RIP Family

Note: You are most probably interested in latest version of RIP Fantasy.
RIP and its relatives were originally my RPG systems mainly for fantasy campaigns. They include simple and fast combat rules, point system for character generation, demon summoning, heroes, over 100 spells and very little to read (unless spells are read).

The most recent RIP is much more simplifier, only for "story-telling" games - no more exact rules, no dice throwing, only story and action. It is a generic RPG system with cyberpunk (Syndicate) and fantasy (RIP Fantasy) expanions. RIP Fantasy has many things that the older ones had but it has an own world with detailed magics, bestiary and spiritworld. I strongly recommend it over any other RIP systems here, althought the older ones are interesting when a simple system with dice rolls is needed.

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Other games

These pages contain loads of free games:

Syndicate V
The corporate future roleplaying game.
The cybervaran roleplaying game.
Generic roleplaying system.
RIP Fantasy
Fantasy roleplaying game.
Epic dungeon crawl system.
Neo-Hunt 3
The cybervaran board game.
Fantasy strategy with normal chess pieces.
Lords of Hell
Cardgame of unholy politics. many more, see main index.