6 Campaigns

As a roleplaying game, the Syndicate can be used for one-shot scenarios as well as for long-time campaigns. This chapter concentrates mainly on campaign ideas, and ideas and examples for independent or campaign scenarios.

6.1 Campaign Settings

A campaign typically has an overall idea or story behind it, and it is situated in a certain region or culture; or at least social level. Here are some general ideas for possible campaings.

Independent Mercenaries

Professional Agents Forced Agents Rural Wanderers

6.2 Campaign Flavors

Syndicate can be played in many ways, some of which are represented here.

Quite Realistic

Hong Kong Very Cinematic

6.3 Opposition

The characters are not the center of the world, and even when they are strong, there are always stronger ones: do not mess with the Big Ones. Most organizations should have dozens of armed guards, and bigger ones can have attack helicopters, armed hitmen and cyber killers at their disposal. Make scenarios dangerous, tasking but still possible. And success does not always mean blowing up the entire opposition.

When determining the combat, one good way to handle firing from the opposition is that players are hit on d6 roll of 6 as long as they are moving or have something in between themselves and the shooters.

If and when the characters assault a corporate station, remember that corporate stealth combat helicopters arrive in 5-15 minutes, depending on location. So, be quick or be dead.

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