MtG cards trade etc.

And for the start: Beware of Samuel Lindberg ( for he is a liar and thief from Sweden, Skelleftea.

Note: this list is mostly depricated but I try to update it now and then. And I do not buy cards, except very cheap ones.


Tropical Island
Tundra (4)
Plateau (2)
Savannah (2)
Scrubland (3)

*Aether Flash (3)
*Ankh of Mishra (4)
Argivian Find (2)
Bone Dancer (2)    
Cadaverous Bloom (3)
Call of the Wild (2) 
*Charcoal Diamond (2)
Circle of Despair (2)
City of Solitude (2) 
**Creeping Mold (2)  
*Diamond Kaleidoscope (2)
Gaea's Blessing (2)
Gerrard's Wisdom (3) 
Greed (3)   
*Heat Stroke (3)
Hecatomb (3)
*Horn of Deafening (1)
*Howling Mine (4)     
Icy Manipulator (1)   
Illumination (2)
*Infernal Tribute (3) 
Juju Bubble (2)   
Land Tax (3)          
Liege of the Hollows (3)
Mana Vault (4)        
*Mana Web (3)
Meekstone (2)         
**Millstone (3)       
*Miscievous Poltergeist (3)
*Natural Balance (3)  
**Necromancy (2)      
Necrosavant (2)       
**Pendrell Mists (3)
**Preacher (1)        
*Presence of the Master (3)
*Prosperity (2)       
*Political Trickery (3)
*Relic Ward (2) 
*Roots of Life (3)     
*Savage Twister (3)
Savannah Lions (3)     
Serendib Efreet (1)    
**Spirit Link (2)      
Squandered Resources (2)
*Undiscovered Paradise (4)
Urborg Justice (2)
*Volcanic Geyser (2)
*Wand of Denial (2)
Winter Orb (2)            
*Winter's Night (2)       
Zombie Master (4)         
*Zur's Weirding (2)       

Some Weatherlight/Vision/Arabian Nights commons
Most Mirage/Vision/Weatherlight uncommon/rare 
Some Uncommon/Rare from various expansions


Myynnissä olisi kasa vanhoja commoneita:

* kird ape, order of ebon hand, brainstorm (IA), high tide,
   goblin grenade, order of leitbur, fyndhorn elves:  50 snt /kpl
* muut commonit (terror, fireball, disintegrate, 
   llanower elf, incinerate, lava burst, dark banishing..jne) 
   (RV/4e/CH/FE/IA/HL/AL):                            20 snt /kpl

Note: I list mainly cards interesting to most people; it is pointless to list various odd cards only a few want. So, it is far easier that you list your 'I have these and want these', but remember 1) I do not have many post-weatherlight cards (and they are mainly on this list) and 2) I do not want post-weatherlight cards (except new versions of old cards)

Serra Angel (1)       4e
Clone (4)             4e
Hypnotic Spectre (3)  6e
Sengir Vampire (3)    2e
Regrowth (3)          2e
Juggernaut (5)        2e
Zuran Orb (3)         2e
Erhnam Djinn (1, ch)  2e 
Air Elemental (4)     2e
Black Knight (7)      1e
Animate Dead (1)      1e
Control Magic (6)     1e
Ashnod's Altar CH (1) 1e

Other Revised uncommons (almost any)

Lots of English and non-english pre-mirage commons
Lots of not-highest-value uncommon/rares
Worry Beads
Battle Squadron
Fighting Chance (2)

Animate Land
Angelic Favor
Laccolith Warrior
Overlaid Terrain
 Nemesis commons

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