Attribute Physical or mental feature or quirk in a person.

Basic Attribute An attribute common to all people. Basic attributes in Syndicate are Strength, Endurance, Agility, Awareness, Quickness and Willpower.

Bioware Organic specially tailored systems similar to cyberware, but without electronical or mechanical parts.

Campaign A series of scenarios linked to each other.

Character A person in the Syndicate world. Normally refers to a player character.

Characteristics All skills, attributes, background options and cyber and bioware of the character.

Character Points (CPs) Points used to generate player characters in Syndicate.

Character Sheet A piece of paper to write down abilities and equipment of the player character.

Cinematic State typical to movies. Mainly realistic but some individuals may survive things not possible to survive in a realistic environment. Also means that most (big) objects have some extra gasoline hidden inside them, so that they blow up in a spectacular fireball.
Syndicate is a bit cinematic in normal campaigns, but can be played as cinematic as required.

Cyberware Electronic and mechanical systems merged to human flesh or as independent systems. May include nanotechnology: tiny robots and numerous chips.

Die A typical fate of a player character. Also: Normally all modifiers in Syndicate are given as for a standard six-sided die, but the GM is free to use any dice he wants to.

Game Master (GM) A person that runs things, decides about character's death and outcome of actions, and eats most of the food provided.

Game World An imaginary place where all stories and scenarios happen. In Syndicate, game world is a dark earth at mid-21st century.

God See Game Master. Also: An outerplanar entity with great powers, normally connected to a specific religion.

Pen (penetration) A weapon's penetration value against armor.

Player Character (PC) A character that the player uses as his or her interface to the game world. A little like a role in a play.

Primary Skill An important skill which is used often in a typical Syndicate campaign. See Secondary Skill.

Scenario An independent adventure, or distinct part of the bigger campaign. Typically has a clear start and an end. Normally lasts a few sessions. An example scenario could be an assault to a military laboratory, perhaps including the initial planning and the problems afterwards.

Secondary Skill A very narrow or infrequently used skill. Does not refer to actual work needed to study that skill, but its usability in the game.

Session One evening or other similar meeting of roleplaying. Each scenario or campaign typically takes some sessions, i.e. evenings to play.

Trauma General damage value inflicted by a specific attack.

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