Blood Bowl House Rules

Here is house rules for Blood Bowl 3rd edition written by Jervis Johnson (first ones) or me. Some of my rules are very close to ones suggested by Jervis or other persons.


The idea of allowing coaches to include players in their team who have already accumulated SPPs is rather a good one. However to stop players exploiting this ability in a boring manner to, say, give all of their Chaos Warriors the block skill, I'd suggest that each veteran you take for your team after the first is not allowed to take a skill you've already chosen for another veteran player in the team (i.e. all the vet's have to have different skills).

One SPR (not SPP) costs 30K and is limited to normal skills (not doubles) and secret weapon skill. Slow learners need 50K for that one skill (big guys and vampires). Rating of veteran is the normal rating for such a player - money used is not counted. -Kalle


You are only allowed to include one of each Star Player in your team. You couldn't have more than one Morg, for example, let alone four Count Luthor Von Drakenborgs! On the other hand there is no upper limit on the total number of Star Players allowed in the team, just so long as they are all different. In addition, ignore the bit on the card which tells you which teams the Star Player will play for; this is replaced by the new mixed race team rules. Only one -rule does not apply to secret weapon star players.

In addition, star players are now allowed to gain new SPRs. In starplayer statistics sheet, there is listed total number of SPRs star player already has, and star player automatically has that many SPPs, and start to earn more from that number -Kalle

Each teams is now limited to ONE star player! If he is killed, bad luck. If any teams already has more than one bough star player, it may not buy new ones, but this rule has no other effect. Deathrollers and Fungus are not counted. -Kalle


Add this rule to the end of the rules on fouling. In order for it to work you will need a new counter; anything will do, bottle caps, small coins, a bunch of keys, etc., but the best possible "I've Got My Eye On You" marker is a painted referee model. Whatever, once you've got a counter, put it beside the pitch when you set up. Only one is ever need per match.

The first time a coach commits a foul, he must hand the "I've Got My Eye On You" counter to the opposing coach, who should place it on their re-roll track. As long as the opposing coach has the counter, any of your players that will be sent off if they make a foul and they don't roll a double on the dice, instead of only if they do roll a double!

The opposing coach is allowed to keep hold of the counter until his own team commits a foul, at which point he must hand it over to his opponent, who can then place it on his re-roll track. In addition the counter must be returned to the side of the board (i.e. so that neither coach has it) when a half ends or an illegal procedure call is made against the coach with the counter. In the case of the Illegal Procedure call the counter is lost in addition to any other effect the call has.


A couple of you have commented that the background notes on the Hobgoblins makes great play about how stupid they are, but that this really isn't reflected in the rules. This is a fair comment, and something that obviously ought to be rectified! Therefore I'm going to impose the following rule on the Studio League for a trail period:

"Hobgoblins Blood Bowl players are noted for their stupidity, although it has to be said that this isn't a trait of the Hobgoblin race as a whole. (In fact most other races in the Warhammer consider Hobgoblins to be sneaky gits who will stab you in the back as soon as look at you, and will only fight if the odds are heavily stacked in their favour. This is actually rather an accurate character assessment, and as a result only the _really_ stupid ones get conned into playing Blood Bowl!) To reflect this the coach of a team that includes any Hobgoblins most roll a D6 for each Hobgoblin player at the start of the match. On a roll of 2-6 the player can be used normally, but on a roll of 1 the player has either arrived late because he's forgotten about the match, or is having trouble tying up his boot-laces, or is doing something equally stupid, with the result that he may not be used during the first drive of the match."

If the hobgoblin player is pro, he may try to use pro-skill to reroll this result, and if succesful, he can take part in the match, but cannot move in the first turn when he chuckles in the place 'ooo I wus clever...' (Note that this is excpetion to rule that pro skill can only be used during your own team turn) -Kalle


To stay in original idea, only stunty players (e.g. halflings, goblins and some mutants) are allowed to take right stuff skill. In addition, only players allowed to throw team-mates are Big Guys Ogre, Treeman, Minotaur, Rat-Ogre and Troll.-Kalle


Werewolves are rather selfish, and whenever they are to give the ball away (hand-off or pass), the action can not be taken unless you roll 4-6 on a die roll.

They have some natural needs, and if there is a treeman on the playing field, rolling a die: on 1, your werewolf drops the ball and runs to the treeman (making the usual dodges). You can pick the route as long as you end up near the treeman or as close to it as you can get. If the ball was dropped or if your wolf falls, a turnover takes place.
If you are beside a treeman when rolling 1, you do not move (but you do drop the ball) and you lose you tackle zone until the next turn.

If your wolf causes an injury (badly hurt or worse) to a member of an undead team, he grabs some of the remains and runs off for the rest of the half to bury the bone. The poor undead cannot regenerate this wound.-Kalle


Secret weapons can be taken by any player as a new skill. You must only roll a double as star player roll, pay for secret weapon and here you go! Note that there is some severe limitations to this. -Kalle
Weapon          Cost    Races
Chainsaw 20,000 Dwarf,Chaos Dwarf,Chaos,Human,Undead,Goblin Blunderbuss 10,000 Dwarf, Chaos Dwarf Poisoned dagger - Dark Elf, Skaven Bombs 20,000 Goblin, Dwarf Pogo Stick - Goblin


To make things more sensible, only natural roll of 11 or 12 cause serious injury or killed result in damage table. Otherwise, all results 10 or greater are treated as badly hurt.-Kalle


Instead of losing one team re-roll, the team may instead lose their fans while trying to improve their ways (very unsportmanlike). Coach must roll d8 three times repeatly, and each roll under team's current fan factor drops it by one. A roll of 8 never causes any loss in fan factor even when fan factor is 9 or more. If the fan factor drops, it affects the next rolls, too.-Kalle


It is clear, that when a team gains more fame and fans, new fans expect that team to be efficient most of time. To reflect this, a -1 modifier is applied to fan factor table roll for each 10 points of Fan Factor before the roll. Thus, a team with many fans must get many casualties and touchdowns in each match or it cannot increase its fan factor and old ones get bored to 'good team without results'. -Kalle

Little Changes and Clarifications

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