zombie flesh eaters

HUBBLe all-zombie undead team

blood bowl '97

round 1date 14.6 Fatal Justice the match did not start well with long riot and then those prisoners took initiative from us blitzin in our attack. but still we hit them back and scored. mrahnad almost made a second touchdown by entering the field from sewers and human wizard was forced to use his lightning bolt on him. in second half we keep on hittimg them althought we had lost our edge and even failed to stop one of their touchdowns.
TDs 3-1cas 7-1 cards 2-36 drives
gate 52,000 gold 30,000 effective rating 192-192

round 1date 23.6 The Shooting Stars again we had mediocre start and our blows were weak and we failed. alas, so did our advisories, and thus we scored two touchdowns in first half. in the second half, we started to smash and rip those pale elves but their piling-on minotaur made trog a pancake and our mummified zombies could not arrange their wrapping after being flattened.
TDs 3-1cas 8-4 cards 1-25 drives
gate 72,000 gold 40,000 effective rating 199-196

round 2date 1.7 Griin Hornetz we had a bad start and einstein, the smart troll of the goblins, killed grag. but then we started to hit back and smashed and ripped and killed althought those green small critters do not fall down easily. mrahnad and limdal fumbled with ball a bit too long and we would have won even more clearly otherwise.
TDs 3-0cas 12-1 cards 2-45 drives
gate 37,000 gold 50,000 effective rating 201-129

round 2date 3.7 Mist Warriors this match was unlucky for both teams. we could not smash the elves strong enough and they failed many things they did. we are superior and we won.
TDs 3-0cas 8-2 cards 1-45 drives
gate 56,000 gold 80,000 effective rating 201-156

round 3date 4.8 Brutal Truth we started with bad luck and thou dwarves sure not. the curse of the breaking was upon us and zombies could not recover and we played with continual disadvantage, but we succeeded to deny victory from slow half-humans and awarded them with gold for such a feat for defeating us in casualties. sengar killed one of them and we raised him to serve us.
TDs 1-1cas 5-7 cards 2-24 drives
gate 51,000 gold 60,000 effective rating 210-215

round 3date x.x Black Blood Plague awaited
TDs x-xcas x-x cards x-xn drives
gate ?,000 gold ?,000 effective rating ?-?

zombie flesh eaters coached by Kalle. last update 3.7.97
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