes when this is tested out a bit more.

This version can be player by any number of players, althought you would need some extra character cards if there is more than 4 players.


Get rid of die. It is not used.

Remove following cards from the deck: Into the Pit, Ignored!, Payback's a Bitch, Yer Screwed! (x2), Sucker Punch, Suck It Up, and I'll Take That.

Following card changes are applied:

Normal deck and card rules are used.


Game Start

Everyone gets one character (as good), one random monster in front of them and 5 hand cards. Ash goes first and so on. Play proceeds clockwise until someone wins by having a tabled Necronomicon and required support troops.

Player Turn

During each players turn, the player does following actions:

  1. Player must play one card (if able) and can play a second one if so desires. Items, allies and monsters can be played to any player and player can deliberately empty her hand.
  2. Attack: if player has any monsters (as good) or allies (as bad) in front of her, she discard one of them. As an exception, a good character can instead discard (exactly) 3 monsters of same name in front of her. The good character can have other monsters, including other monsters of same name, in front of her to use this power.
  3. If player has no monsters in front of her, the player can choose to either draw one card from the deck or attack one other character (but good character cannot attack another good character), which must then discard as if has taken a hit like in phase 4
  4. Take hit: if active player still has any monsters (as good) or allies (as bad) in front of her, she must discard one tabled item or ally (as good) or one tabled item or monster (as bad) if able, or if has neither, one hand card if able.
  5. If player still has any hand cards and has tabled Necronomicon, she may win: Good character wins if she has at least 3 tabled allies and no tabled monsters in addition to Necronomicon. Evil character wins if she has at least 5 tabled monster of different names and no tabled allies in addition to tabled Necronomicon.
  6. If player did not win but has any cards, she draws one card from the deck. Otherwise the player switched from good to evil or from evil to good and draws 5 cards.

And that's it! Remember that in this version, Item, Ally and Monster texts are ignored and no event can be played out of turn order. And if some player is reduced to no cards, she does not switch side until at the end of her next turn if still at no cards.