Neo-Hunt 3.2

(29.10): Dead varan -3 points, surviving not counted. Clarification to reinforcements.

This is a design version of new updated rules. New cards and tiles are also done but not yet available from the web page, you can ask for them but they will be here anyway very soon. In basic, the main difference in tiles is that doorways are removed from the game and corners (initial sectors) are always of type 1/1.


  1. Random map (corners in places, 5 random tiles, orientation free)
  2. 2 troopers to center (plus upcoming reinforcements)
  3. Player varans to corresponding center
  4. In a 3 player game, man-in-the-middle can put one varan to free corner sector

Alternatives: random order for the first turn, players select in reverse order their team color (and thus the corner). The last one to select then has initiative in the first turn.

Turn sequence

  1. Determine order (from reinforcements and in tied priority)
    1. player with least points
    2. player with most varan damage
    3. player with 'worst initial position' (largest numbered sector next to own color init sector; if tied, use the other)
  2. Reinforcements (set by 1st player, total 12 troopers, 2 to each side sector (max 6), 4 (plus any exceeding from the too crowded side sectors) set freely, but not to center sector nor cannot exceed 6 troopers per sector)
  3. Select actions/damage counters
  4. Reveal and execute commands


Varans and troopers can always shoot to next sector, but never diagonally nor through other sectors than Hall. Shooting damage is base damage - possible cover - cloak cover (varan only, 3 unless moving) + drawn damage counetr. If any permanent damage is caused, active player decides which damaged varan gets it, from those who can get it.

Permanent damage

Each varan can have same damage only once.

cloak damaged: no cloak (i.e. cloak cover 0 always)
weapons damaged: final attack damage halved (round down) (no effect on grenades)
legs wounded: move only with move action, max 1 sector. Attack move not possible.



Each killed trooper is worth 1 point. Each killed varan is worth 3 points for the killer (if killed by an own varan or troopers, no one gets the point).

Each time a player loses a varan, she loses 3 points (or all, if has less than 3 points) (so surviving varans are no longer worth points, making points a bit easier to count)