Lords of Hell Summary Track


  1. High Palace to Center
  2. Random Devil, home Realm
  3. Own 5 favors and 1 Vote
  4. 4 random Oaths
  5. 4 random hordes, no Leviathan


In the trading phase, can also be agreed without favors.
  • Home Realm Safety (2 favors): target cannot target you nor fight you in your home realm. Nullified if you fight.
  • Alliance (3 favors): not to someone already in alliance, not if you are follower in an alliance. Target fights with you and selects you as target.
  • Prisoner (3 favors): gain or release named prisoner of the target.
  • Oath Trade (1-3 favors): target must pass you as many Oath and/or Votes as you used favors, and you must then return as many. See main rules if the target does not have sufficient.

Spoils of War

  • 1 victory point from the defender (unless has no victory points or less than any winner. In alliance, given to one with least vp)
  • Prisoners (including their artifacts)
  • Home realm switch option
In alliance, leader must give at least one spoil to each follower if able

Victory Points Summary

  • Can only be traded/moved to someone with no more victory points
  • Combat (home realm): Move 1 victory point as a spoil of war
  • Soul gathering: Gain 1 victory point with most Souls
  • Scoring: Gain 1 victory point with High Palace of Hell
When the game ends, Oaths of the Overlord are each worth 2 victory points, but if anyone has 3 or more, wins directly.

Game Turn Summary

Players 3456
Draw / Discard 10 / 69 / 58 / 47 / 3
Total 3 game turns, after them proceed to Gathering. X is player count.
  1. Reinforcements Start: Deal 1 special card and (13-X) resource cards to each player, plus 1 extra resource for each tabled less than 4. Ordered: discard (9-X) resource cards and table rest
  2. Trading All trading, including combat deals (safety, alliance) End: prisoners freed, but must put away an Oath
  3. Action Ordered: send to Earth, select ritual casters
  4. Conflict (1st)
    1. Moving Track: select targets and move
    2. Combat (open) Track: select strategy and handle the result. Defeated army loses at least one horde and returns home
    3. Combat (home realms)
    4. Soul gathering Everyone gains 1 Soul per creature on Earth. Then the one with most loses all but gains 1 victory point
  5. Ritual Handle rituals in the priority order. End: table magic cards, replace rituals/events with Souls
  6. Conflict (2nd)
  7. Conflict (3rd)
  8. Scoring Start: High Palace scores, everyone discards 2 Oaths/Votes, redeal initiative (order by victory points). Ordered: pick 2 Oaths/Votes, show to all. Discard tabled resources to 6


  1. Final prisoners Release prisoners by will or with favors. Those not released cannot vote
  2. Voting Track: select Devil voted by all whose Vote card you have. Devil who gains most votes if the new Overlord. Tie-breakers: most victory points, holds High Palace of Hell, oldest Devil
Each Oath of the new Overlord is 2 victory points, but if you have 3 or 4, win regardless of any victory points. Otherwise the Devil with most victory points wins. Tie-breakers: Overlord, most Favor cards