Game Concept

Neo-Hunt 3 is a board/card game for 2-4 players. Each player controls a team of 3 varans with aim to kill as many as troopers and varans as possible before all troopers are killed or one varan team destroyed entirely. The gaming time is 30-60 minutes.

Neo-Hunt 3 is fourth in a line of Neo-Troops, the cybervaran rpg based board/card games. Cybervarans are cyber- and nanoenhanced vat-grown killing machines, and are equipped with big weapons, heavy armor and cloaking device.

There is two version available from the game. The new year 2003 version (3.3) and the old version.

Game Preparation

To play Neo-Hunt 3, following things are needed:

Varan Team

Each player has 3 varans, with various powers.


Troopers are the main target of the varans. Each trooper counter in the game represent a small group of human soldiers armed with various lighter weapons like assault rifles, grenade launchers and plasma guns. They are easily killed with big guns, but when many groups are together, they become a threat even to varans.

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