7 enhancements, or 8 if none taken 3 times.

lift half 75% max jump
75% load: -0/-5 movement, -1 agility dice
max load: -0/-10 movement, -2 agility dice, -1 melee dice
jump: -1/-2 for each full 20kg carried

battlesuit and accessories
light carbon armor (1 kg) armor save 5+
standard carbon-molecular armor (6 kg) armor save 4+
heavy carbon-composite armor (15 kg) armor save 3+, -1 agility dice
heavy titanium armor (25 kg) armor save 2+, -2 agility dice, -0/-5 movement

battlesuit mini-rockets (1 kg) 2 rockets
blowtorch (1 kg)
buzz-saw (1 kg)
cable system (1 kg) 20m single-shot
combat blades (1 kg) melee save -1 (lift+ 400kg) or +0
emergency oxygen (1 kg) 30 min emergency supply
fire extinguisher (1 kg) +3 extinguish rolls, 10-20 uses
suction system (2 kg) reduce payload 100 kg for clinging

varan critical damage
For cybervarans, the following table can be used for critical damage:
d6  result
1Cloaking device damaged
2Mapping system and (bio)-scanners damaged
3Random thing damaged or armor save reduced by 1
4+1 damage (do not roll for second critical hit)
5Head damaged, all accurace/sensor skills lost and -1 dice perception and shooting
6Massive wound. Reroll d6: 1-3 Severe wound, load capacity and movement rate halved, -1 all dice. One limb possibly severed. Varan bleeds to death within a minute.
4-5 Varan incapacitated and bleeds to death in a minute. 6 Varan killed.

Any second hit to damaged system destroys it. A second massive wound is fatal. Sensor damage and severe wound are cumulative. Any damage can be repaired and regenerated. Bleed can be stopped with first aid in 3 turns. Dice penalty applies to melee when defending, too.

In addition, any external systems may be damaged/destroyed each time a varan is hit (even if the hit is saved). In general, a d6 roll 6 destroys/damages one system.

Damaged systems can be repaired in d6 minutes, but severe wound must be regenerated. Incapacitated varan must regenerate one hit point to return to action.

weapon range ROF sv size wt ammo notes
Blaster 20/501+1 Pistol1kgul -
Blaster Rifle 50/10010 Rifle2kgul -
Sniper Laser 100/20010 Rifle3kgul Almost silent, uses IR laser
SMG 30/5030 Pistol1kg15 (0.5kg) -
Assault Rifle 50/10030 Rifle3kg30 (1kg) -
Nailer 30/503-1 Rifle4kg12 (1kg) -
Slicer 50/1005+1 Rifle4kg20 (1kg) -
Pulse Rifle 50/20060 MG10kg60 (3kg) BIG.
Plasma Gun 30/501-1 Rifle8kgul -
Plasma Rifle 50/1004-1 MG12kg100 (5kg) BIG.
Fusion Lance 50/-1-3 Stick4kg1 (1kg) Causes d3 hits, BIG if on back
Assault Cannon 100/2001-3 MG10kg10 (4kg) Causes d2 hits, Explosion, BIG
Flame Thrower 20/303* Rifle4kg12 (1kg) Only Ignites. May fill 20x5m cone (3 shots) as sustained fire. May use backpack (60 loads, 4kg).
Melta Rifle 30/-1-3 Rifle6kgul Ignites. Must load for 3 turns after been fired.
Built-in Grenade Launcher -/100*1-2 -+1kg4 (4x0.5kg)* Explosion. Combined to other weapon.
Grenade Gun 50/200*1-2 Rifle3kg8 (8x0.5kg) Explosion, same ammo as in bulti-in
Rocket Launcher 50/100**1* Pack6kg6 (6x1kg)* Uses any grenade type, but as rocket. BIG.
Battlesuit Mini-Rockets 20/50**1-2 -+1kg- Explosion
Bazooka -/100**(1)-5 Rifle3kg- Causes d6 hits, Explosion, armed after 10 meters.
HE Grenade -/30**(1)-2 Can1kg- Grenade, Causes d3 hits, Explosion (double area)
Anti-Armor Grenade -/30**(1)-4 Can1kg- Grenade, Causes d3 hits
Melta Grenade -/30**(1)-3 Can1kg- Grenade, Fire-Explosion.
Inferno Grenade -/30**(1)* Can1kg- Grenade, Causes d3 hits, Fire-Explosion (double area)
Timed Bomb ---5 Box2kg- Causes d6 hits, Explosion (triple area), set to certain place (3 turns to set), timer, radio or proximity activated (selected when set)
Axe/Sword melee-0* Rifle2kg- 'Longer reach', armor save -1 if lift 400+
Combat Spear melee-0* Stick3kg- 1-2.5m spear. Superior reach, max 2 hits each turn. Armor save -1 if lift 300+

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