NeBBLe Extra Rules

Some extra rules too long to describe in short and compact list.


To reduce constant fouling, following three extra rules are used:

What's that crowd?: If the foul roll is 14 or more, the referee spots the foul and sends the player away. This applies even if the team has won get the ref kick-off result!

I've got my eye on you: When a player makes a foul, the referee starts to watch the team more closely... from now on, a foul is always spotted unless the coach rolls doubles for armour roll! This means that it is quite certain for player to get spotted. In addition, the big crowds are still investigated more carefully and thus the player is sent away if roll is either non-doubles or 14 or more!

If the referee is watching either team more closely and the other team fouls he will change his attention to that other team instead. This continues until half ends, so after the first foul is committed the referee keeps watching either team until end of the half, switching to team last committing the foul if necessary.

If the referee is killed by the crowd with the 'get the ref' kick-off event, the new referee does not automatically watch either team. Otherwise, use standard rules but no penalties are awarded for the team whose fans killed the previous, unless the armor-roll is 14 or more.

Please note that special play card that makes me mad does not affect the referee, and during Duh, where am I? the fouling side is determined by the victim, not the fouler.

I got keen eyes!: If the injury roll for a foul is double, the player is sent away, too! This does not apply during 'get the ref'-result. If the fouling player is already going to be thrown out (rolled doubles or 14+ in armor roll in normal cases) the referee awards a game penalty to fouler. This means that unless the penalty is successfully argued (or bribed) the player must miss the rest of the match and the next match, too! The player cannot avoid this penalty with skipped free games or by the start of the next tournament.

Serious Injuries

In NeBBLe, standard injury table is modified as follows:

A modified roll of 10 or more is classified as serious injury which entitles one casualty for other team, if caused by the player of that team. The type of that casualty is defined with second roll, which can never be rerolled. The opposing coach rolls d6, and looks result from this table:
1-3Badly Hurt
4-5Serious Injury
If serious injury is caused, the type of injury is immediately rolled before the coach decises the use of apothecary or possible healing scroll.

Rerolls: Any injury rerolls with team reroll or with pro-skill must be announced before the severity of the serious injury is rolled! Severity of the serious injury can never be rerolled.

Life Insurance: If a player is killed in a bloodbowl match (between pre and post-match sequences) and the body is not snatched away by a necromancer, United Necromancer Guild pays life insurance in exchange for the body. The life insurance is equal to player's team rating effect times 5,000, rounded down. If several players are killed, rating of all players is first summed up before the compensation calculated.

Insurance money cannot be lost because of special player cards, including robbed! and bankcrupty.

Taking Skills

In NeBBLe, you cannot get the skills you want every time.

If you don't roll doubles or you do roll doubles and try for a skill from a category you normally cannot get skills from or a secret weapon, name a skill you wish to have. Then, roll a die. On a roll of 4-6 you get the skill, but on a roll of 1-3 you have to try for another skill.

Do not roll the die for:

Also, please note that if you tried for a skill you normally cannot get, and don't get it, you still can just take any skill from those normally available. Or, if you rolled 5+5 and did not get that important skill, you can boost the player's move. Should you fail to get any skill you have available (and you do not take skills like throw team mate if not big guy) forget which ones you already have tried: start rolling again.

Mutations: If you want to take a mutation for a skaven, beastman or chaos warrior, do not use normal d6 4+ system described above. Instead, name six preferred mutations, ordered, and roll which one did you get for your mutant. One mutation (and only one) can be selected twice.

Mutations, '7' rule: If the coach rolls '7' for skill roll for skaven, beastman or chaos warrior, he MUST take a random mutation for his mutant! The coach rolls twice from the complete mutation selection (15 different) and selects the preferred one. If a dublication is rolled, reroll.

Secret Weapons

Secret weapons can be taken by any lineman as a new skill. Teams are normally limited to only one secret weapon, and some teams cannot gain secret weapons. To get a secret weapon, you must only roll a double as star player roll, succeed to get the skill, pay for secret weapon and here you go! Note that there is some severe limitations to this.

Weapons available

Chainsaw 20,000 Dwarf, Chaos Dwarf, Chaos, Human, Undead, Goblin, Orc
Blunderbuss 10,000 Dwarf, Chaos Dwarf
Poisoned dagger - Dark Elf, Skaven
Bombs 20,000 Goblin, Dwarf, Chaos Dwarf
Pogo Stick - Goblin
Ball&Chain 20,000 Goblin
Deathroller 50,000 Dwarf, Chaos Dwarf


Secret Weapons and Skills

Following skills may not be used while attacking with secret weapon: Mighty Blow, Multiple Block, Diving Tackle, Piling On, dump-off(bombs), Frenzy, Razor Sharp Fangs, Claw.
Pro and passing skills may be used with secret weapons. In addition, if player fouls with a chainsaw, normal skills can be used on injury roll. Note that flying bomb is treated like a flying ball, but no SPPs are earned from a successful interception.