count'R is a game session tracking tool for Series 60 smartphones. What is the thing you most probably always carry with you, wherever you go? Your cell phone. So it is a logical place to store your gaming data. And while you can use notepad or BGG over the web, it could be easier. And this is it.


However, count'R does not support a way to track all the people partaking each session and their score/results.


The alpha release is very picky and mainly for those who know their phone a bit:

Software is available from here: (version 0.2.14, 13.6.2010) and count-r.dat (some initial data). You can survive without initial data but I prefer entering games on computer keyboard over the mobile phone.

I have Nokia 5500 (Series 60 3rd ed). If you have any other phone (capable of running series t60 python) and this works or does not, inform me and see what can be done.

New in latest versions


As there is no proper .SIS/launcher, you need to launch Python and then select "run script".

Should be quite straight-forward. Most fields are optional and some of them are currently ignored (static vs. dynamic location). Before using the software for the first time you might consider adding your game library to datafile by hand, but be careful on the format. There is some sample games in the initial data file. Some of the menus and fields are far from optional but this is mainly because of the limitations in Series 60 Python which does not support all the UI features of the Series 60.

Notes on games: base game can be used to group game variants into one game in regard of statistics.

Remember to backup the data by sending it (in the menu) to some bluetooth capable computer or by copying it directly from the data directory. Naturally you can extract information form the datafile as need to, but as said, there will be nice statistics coming up in an upcoming release.

There is currently no way to delete data except by hand from the datafile. If you encounter any problems, contact me - and backup now and then, no guarantee on anything but I intend to use this software for all my future game tracking.


Unfortunately I have currently no interest in developing this further, just fixing found bugs. Here is a wishlistt that would have been nice: Send any comments and suggestions to me in IRC/sls-foorumi.
count'R © Kalle Marjola 2009-2010