NeBBLe Timetable

Current Tournament:

Chaos Cup 2499

Next Tournament:

Blood Bowl 2499

Entry deadline 19.3.99 Entry deadline 11.6.99 (planned)
1st round 24.3. - 11.4.99 1st round - 1.7.99
2nd round - 2.5.99 2nd round - 1.8.99
3rd round - 16.5.99 3rd round - 1.9.99
Play-offs and free games - 13.6.99 Play-offs and free games - 1.10.99

League News

All written by Kalle, league organisator, and refer to him unless noted otherwise

14.9.98 Spike! Challenge 2498, the first NeBBLe tournament, is opened by Ol-Dum Dwarves and Infestation. The game draws 53,000 spectators and is a draw.
15.9.98 Necromancers Guild has announced their public team roster.
12.12.98 Ancients are Spike! Challenge 2498 winners after it beat Narcissus, the notorious incredible luck chaos dwarf team.
31.12.98 Anonymous black orc blocker number 4 from Monster Pit is elected as the player of the year 2498. Many new fans join the fan league of the orcs.
3.1.99 Dungeonbowl 2499 tournament is opened by Delirious from the Old World and AE from the New World. At the start of the Dungeonbowl 2499 tournament, NeBBLe official count total of 50 bloodbowl players killed on the field (or permanently hacked to pieces in a case of undead teams)
25.1.99 Orc team Drool Legions shameful resigns from Dungeonbowl 2499. The tournament program is modified accordingly, their opponents playing against each other.
18.3.99 High elf team Ancients is Dungeonbowl 2499 winner after it beat chaos team Delirious.
21.3.99 Chaos Cup 2499 program released. New World All-Stars win Old World All-Stars 4-1 in a charity match. Not surprisingly, Old World wins casualties by 9 to 1.
24.3.99 Chaos Cup 2499 is opened by New World team Infestation and Old World team Delirious.
10.6.99 Narcissus wins the Chaos Cup trophy after it beat Awe 2-1