zombie flesh eaters

HUBBLe all-zombie undead team

chaos cup '97

this season was used only for free games
free gamedate 5.4 Griin Hornetz our first game was played in sweltering heat. we had bad luck but so had goblins, too. they dodge and resisted our blows, and their fans cheered again and again.
TDs 2-2cas 4-0 cards 1-26 drives
gate 16,000 gold 60,000 effective rating 98-97

free gamedate 11.4 Black Blood Plague again we had bad luck with cards and in game. but so had rats, too, except in smashing us. we had bad, they had good cards, but tuthom smashed and killed their rat ogre. active flesh eaters were hungry and spent most of the match among rat fans.
TDs 0-3cas 3-5 cards 3-34 drives
gate 34,000 gold 80,000 effective rating 108-150

free gamedate 17.4 The Minotaurs we still had only 1 card, and again had bad luck for first half. bulls had good tricks, but in second half our luck changed, and bulls collide with each other and we scored. again more fans appeared.
TDs 2-0cas 2-4 cards 1-33 drives
gate 33,000 gold 50,000 effective rating 108-112

free gamedate 26.4 BC Bonebreakers again we had only 1 card and one zombie smashed its hip in training. we had bad luck, but ogres had worse. we had trampoline trap, but there was riot at the start of the match. second half was played in blizzard, and we smashed them like dirt. we raised new wight zombie and thousands new fans.
TDs 3-0cas 3-3 cards 1-25 drives
gate 44,000 gold 90,000 effective rating 118-100

free gamedate 29.4 Da Hazard kathom started match too early and was kicked out and so we smashed the referee and so did goblins, too. we failed and had bad luck, and they had lots of tricks we were not expecting. at the start of the second half, their troll also started too early and was also kicked out. we still had bad luck, again and again. too bad.
TDs 0-0cas 6-2 cards 3-22 drives
gate 35,000 gold 50,000 effective rating 140-165

free gamedate 3.5 Blood those khornate players had bad luck, but our mummies thou ca not run and we had many failures. grag killed their orc and we feasted until orc was raised as a new team member. nothing seems to stop this endless flow of new zombie fans.
TDs 2-0cas 7-0 cards 2-34 drives
gate 43,000 gold 50,000 effective rating 145-123

free gamedate 8.5 Fatal Justice those humans were weak and unlucky warriors. their ogres were stupid and all them fall as weaklings before us. we killed 3 of them and raised one of them. our vampiric zombies were hungry but appetite of daruoh is finally extinguished. soon all the graves in old world has opened to join as our new fans.
TDs 3-1cas 8-2 cards 4-25 drives
gate 34,000 gold 70,000 effective rating 150-194

free gamedate 15.5 Gladiators those ancient elves were fast and agile but they fell before our blows, and had bad luck with them. when the weak and pale woodland beings tried to ran away, kathom followed, fell down and its wrappings were ripped and shipping for new ones takes week or so. our tactical advisor was spotted to talk with gladiator coach, and thus we did not win, but at least feasted. and again the horde that follows us enlargened.
TDs 2-2cas 10-0 cards 4-26 drives
gate 57,000 gold 40,000 effective rating 167-205

free gamedate 18.5 The Shooting Stars Our pale ancient opponents had right attitude and soon we had many casualties at both sides. To make match more even, we spend our time in backroom stealing their treasury instead of repairing damaged zombies, and thus none of five zombie casualties were regenerated. Mrahnad failed an almost certain touchdown, but grag did completion, touchdown, interception and casualty all in one match. At second half there was short heat period and we have only a few zombies at field, but elves were still very uncertain of their possibilities and we won easily.
TDs 3-1cas 5-5 cards 3-25 drives
gate 57,000 gold 90,000 effective rating 168-209

zombie flesh eaters coached by Kalle. last update 18.5.97
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