cybervaran RPG 3rd edition

Printed Neo-Troops

As it is quite unwieldy to use computer while playing, you might want to print rules of Neo-Troops prior playing. However, printing option in most Web browsers is not the most effective (rendering-wise) way to do that. Instead I suggest using html2ps and then various tools like psbook and mpage to get it into suitable format for printing.

Missing these nice programs? No problem, I provide ready Postscript files for your convenience. However, please note that as these documents are written in HTML, they do not behave perfectly when put on paper, and thus layout is here and there a bit fucked up. But these are better than nothing. You only need some unzip program and then printer eating Postscript and producing double-sided output - or some other way to print Postscript, like with ghostview.


These rulebook come in pre-rendered A5 format. You need printer capable of double-sided printing to fully utilize these. If you have one, just print these and then fold papers in half and use stampler. Pages are already arranged to create a handy book. Number of actual A4 papers is one quarter of pages in book. Main rulebook (65 Kb, 24 pages) Gamemaster book (50 Kb, 16 pages)

Warning: these might be a bit older than rules at Web pages. And I hope to add some pictures and better layout in near future - at least get rid of some text that should not be in printed version.


In addition to to main rulebooks, you may find these summary files handy. These are provided as full-A4-sided or then by same format as rulebooks - double-sided, two pages per side. They are not zipped as they do not take megabytes.

System tables (2 pages) (A5 double-column)
System tables
Equipment tables (2 pages) (A5 double-column)
Weapons and accessories
Varan laboratory (2 pages) (A5 double-column)
Varan creation step-by-step


These are the same prints there is links at main rulebooks. They just here for convenience. Character sheets (2) Gamemaster varan track

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