A Step-by-Step Character Creation Example

As an example, we now generate a sample character Tim, who is a professional sniper who has lost his both arms in an explosion and has replaced them with cyberware.

Character Description

We start the generating by describing Tim; the exact information about his past is not determined until it is needed.


Now that we have a description of Tim, we can start finding suitable stuff for him. Of course, not all player characters require that extensive background; it depends on the character, player, campaign and GM.

We start from the easiest things each described above:

Now, we think all suitable skills for Tim, and then take them. By his army training and later commando act, Tim has at least combat, melee, stealth, various driving skills, swimming and knife and grenade throwing. Next we fix Tim's attributes a bit: he must have a good endurance having endured the removal of his arms, so we give him a good endurance (2 CPs). We also take a good willpower for him, so he has kept his sanity through all the pain he has suffered.

Now, with the total at 19 CPs, we use the last one to take miscellaneous stuff.

Final characteristics for Tim are:
good endurance (+1)	combat-1		english (native)-3
good willpower (+1)	gun(sniper rifle)-2	drive(car,boat)-1,
			melee(commando)-1	throw(grenade,knife)-1,
			stealth(rural)-1	german-1
			demolition-1		commando free skills
2 cyber arms (0/2)				basic education skills
						 (specified as required)
drug addict		expensive item
hallucinations		contacts: gunsmith, street doc
9 CPs			8.5 CPs			2.5 CPs


Now, we select suitable starting equipment for Tim.

As a main weapon, we take modified H&K Shark sniper rifle with excellent range (this modification is expensive and covered by that expensive item background option). For ammunition, we take 200 explosives and 200 armor piercing bullets, and 6 clips for them.

For other equipment, Tim has a H&K Wolfen Laser-variant with a box of 100 normal bullets, and 3 spare clips. He also has kevlar covert clothing (commando style), some explosives and a simple stinking apartment rented from a suburb near London.

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