Syndicate Print

Syndicate - the Dark Era is now available as special number of Alterations, magazine of Alter Ego, association of roleplayers of University of Helsinki.

Syndicate print includes 48 pages, all information here, sample session, tip boxes and pictures. It is printed on A5 paper as black-and white print.

Alterations 2/96 Syndicate special number is available at limited time from Alter Ego with price of 25 fim + postage. Contact Alter Ego secretary.

Print Errata

Well, we had tight schedule and problems with prints, so there is some errors on final version. Luckily, all these seem to be cosmetical. I hope this list will not grow...

page 11, second chapter under Character Creation: These is reference to Appendix A, which actually means list on page 47 (last page)

page 14, second box: The print has finally a little larger font, and so the last words were cut off. I will find out them some day.

page 29, left column, last paragraph: Title 'gas bomb' is merged with its description.

page 25, gray box: As above. Here the missing word is definately 'you'.

page 45, Nina Cheng: Some old pronouns (she was orginally Nick), and in CPs costs, no expensive items are marked (using 0.5 CPs in total)

page 47, table: With problem with fonts, some prices are off-column.

Syndicate - The Dark Era (c) Kalle Marjola 1996. All rights reserved.