Blood bowl

Local Bloodbowl Leagues

KImBBLe is the current league (Fall 2002-Summer 2003).

Old leagues were: ExBBLe (Fall 2001-2002) and its shadow-league, peasant league PeBBLe, ReNaBBLe (Fall 2000-2001), YABBLe (Fall 1999-2000), NeBBLe (Fall 1998-1999) and its partner, BiBBLe, the big league for big teams, ReBBLe (Fall 1997-1998), HUBBLe (Fall 1996-1997). I also organized an open league during spring-summer 1996 which has no real name, it was just called League '96

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Old New Rules

We use those in ReNaBBLe (Finnish) or NeBBLe (English) nowadays, but these are for those interested in more 'official' rules See also Triple Skulls, Andy's Blood Bowl Page for new rules and letters from Jervis.

My teams

League '96 Warhammer - Bulldozer
HUBBLe DethKrusha - Silent Lords - Zombie Flesh Eaters
ReBBLe World's Edge Plague Bringers
NeBBLe Oblivion
YABBLe Icemen Cometh
ReNaBBLe Warpstone Weenies
ExBBLe Transsexuania
KImBBLe Project Romero

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Other games

These pages contain loads of free games:

Syndicate V
The corporate future roleplaying game.
The cybervaran roleplaying game.
Generic roleplaying system.
RIP Fantasy
Fantasy roleplaying game.
Epic dungeon crawl system.
Neo-Hunt 3
The cybervaran board game.
Fantasy strategy with normal chess pieces.
Lords of Hell
Cardgame of unholy politics. many more, see main index.