and modifications and new rules


Some rules in Neo-Troops needed little twinking. These will be inserted into web page rules, but this page will remain as errata for paperback Neo-Troops.

miscellaneuos typos/clarifications
In 'System/varan critical damage', add that random accessory/weapon damaged can alternatively reduce armor save by 1. In addition, all damage is now repaired in d6 minutes, not 1-5.

In 'Equipment/carrying things', 'strong legs' give +3/+6 to jumping distance.

In 'varan characters', add +10 kg to weight per tough and strength enchancement.

In 'Equipment/varan battlesuit', add this sentence:
'The varan can only choose on of the following extra platings. If none is chosen, the varan has no armor save'.

In 'Gamemastering/falling', safe distance reduction should be d6 +2 instead of d6 when the varan has no time to prepare for landing.

Modifications to weapon table:
  • Blaster Rifle: weight to 2kg
  • Sniper Rifle: UL ammo
  • Mini-SMG: renamed as SMG
  • SMG: renamed as Assault Rifle
  • Nailer: ammo reduced to 12 (1kg)
  • Built-in Mini-Rocket Launcher: removed (use stats for Varan battlesuit accessory)
  • Assault Cannon: causes d2 hits
  • Built-in Grenade Launcher: ammo as 4x 0.5kg*
  • Grenade Gun: ammo as 8x 0.5kg*
  • Rocket Launcher: ammo as 6x 1kg*
  • Sticky Grenade: renamed as HE grenade
  • Bazooka: armor save -5
  • Timed Bomb: armor save -5
  • Anti-Armor Grenade: new weapon, armor save -4 and causes d3 hits
As an extra note for ammo, '*' means that ammunition is loaded at rate of one per turn. The order of ammunition, however, cannot be changed, so if you load 2 HE rockets and then 2 inferno rockets, you cannot fire inferno rockets until you have either fired or ejected HE rockets.

For grenades, extra note:

    Grenade can be held for one turn and then thrown, to make it explode immediately. Otherwise it can be thrown back, but this usually requires agility test against 6.
For explosions, extra note:
    For tight spaces like corridors or rooms, add area of effect by one level (normal to double, double to triple) and roll 1-3 extra hit dice per target

new rules

agility tests
When a varan tries to do some task that requires extra agility, like jumping and grabbing a quickly moving object or trying to take a hold of wall while being shot at, the GM may call for an agility test.

This test is normally made with 3 dice. For 75% load, -1 dice, and for max load, -2 dice. For heavy carbon-composite armor (3+), -1 dice, and for titanium armor (2+) -2 dice.

In addition to standard running speed modifiers, a penalty of -1 dice is in normal cases applied if varan carries any BIG weapons. This only applies to rolls where that big weapon might get into way (GM's discretion), but unless noted otherwise, it is included.

As a new character creation cybervaran enhancement, the player may take extra agility for his or her varan. This modification gives +2 dice for all agility tests, and can only be taken once.

multiple weapons
Following rules replace 'system/using two weapons' part:

using two weapons
The GM may allow effective use of two weapons, if they are small enough. Such a use should grant additional 1 or 2 attack dice in spray fire. Ammo consumption is as with full rate, and maximum hits (with accuracy bonuses) is total ROF of both weapons. Number of extra dice should be 2 with weapons with ROF 4 or higher, and 1 with ROF 2 or 3.

Note that varan cannot load two weapons at the same time, so one turn is required per weapon.

switching weapons
If the varan needs to change weapons, this can be done as free action at the start of the turn. However, such an action reduces total number of attack dice by one for this turn, unless the varan drops the currently held weapon.

The penalty does not apply to small weapons which can be used while still holding the main weapon, i.e. grenades and pistols. However, if the varan is already holding two weapons, it must either drop the other one or put it away, resulting in -1 dice in attack even with small weapons.

combined weapons
Several weapons can be tied together so they are more easily used when switching weapons, but they cannot be fired together. In addition, a combination of weapons weighting 20kg or more is automatically with -1 dice to-hit with any of these weapons, as the system becomes a bit too hard to handle.

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