Lords of Hell Statistics

Statistics for Lords of Hell, the cardgame of unholy politics, and Deabolik, politics in Hell. See Deabolik 2 for the latest rules.

These games start from the 2nd edition of the game. There is no much point to make any assumptions of various powers from them as the game has changed a lot during the design. I just wanted to list them because I like statistics.

Multiplayer Statistics

Statistics from the played multiplayer games, from various versions of the game, excluding those games with 2 Overlords (#3) and 2 winners (#6). Games with multiple Devils but without powers differences or Oaths are excluded.

Devil Total
Victories As the Overlord
Victories at
Victories as
the Overlord
as the puppet
Total times
as the Overlord
Asmodeus 59 149 5 1015
Mephistopheles 55 82 6 1117
Baalzebub 52 168 8 412
Mammon 54 125 7 613
Belial 51 134 9 514
Lilith* 54 1310 3 25
Total 76 7638 38 3876

*formerly known as Glasya

Two Player Statistics

Statistics of latest two-player games in version 666. Statistics started after each Devil finally had its oen deck, but little deck balancing and other changes has happened since the start of these statistics .

Devil Total
Asmodeus 0/1 -0000/10
Mephistopheles 1/1 0-0001/1
Baalzebub 0 00-000
Mammon 0 000-00
Belial 1/1 1/1000-0
Lilith 0/1 00/1000-
Total 2

Each table entry is total victories / total games.

Multiplayer Log

# Players Missing Devils New Overlord Winner Notes
1 4 (neo) Asmodeus, Belial Mephistopheles Gathering modified a bit, some other little modifications
2 5 (neo) Mephistopheles Belial Some very little modifications, mainly extra attacks
3 5 (orc) Lilith Coalition of Asmodeus and Mephistopheles Baalzebub After this, tie-breaker to multi-overlords and some changes to army moves/realm capture
4 6 (orc) - Asmodeus Lilith Some modifications still needed
5 4 (neo) Mammon, Belial Baalzebub As side-effect, game now lasts for more turns, some little modifications to few cards
6 4 (orc) Baalzebub, Lilith Mammon Mammon and Asmodeus Nothing encountered, typo fixes
7 5 (ae) Baalzebub Asmodeus After this, some trading limitations added and combat round divided into even smaller parts
8 4 (ae) Mephistopheles, Belial Mammon Asmodeus After this, changes to gathering and combat, some phases combined.
9 5 (neo) Mammon Asmodeus Lilith After this, maybe some combat changes to make it even smoother
10 6 (listrake) - Baalzebub Mammon Some simplification and timing/combat fixes after this. No more looting
11 5 (dv) Asmodeus Belial Baalzebub Some little tweakings after this, like simplifying home realms and improving 2 Devils and realms
12 5 (neoae) Mammon Belial Nothing encountered
13 5 (ae) Baalzebub Mammon Nothing encountered, but I will simplify combat a bit
14 5 (newbie) Asmodeus Mammon Some extra clarifications needed, as game was very slow for newbies
15 5 (ae) Belial Mammon Asmodeus Worked fine
16 5 (ae) Baalzebub Mephistopheles Worked fine, but going to do some little fixes to improve rituals and ease gameplay. After this, rituals are finished during combat and hordes tabled immediately when drawn
17 4 (ae) Mephistopheles, Belial Mammon Worked excellently. Very fast games, these 2 games took only 3 hours. After these, did some modifications to Baalzebub (modified) and Mammon (a bit downgraded)
18 5 (ae) Mammon Baalzebub Lilith
19 6 (ae) - Belial Took almost 3 hours to play, with one freshman. Worked fine, but I still change lots of things like victory points and Oaths
20 5 (ae) Lilith Belial Baalzebub Game took 2 hours and althought worked fine, I'm planning to do some major rework of various parts to change how the game works and where time is spent.
21 4 (ae) Mammon, Belial Lilith Test game of new turn and combat system. Did not work very well but had lots of potential. Long game, took 3 hours and was shortened. Back to drawing board. Statistics not very comparable, but added to them anyway.
22 6 (ae) - Mephistopheles Mammon New rules at second test, with some changes. Still did not work too well, took too much time with 6 players. Need to change action system. Seat of Judgement and Mephistopheles still quite overpowered.
23 5 (fr) Mammon Asmodeus Lilith 3rd edition first RL beta test! Apparently needs to change some things, like alliance forming.
24 5 (fr) Lilith Mammon Belial Second 3rd edition test. Worked more smoothly, more like little changes coming (there was some things not worth it etc.)
25 5 (fr/con) Asmodeus Lilith Mephistopheles Quick and quite well working game, although some streamlinings and victory point changes might be needed
26 6 (listrake) - Asmodeus Took almost 3 hours, although had training at the start. But back to the drawing board, had to still simplify things.
27 6 (ae) - Mephistopheles Baalzebub Took more than 3 hours, but had 4 complete newbies. Six player game is a bit slow, and although worked fine, some minor speeding and timing issues still to fix.
28 4 (ae) Mephistopheles, Lilith Belial Took about an hour, seemed to work but 4 players is a bit too few. Some little changes to certain cards upcoming.
29 5 (ae) Lilith Mephistopheles Asmodeus (9.12.2003) A 2 hour game but we skipped some parts and there was little trading. In general the ideas were good but I want faster game.
30 4 (fr) Baalzebub, Lilith Asmodeus Mephistopheles (19.12.2003) Quite quick (3 hours for both) and well working games. Some little updates were done between two games, and there is still some balancing to be made, and some enhanced strategies and victory point system.
31 5 (fr) Asmodeus Belial
32 3 (fr) Asmodeus, Baalzebub, Mephistopheles Mammon (27.12.2003) We tried a 3-player game, with one change: no realm safety deals. Worked surprisingly well, only little tuning needed.
33 3 (listrake) Belial, Lilith, Mephistopheles Baalzebub (28.12.2003) A second 3 player game, with new Oath trade favor. Worked okay, but some rule misunderstandings. 1 hour game as earlier.
34 4 (orc) Asmodeus, Mammon Mephistopheles Belial (2.1.2004) The game took 1.5 hours and had 3 newbies. Tried with 5 Oaths but I will go back to 4. Possibly some tuning to prisoners and Belial.
35 3 (fr) Asmodeus, Baalzebub, Lilith Belial (5.1.2004) A bit over 1 hour game which worked fine. Now needs games of more players. Belial on watchlist.
36 6 (ae) - Baalzebub Lilith (17.8.2004) 4th edition first alpha test. Took 2.5 hours and needs some fixing but most general ideas good.
37 5 (rfr) Mammon Belial Asmodeus (22.8.2004) More like a test and practise game of only 2 game turns but I still list it because it was played correctly. Game seems to be quite good, some little tuning mainly coming unless something comes up.
38 4 (listrake) Mephistopheles, Belial Lilith (12.9.2004) A 2 hour game, basicly worked fine althought there was still some things that need a bit fixing, like rituals of the last game turn. Used 'only 4 bets of each Devil' -system.
39 4 (listrake) Baalzebub, Belial Mephistopheles Asmodeus (31.10.2004) A 2 hour game of revised 4th edition. No card prints which made things a bit hard and confusing for players. Basicly I was quite happy but there is things to do.
40 5 (fr) Baalzebub Belial Lilith (8.11.2004) This game took like 3 hours as rules were explained and people get familiar with the new cards. Again, things mainly worked but there is some tweaking to do.
41 4 (fr) Baalzebub, Mammon Mephistopheles (13.11.2004) With four players, these games together took like 3 hours, including rules teaching at the start of the first game. There was some tweaking in initiative rules and some needs that need some clarifications, but basic system seems to be solid. And 4 players is too few.
42 Mephistopheles, Mammon Asmodeus Baalzebub
43 4 (con) Mephistopheles, Lilith Baalzebub (23.7.2005) Version 616 first multi-player game test! The new version is very different but worked quite fine. Gaming time was something like 1.5 hours with bad gaming material.
44 3 (mk) Baazlebub, Belial, Lilith Asmodeus Mammon (29.7.2005) The second test lasted for over 2 hours even with faster rules, but it was mainly because of the gaming group. New changes were pretty good but there is still little things to do. 3 player game works fine in this new version.
45 5 (fr) Belial Mephistopheles (10.8.2005) First bigger games took 2 and 1.5 hours, and it is clear that the games get faster when players know the cards. I think it worked fairly well, but there was some too long conflicts (need to fix that) and a bit too little control over who other wins.
46 Asmodeus Baalzebub Mammon
47 4 (fr) Mammon, Mephistopheles Baalzebub (21.8.2005) These 3 games took less than 4 hours and flowed fine; there is some scoring issues I want to address, 'bad draw' problem and some tweaking of cards, so some updates still upcoming.
48 Belial, Baalzebub Mephistopheles Mammon
49 Mammon, Baalzebub Asmodeus
50 4 (mk) Belial, Mammon Asmodeus Baalzebub (9.9.2005) This game lasted something like 2 hours with rule teaching and well planned slow turns. Worked quite smoothly with new draw rules, now feels like only deck tweaking left.
51 4 (fr) Asmodeus, Baalzebub Mephistopheles (25.9.2005) Nothing big issues encountered, but alliance card in watchlist, as is Lilith and Asmodeus. Total time like 2 hours.
52 Belial, Mephistopheles Mammon
53 4 (mk) Belial, Lilith Asmodeus Baalzebub (6.10.2006) The first game of 666 edition with variable Devil powers (there has been list of games without varying powers and two-player games). Lasted one hour, there was some card confusion and Baalzebub seemed a bit too powerful - and the new Oath system was not working. Core is good, just changes to Oath system..
54 3 (fr) Asmodeus, Mammon, Belial Baalzebub (29.10.2006) Three player games with new Oath rules. Worked smoothly althought too little Oath movement, otherwise quite fine. Some little tuning upcoming. Total time less than 1.5 hours for two games.
55 Mephistopheles, Baalzebub, Lilith Belial
56 3 (helcon) Asmodeus, Mammon, Lilith Mephistopheles Belial (5.11.2006) HelCon game with updated Oath rules. Felt good. Now more playtesting and variable power cards.
57 4 (fr) Mephistopheles, Baalzebub Asmodeus Lilith (22.3.2007) Although the main games works fine, there is too many Silences and Time of Virtues, too few trading, and bad Oath system. Still has to think about it..
58 3 (fr) Baalzebub, Mammon, Belial Mephistopheles Asmodeus (7.4.2007) New rules of kept 3 support cards and single tabling phase. New Oaths, which better. Personal decks in use, which felt a bit unbalanced. Maybe too much chaos/randomization in card play, might consider a rule that last card is chosen afterwars. Gaming time close to 45 minutes. Works fine with 3 players.
59 4 (fr) Asmodeus, Belial Baalzebub (17.6.2007) No rule changes, worked fine but some tweaking on balance and loss of cards. Moreover, the power to affect outcomes might be a bit too low. This needs some consideration. Gaming time about one hour.
60 3 (fr) Asmodeus, Baalzebub, Mammon Mephistopheles Lilith (2.8.2008) Three games of new 7th edition with varying powers. Total gaming time for 3 games: 1 hour 15 mins. Status of the game: quite good.
61 Mephistopheles, Baalzebub, Lilith Belial Asmodeus
62 Mephistopheles, Mammon, Lilith Belial
63 3 (fr) Asmodeus, Baalzebub, Lilith Mammon Belial (9.8.2008) With two other friends, the game lasted that half an hour or so and worked just fine although the winner seems a bit random - or is it? Time will tell, and need games with more players. No drafting this time.
64 4 (fr) Mephistopheles, Belial Lilith Baalzebub (26.8.2008) Not much rule changes since last game. Game worked even better with 4 players. Now for the test games with 5 players.. Too a bit more than 1 hour in total.
65 Baalzebub, Lilith Asmodeus
66 3 (fr) Asmodeus, Mephistopheles, Belial Mammon (11.10.2008) New players, tried with 2 cards/turn. This change is good but needs some fixing to certain cards like Mammon and Lilith. No drafting this time.

13 games of 3 players, 25 games of 4 players, 21 games of 5 players, 7 games of 6 players

Deabolik 2

# Data Devil Picks VC Notes
67 30.5.2009
80 mins, 7 turns
Asmodeus1 The very first game was a bit confusing with proto cards. Some rules need a bit tweaking, but not much. Baalzebub was a bit too strong, own Oaths too. Primary Mission not good. More tests to come.
68 10.7.2009
30 mins, 6 turns
Mephistopheles3 Random Devils, new players and new Oath rules. Some little tweaking only for the next run. Three players is a bit too few for this kind of game, but still playable.
69 17.7.2009
90 mins, 9 turns
Belial3 Random Devils, some tweaks with new bounty system. Some confusion arose, some little tweaking needed, some simplification coming. Maybe too easy for the Overlord to win.
70 29.7.2009
60 mins, 7 turns
Baalzebub3 Random Devils and some tweaks there and here. Good flow, still some scoring confusion. Some card tweaks upcoming, plus will try that Devil always supports itself in addition to possible other. Still Overlord victory seems dominant.
71 29.7.2009
45 mins, 6 turns
72 9.9.2009
40 mins, 4 turns
Asmodeus3 Beta test with everybody also supporting itself and new reinforcements phase. The new force rules require change to Asmodeus which now become turn winner too easily even when did not want to; new Lilith plus new Crystal Ball was too powerful and thus Crystal Ball was a bit downgraded.
73 6.12.2009
135 mins, 11 turns
Mephistopheles3 Test with new turn order system with pari alliances. Worked ok, but took long as high offers made it clear that no one was wanted Overlord. Some cards needed tuning.
74 1.1.2010
80 mins
Baalzebub  This was a test game with fixed turn number (6) and some changed to alliance forming. Worked, yes, but needs to think a bit about final scoring, especially those who start with no others Oaths are in disadvantage.
75 15.1.2010
60 mins
Lilith6+2 This had new scoring system, more open trading/deals, and some card updates; new Lilith with chosen ritual was a bit strong, especially when she acquired all the artifacts and vortex. Some little fixes after this, but nothing big. New scoring system in watch list.
76 14.7.2010 Belial This had some changes but the game was not recorded properly and is thus not in the statistics
77 8.10.2010 Mammon6+2 New horde picking system (worked), with same fixed 6 turns and scoring as in previous test. Some little tweaks upcoming, as there is still the question of startup with just own Oaths. Will try 4+1/2 next time.
78 27.12.2010 Asmodeus6+2 Some tweaks, worked, but Mammon needs something different. Had newer rules but did not use them as they were not printed...
79 8.10.2011 Mammon ..