Blood Bowl Special Cards List

Here is list of all cards from Death Zone supplement. You can use these tables instead of cards, if you do not have original cards. First, determine how many cards you get, and then decide what kind of cards you want.

Roll a suitable dice to determine exact cards from the following lists; reroll any ties. If secrecy is concern, first secretly write down a number, add that to your roll, and all numbers greater than total number of cards is reduced by their total number.

Note that this system allows same cards for both players.

Random Events

Total number of cards is 45.

1. Demo Game (Gain d6x10K Gc after match)
2. Will (As above)
3. Bad Habits (Opponent team loses 1 team re-roll)
4. Bad Habits
5. Inspiration (One your player gains MVP award just before match; make rolls if necessary)
6. Extra Training (One extra team re-roll or buy new at normal, not double, price)
7. Extra Training
8. Extra Training
9. Injured in Practise (One random opponent player is seriously injured just before match)
10. The Big Match (Both players gain +3 to fan factor test and roll two dice at income phase after game)
11. Biased Referee (Ref does not penalty you at d6 4+, and automatically sends opponent with secret weapon, out)
12. Charity Match (Play during fan factor roll after match, gain +1 FF in addition to roll)
13. The Chuck (Gain immediately back d3 used team re-rolls, sheet H)
14. Press-Gang (Play before match, see card text)
15. Heroic Effort (Play when a player suffers an injury)
16. Unsportmanlike conduct (Opponent player which just scored is sent away for the rest of the match)
17. That makes me mad!! (Fouling player is knocked down and his original target stands up)
18. Inspired Play (One action is automatically successful)
19. A Large Donation (Either team donates all winnings to charity and receives +1 Fan Factor)
20. That Boy's Got Talent (Gain a player)
21. Burst Ball (Play stop immediately and kick-off is reheld)
22. Heroic Leap (One player may take a leap as with skill)
23. Away Fans Banned! (Opponent have Fan Factor of 0 for this match, but not for gate)
24. Hall of Fame (Play before match, gain +1 Fan Factor)
25. Blitzkrieg! (Allows second blitz during same turn)
26. Snack Break (One opponent player loses tackle zone until end of turn)
27. Get'em Lads! (Play if your player is seriously injured (or worse) by opponent team. All your players gain +1 strength and Mighty blow skill until end of your next turn)
28. Crazy Referee! (Opponents Fan Factor is dropped to 0 for the rest of the match, but can be used only if 'Get the Ref' card is played)
29. Half Time Team Talk (Play during half time. Gain d3 extra team re-rolls)
30. Is It a TD? (You may stop just scored touchdown)
31. 'Flu Bug (Play before match. d3 random opposing players must miss the match)
32. This Will Hurt a Bit... (Move KO'd, badly hurt or seriously injured player to reserves box)
33. I Am the Greatest! (After touchdown, two players in opposing team cannot play at the same time until end of the match)
34. Player Strike (Play before match. Opponent must pay 2d6 x 10K Gc or all his treasury)
35. Duh, Where Am I? (Opponent player juts knocked over but not injured is switched to your side until next touchdown)
36. A Better Offer (One selected coaching staff member leaves opponent's team unless he pays member's hiring cost + d6 x 10K Gc)
37. Bankruptcy! (Play after match. No income is given to opponent, and his team loses all money in treasury as well)
38. Number One With a Bullet! (Gain additional 10K Gc for each 10,000 of your fans that turned up for the match)
39. Under Scrunity (Opponent may not make any fouls or use secret weapons during the match. Play when he tries to)
40. Merchandising (Gain additional income of your fan factor x 10K Gc)
41. Woof Woof! (A dog catches the ball)
42. It Wasn't Me! (One random opponent player must miss the rest of the match, and 50K must be paid for his release)
43. Doom and Gloom (Opponent team cannot use team re-rolls for the rest of the half)
44. Special Offer (You can buy a player at half price after this match, but not later)
45. Peaked (Nominated player cannot earn more SPPs)

Magic Items

Total number of cards is 27.

1. Magic Pills (All your player in field gain +1 MA until touchdown is scored)
2. Grasping Tentacles... (Dodging opponent automatically fails)
3. Hawkfing's Curse (Opponent player going for it automatically falls over)
4. Kelhoffer's Magic Foot (Do not roll scatter for kick-off)
5. Lurve Potion (Too long to explain..)
6. Mind Blow (Opponent player is immobilized until end of turn. His strength is halved against block)
7. Magic Potion (Gives a player some random benefict)
8. Magic Helmet (Permanently increase player's AV by +1, up to 10)
9. Extra Training (One extra team re-roll or buy new at normal, not double, price)
10. Extra Training
11. Eye of the Eagle (One pass is automatically successful)
12. Healing Scroll (Just happened injury is negated and player is left face-up on the field)
13. Healing Scroll
14. Healing Scroll
15. Magic Sponge (All KO'd or badly hurt players are restored to full health)
16. Magic Sponge
17. Knutt's Spell of Awes.. (Your player gains +d4 strength until end of turn)
18. Unseen Shield (Pass is stopped at nominated square along its flight route)
19. Rakarth's Bounding Leap (Player may jump 3 squares in addition to normal movement)
20. Scutt's Deluge of Despair (All opposing team's players halve their MA until end of turn)
21. Rakarth's Obliteration Spell (Your blocking player automaticaaly gains 'defender knocked over' result)
22. Time Warp (Player may take two actions one after another)
23. The Secret Way (Sheet F)
24. Magic Hand of Jark Longarm (Your player automaticallu succeeds in an interception)
25. Rakarth's Spell of Pitty Spite (Oposing player must miss each drive on a roll of 4+, otherwise he may play)
26. Speed of Light (Your player gains +d6 MA for this turn. Play before moving with that player)
27. Labbatt's Flying Fist (Opposing player is blocked at strength of 10 with block and mighty blow skills)

Dirty Tricks

Total number of cards is 44.

1. Banana Skin (Play when opposing player comes to your tackle zone. That player automatically falls over)
2. Greased Shoes (Play during kick-off. One selected opponent player falls each time he moves on a roll of 1 for each square. Lasts for this drive)
3. Kidnap Rical Coach (Lose coach until end of match, and lose your winnings at the end of match)
4. Bribe the Ref (Negate Illegal procedure call against you)
5. Stink Bomb (Player has throwable stink bomb)
6. Stiletto (Instead of Block, knock down target automatically and do not roll armour roll, but instead directly injury)
7. Referee!!! (Opponent is immediately penalized for Illegal Procedure)
8. Take a Dive (Opponent player going for it automatically falls over but do not have to make armour roll)
9. Double-Cross (Negate dirty trick or magic item card, and instead add it to your reserve)
10. Injury Time (Gain extra turn at the end of the half)
11. Spy (Negate use of re-roll. That re-roll is wasted but still count as tried)
12. Spy
13. Spy
14. Robbed (Opponent loses money gained from this match and you may add it to your treasury instead)
15. Extra Training (One extra team re-roll or buy new at normal, not double, price)
16. Extra Training
17. Bribe the Ref (Negate a penalty against your team)
18. Bribe the Ref (As above)
19. Knuckledusters (Use just before armour roll for opposing player. That player automatically fails that test)
20. Custard Pie (Throw at opponent, that opponent is automatically knocked over but cannot be injured)
21. Illegal Drugs (Gain an additional turn after current one)
22. Bad Press (Opposing team loses 1 fan factor permanently)
23. Bribe the Ref (The ref automatically spots just committed foul)
24. Bribe the Ref (As above)
25. Hide the Ball (The player holding the ball cannot be blocked nor tackled until end of turn)
26. Sorry! (One player falls on the top of coaching staff)
27. Trampoline Trap (A pit trap in your side causes random scatter for player entering your side)
28. Mine (A mine is in your half of the field)
29. Whooooops (Knock down one opponent during kick-off)
30. Sorry Sir! (Push one opponent into his coaching staff)
31. Grudge Match (Any number of fouls can be committed by each team, play before match)
32. Exploding Player (Replace one stationary player with exploding player)
33. Razzle Dazzle (Play at the start of your turn. You lose your turn at 1-2, and opponent his at 3-6)
34. Fake Play (One throw cannot be intercepted)
35. Blatant Foul! (Make blatant foul that is automatically detected, and causes always injury)
36. Pit Trap (A player entering your side is trapped into pit trap until next kick-off)
37. Spike! (A foul automatically causes injury but player committing foul is knocked down)
38. High Punt (Ball is kicked very high and lands later)
39. Assassin (Knock down and roll for injury for one player)
40. I'll Get You! (Just after kick-off, opposing player attacks one of your players and is kicked out of game)
41. Bribe the Ref (You may have 12 players in field until next kick-off)
42. Sewer Map (You may have 12 players, but he may get lost in sewers)
43. Morley's Revenge (Play after players is set before kick-off. Half of them is knocked doen automatically)
44. Side Bet (Gain an additional d6 x 10,000 Gc after match)

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