Fresh Development

This page lists development news and latest fixes on Lords of Hell card game. Only the current versions (including board game) are tracked here.

6th Edition (2006-)

(21.6.2007) Cards to be fixed: Retribution (M, +M per lost supremacy?), Inbalance (hand cards not inbalanced?), Warped Time (typo: keep only hordes/artifacts), draw more?, Double Cross (one event only), Furnace of Souls (S->M only if no S victory), Loophole (support), Crystal Ball (too weak), Staff of Undead (complex and too weak), Tome of Power (too weak also)
General rules: if no tabled things at the start, get 1 random? More targeting to be able to control things a bit more (Devil targeted bury, alliances, etc.)

Major idea of reworked system: (ideas from 5th edition)
  1. Draw phase (3 cards, +1 per horde less than 3 on table)
  2. Action phase
  3. Supremacy (as before, but one by one and in Alliance, non-leader gets -1 VP)
  4. Discard (to 3 tabled hordes and one artifact)
Action phase: turns one by one, in realm order. In first player turn, play to max 6 tabled cards (but can always play one). Played cards are shown at the same time and then handled one by one from left to right.
Then on subsequent turns, either play 1, 2 or 3 cards (again, ordered), or fold. When folding, Devil can trade basically anything and can ally. After that Devil is Frozen and its tabled cards cannot be affected (unless noted especially otherwise) until end of this phase. If the Devil later on trades anything from or to its table or becomes a Leader in an alliance, it is unfrozen and returns to play. If another Devil trades its alliance to folding Devil, that other Devil becomes Frozen and the active Devil continues. (note: alliance counters can only be moved from owner to target, or together with such a counter, unless some card states otherwise)
When all but one has folded, phase immediately ends. This means that each Devil gets at least one turn but not necessary any extra.

Card changes:
Main deck: Bury targeted (single horde), Vortex (all non-allied non-frozen rituals or one sanctuary), Artifacts (Wand of Might, Soul Stones, Staff of Undead: +1 P/S/M, Crystal Ball: choose discard afterwards, Tome of Power: in draw phase, discard 1 to draw 1) (10 cards)
Asmodeus: (+P) Ancient allegiance, Leviathan? (1-2 cards)
Mephistopheles: (+S) Diabolic Advisor, Graverobber, Furnace of Souls, Steal Power, Whispering Call, Loophole? (6-7 cards)
Baalzebub: (discard any hordes in discard phase) Insect Fiends?, Realm of Flies, Double Cross, Recycle, Cloud of Flies?, Inbalance, Thief in the Night, Quarrel? (5-8 cards)
Mammon: (in draw phase, if has exactly 3 tabled hordes, draw +1) Diabolic Smith, Looter Fiends?, Pit Fiends, Retribution?, Bribe Troops, Drunken Agreement?, Forced Agreement, Greed?, Bought Alliance (5-9 cards)
Belial: (+M) Infernal Slaver, Forge, Ritual of Torment, Silence, Soul Torment, Tortued Obedience (6 cards)
Lilith: (in draw, discard 2 non-ritual to draw 2) Diabolic Fiends, Chanter Fiends, Ritual Advisor, Succubi, Infernal Plague, Warped Time, Diabolic Seduction (7 cards)

(17.4.2007) Possible generic rule change: choose last card after other cards revealed? Oath scoring maybe not ready... Card changes (possible): Staff of Undead - to keep extra card (current too much choice - slow), Wand of Might: revert to win all ties (too weak..), Tome of Power: too weak?, Infernal Slaver/Diabolic Advisor: no time limit, other rules..

(9.4.2007) Edited cards: Diabolic Advisor (M), Steal Power (M), Faithful Followers (M), Warped Time (L), Leviathan (A), Vortex of Magic, Silence (B), Infernal Slaver (B), Loophole (M). Added Herder Fiends (M), moved Diabolic Smith to Mammon.
Mammon and Baalzebub initially ready.

(2.4.2007) Rework of turn sequence and card game play, some cards changed. Most special cards moved to personal decks.

Older changes not tracked here. The 6th version was started Fall 2006 but all the first real games were 2 player games which are not tracked in the statistics page.


This list is more like retrospective look to development of older versions. As all the development effort is done to latest version, this is mainly possibly intriguing history lesson.

5th Edition (2005)

(26.12.2005) Recycle edited (Baalzebub and Mammon)

(9.10.2005) Renamed 'rarity dot' as 'power dot'. Alliance as one dot card and can be discarded when you retreat. Ancient Allegiance and Diabolic Seduction one dot cards, Wand of Might and Tome of Power upgraded, Devil Torture back to older form. Strengthens Lilith, Asmodeus and Mammon a bit, downgrades Diabolic Graverobber.

(25.9.2005) Card changes: Drunken Agreement, Devourer.

(21.9.2005) Removed refresh action, resumed discard. Modified Young Rage, Warped Time, and Magical Duel. Rules in English.

(14.9.2005) Modified Warriors of Darkness, Bribe, Insect Fiends, Thief in the Night, Sanctuary, Retribution, Vortex of Magic, Greed, Ancient Allegiance, Steal Power, Diabolic Seduction, and deck of Mephistopheles and Lilith. Also removed possibility to discard cards instead of starting a conflict, and when retreating and some Devil offers an Alliance card that card must be taken if allies with that Devil.

(12.9.2005) The fifth version is going great and is soon translated to English. Most cards are already illustrated, but still approximately 20 pictures are still missing and some older need fixing.

(7.9.2005) During elimination turns, the Devil must achieve one more power than the current leader. If the weakest is tied, the Devil with Home Realm of highest value goes first. Victory points revised. Glasya renamed as Lilith.

4th Edition (2004)

Open Issues (end of 2004):

Fixed issues (14.11.):

New card: Diabolic Strike (replaces Authority, 1 non-agrresion pact, 1 recycle)

Fixed issues (12.11.):

Fixed issues (10.11.):

Little card fixes (nobody notices): Forced Agreement, Truce, War Preparations renamed as Extra Invasion, one extra Forge (instead of Furnace of Souls)

Fixed Issues (31.10.):

Other changes: Belial (both cards). New politics. Bet on itself always 1 victory point. New cards (Truce, Authority) and more old cards (Non-Aggression Pact, 2x Recycle). High Palace not VP.

Older Versions

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