Lords of Hell Background

The former Overlord of Hell, Lucifer, has disappeared and a new one must be found. Each player controls one mighty Devil Lord and the aim of the game is to have as much power as possible at the end, when the new Overlord is found.

Refer to the old background for more information, although some things on it has changed in the third version.


In Lords of Hell, each player controls one Devil, an immortal being of great power. All Devils have different powers and thus different strategies should be applied for each.

Asmodeus, the Ruler of All Devilkin, is the oldest and mightiest Devil. For his status, all other Devils and inhabitants of Hell fear him and must obey him now and then when he calls. Thus is the army of Asmodeus far more powerful than any other army of Hell and he can order other Devils to do his bidding.

Mephistopheles, the Lord of the Whispered Promises is almost as old as Asmodeus, but while Asmodeus represent power and might, Mephistopheles is the master of smooth talk and negotiation, able to 'recruit' poor souls from Earth far more efficiently than other Devils. This power even extends to his fiends. In addition, so appealing and charming he is, that he is even able to talk creatures following other Devil's to join his cause.

Baalzebub, the Lord of Flies and Deception, is the master of delusion, lies, and unclear answers and promises. He (it?) always finds a way to bend his words and rarely any promise wields what the other side originally thought. His home realm is easy to find as it is always filled with gigantic swarms of flies and other insects, making any attacks hard to conduct.

Mammon, the Lord of Greed and Vengeance, is an immense Devil patron of those who seek material wealth above all else. He has vast hordes of minions always expanding his dominion, and so great is the rage of Mammon if he is ever defeated in combat that most Devils usually leave him to be.

Belial, the Lord of Pain and Suffering, is the master torturer of Hell. So great is he power and art of torturing that even other major Devils fear him, as he is able to squeeze things out of them, too, making his worthwhile ally. Belial and his minions are also masters at torturing fresh souls, turning them into twisted hordes full of rage in a matter of days.

Glasya, the Dark Enchantress of Hell, is a daughter of Asmodeus and youngest of all major Devils, but well known for her beauty and skills at rituals and enchantments. Her seduction power is so great that she can always talk other Devils to do her bidding in exchange for future favor from she, and her skill with rituals is twice of any other major Devil.