carrying things
As noted in the characters, there is a limit how much a varan can carry. Of course other creatures have also their limits, but that does not concern PCs. Anyway, here are limits and their effects:
lift half 75% max jump
half load: up to this limit can be carried without problems
75% load: up to this limit can be carried with -5 running speed (not moving speed), -1 agility tests
max load: up to this limit can be carried with -10 running speed and -1 dice in melee (when attacking or defending) and -2 on agility tests
jump: base jump distance, unless the varan has Strong legs (+3/+6). Reduce by -1/-2 for each full 20kg carried.

If the running speed would be reduced below normal movement speed, both are reduced to same level. Note that varans can carry more than max load if need to, but only for shorter periods of time. The armor value is reduced to 4 in such a cases (still 6 if the varan is not clearly seen)

breaking things
Things carried by the characters or other creatures/systems can be damaged or destroyed when the carrier is hit with weapon fire or melee attacks or comes to contact with hostile subjects like water or dirt. Details are left to GM. Likewise, any systems around the locations of firefight and other combat can get trashed. When the breaking is a voluntary and aimed action, the resistance of the target is judged by the GM. If the varans are in hurry, consider target as a stationary object with armor value from 2 to 5, depending on size, and grant armor save up to 0+ depending on material.

common weapons

The list of all common weapons. No other weapons are available to cybervarans.
weapon range ROF save size ammo notes
Blaster 20/501+1 Pistol (1kg)ul -
Blaster Rifle 50/10010 Rifle (2kg)ul -
Sniper Laser 100/20010 Rifle (3kg)ul Almost silent, uses IR laser
SMG 30/5030 Pistol (1kg)15 (0.5kg) -
Assault Rifle 50/10030 Rifle (3kg)30 (1kg) -
Nailer 30/503-1 Rifle (4kg)12 (1kg) -
Slicer 50/1005+1 Rifle (4kg)20 (1kg) -
Pulse Rifle 50/20060 MG (10kg)60 (3kg) Gyro-mounted weapon. BIG.
Plasma Gun 30/501-1 Rifle (8kg)ul -
Plasma Rifle 50/1004-1 MG (12kg)100 (5kg) Large gyro-mounted weapon with backpack. BIG.
Fusion Lance 50/-1-3 Stick (4kg)1 (1kg) Causes d3 hits, 2m long stick (BIG if on back)
Assault Cannon 100/2001-3 MG (10kg)10 (4kg) Causes d2 hits, Explosion, BIG
Flame Thrower 20/303* Rifle (4kg)12 (1kg) Only Ignites. May fill a 20x5 cone with flame (3 shots) as sustained fire. May use backpack (60 loads, 4kg).
Melta Rifle 30/-1-3 Rifle (6kg)ul Ignites. Must load for 3 turns after been fired.
Built-in Grenade Launcher -/100*1-2 - (+1kg)4 (4x0.5kg)* Explosion. Combined with some other weapon.
Grenade Gun 50/200*1-2 Rifle (3kg)8 (8x0.5kg) Explosion, same grenades as for built-in version
Rocket Launcher 50/100**1* Pack (6kg)6 (6x1kg)* Uses any (throwable) grenade type, but as rocket. BIG.
Battlesuit Mini-Rockets 20/50**1-2 - (+1kg)- Explosion
Bazooka -/100**(1)-5 Rifle (3kg)- Causes d6 hits, Explosion, armed after 10 meters.
HE Grenade -/30**(1)-2 Can (1kg)- Grenade, Causes d3 hits, Explosion (double area)
Anti-Armor Grenade -/30**(1)-4 Can (1kg)- Grenade, Causes d3 hits
Melta Grenade -/30**(1)-3 Can (1kg)- Grenade, Fire-Explosion.
Inferno Grenade -/30**(1)* Can (1kg)- Grenade, Causes d3 hits, Fire-Explosion (double area)
Timed Bomb ---5 Box (2kg)- Causes d6 hits, Explosion (triple area), set to certain place (3 turns to set), timer, radio or proximity activated (selected when set)
Axe/Sword melee-0* Rifle (2kg)- 'Longer reach', save -1 if the user has maximum lift 400kg or more.
Combat Spear melee-0* Stick (3kg)- 1 meter spear, springs to 2.5 meters. Superior reach, but can cause only 2 hits each turn. Armor save -1 if user has max lift 300 kg or more.

range: Short/maximum range, in meters. -1 shooting dice on distances between short and maximum range. The actual maximum range is usually much longer, but fire at that range is left under GM's discretion. If the range is marked with asterisk ( * ), the projectile flies slowly and easily misses a moving target, unless its movement can be taken into account when firing. Those with two asterisks ( ** ) fly very slowly and can be dodged if spotted and the target has quick reactions. Any moving small target is hit only with blind luck (GM's discretion)
ROF: Rate of fire. Those with ROF greater than 1 can use spray/sustained fire.
save: Save modifier against a hit. Explosion and Ignition has different save modifiers, see below.
size: Size of the weapon. MG stands for machine gun and means a long (over a meter) weapon. The weight does not include any ammunition.
ammo: Clip size (although the actual number of bullets/shells can be higher, one shot usually means more than one bullet) Weapons marked with asterisk '*' has chambers, not clips, in wherein ammunition is inserted, one by one. This means that their order is spesified beforehand, too.
notes: Any special notes.

varan battlesuit

All varan battlesuits include all standard things like electronics, sensors and the cloaking device. All armors are made of multiple plates and flexible parts, and have compartments for all common tools, including first aid systems, tape, miscellaneous tools and repair kits for electronics and weapons.
light carbon armor (1 kg)
This light scout-type armor grants an armor save 5+

standard carbon-molecular armor (6 kg)
A standard all-around combat suit grants an armor save 4+

heavy carbon-composite armor (15 kg)
Heavy front-line battle armor grants an armor save 3+, but agility tests are at -1 dice.

heavy titanium armor (25 kg)
This heavy-duty war armor grants a save 2+, but reduces running speed by 5 meters (in addition to any other modifications from the load) and agility tests by -2 dice.
The varan can be without a special armor, in which case it has no armor save but all other systems work normally.

varan battlesuit accessories

These miscellaneous accessories can be fitted to varan battlesuit as the player sees fit. All take power from the battlesuit main systems, and may be damaged when the varan is hit. New systems can be invited by the players, with GM's approval.
battlesuit mini-rockets (1 kg)
2 small rockets and their launching system is fitted to a small compartment, see weapon table for rocket statistics (use built-in mini-rockets row).

blowtorch (1 kg)
The varan has a powerful blowing torch inserted to its arm. This torch can be used to cut and weld metal things. If used in melee, limited to 1 hit per turn and causes hit at +0 armor save.

buzz-saw (1 kg)
This retractable buffsaw in one arm can be used to cut open doors, light walls and most melee targets. Armor save is +0 if buzzsaw is used in melee.

cable system (1 kg)
A small rocket and 20 meters of cable is fitted to arm, and can be fired to grab something or to stop fall. One use only. If used as a weapon, use mini-rockets but armor save +1.

combat blades (1 kg)
Retractable blades at arm. When used in melee, target armor save is at -1 if user has maximum lift 400kg or more, otherwise +0.

emergency oxygen (1 kg)
This small cylinder has emergency air for varan if he is going to suffocate. It granst fresh air for 30 minutes.

fire extinguisher (1 kg)
This powder system adds +3 to any extingush rolls on ignited targets if used. Has enough charges for 10-20 uses.

suction system (2 kg)
The varan has enhanced suckers in its arms/legs and can be used to stick into sheer surfaces, effectually reducing varan payload 100 kg for clinging purposes. Movement with them is very slow (1 meter/turn), and they do not work against very rough surface.

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