Blood Bowl New Teams

These a new Blood Bowl teams by Jervis. Some editing is done afterward. Complete rule modifications are noted.

Mixed Teams

These rules replace the Mixed race Teams from the Journal. All teams now have a list of allied races, as shown on the table below. A team can draw allied players from any allied race. Allied players can be selected from the appropriate team list, or be a star play of the appropriate race. The limits on the number of players allowed in a team must be divided by 4 (round up) when selecting allied players for a mixed race team. Only Linemen (or equivalent players - if the team consists of multiple races, lineman is basic player for each race), Big Guys and 'secret weapon' star players may be hired as allies. Star players simply count as an player of their race in specified position (use common sense).

Allied players are hired using the normal rules. However, if you take an allied player, each allied player reduced your fan factor immediately by 1 point to represent fans giving up on the team for hiring 'foreign' players. Fan factors lost in this way are gone for good, and can't be got back if the player latter leaves or is killed (although you can still gain fan factors after a match by rolling on the fan factor table). Exception to this rule are 'stunty' players. Because fans don't mind the little guys so much (they're kind of like team mascots), you can include up to 4 in the team before its fan factor will go down (i.e. each stunty player only counts a 1/4 when reducing fan factors). In addition, Big Guys do NOT cause a loss in fan factor, because most fans love to see such players on the field. Chaos teams do not lose fan factor for allies.

A team with a fan factor of 1 can try and hire allied players if the coach wants. Pay out the money for the player and then roll a D6: 1-3 = the player is intimidated by the hate mail he receives and runs off (with his hiring fee, the git!); 4-6 = the player sticks it out and remains with the team. In either case the teams fan factor remains at 1 point.


There is no denying that mixed race teams are simple not as efficient and well trained as other teams. To represent this the coach of mixed race team must roll 1D6 for each allied player in his team at the start of each half (and at the start of overtime if it occurs). This roll must be made for each allied player, there is no excpetions. Each dice that comes up with a '1' reduces the number or team re-rolls the coach has for that period by 1. If a team doesn't have enough team re-rolls to meet the loss, then the opposing team gains re-rolls equal to the shortfall. For example, a team with 4 allied players and only one re-roll manages to get three 1's at the start of a half. This reduces its re-rolls to none, and gives the opposing team an extra two re-rolls to use for the half! Note that this is especially cruel if you go into overtime, as you are unlikely to have any team re-rolls left to give up!

Original Jervis rules prohibit initial allies and limits star players, but are ignored in my version -Kalle


Team		Allies
Chaos Chaos Dwarf, Dark Elf, Goblin, Orc, Skaven, Minotaur, Ogre,Vampire Chaos Dwarf Chaos, Goblin, Orc Dark Elf Chaos, Minotaur, Vampire Dwarf Human, Ogre Goblin Chaos, Skaven, Ogre, Orc Halfling Human, Ogre, Treemen, Wood Elf High Elf Human, Wood Elf Human Dwarf, Halfling, High Elf, Wood Elf, Ogre Orc Chaos, Chaos Dwarf, Goblin, Ogre Skaven Chaos, Goblin Undead Chaos, Dark Elf, Minotaur, Vampire Vampire Chaos, Human Wood Elf Halfling, High Elf, Human, Treeman

Notes On The Allied Teams Table

Finally, please note that it is intentional that some races can be taken as allies by a race they can't ally with themselves. For example, Chaos Dwarf teams can include Goblin allies, but Goblin teams can't include Chaos Dwarfs (after all, can you imagine a proud Chaos Dwarf playing for a team of Goblins!)

Vampire Teams

Vampires are amongst the most feared of all the Undead creatures in the Old World. These terrifying creatures of the night are incredibly strong and fast, and have a supernatural ability to transfix a living opponent to the spot with a withering hypnotic stare.

Considering this it is strange that vampires have proved so singularly unsuccessful at the sport of Blood Bowl. It's true that they are not at their best during the hours of daylight, but they are still deadly opponents none the less. No, it is not the vampires lack of ability on the field that has led to their downfall, but their behaviour off it. The fact of the matter is that the main reason for the vampires failure is their woeful lack of control when confronted by a stadium full of what is (to a vampire at least) their absolute favourite thing to drink - a pint or two of a living creature's nice warm blood! What this means is that at any given time it is not uncommon for the bulk of the vampires in a team to be found in the stands, grabbing a quick bite as it were, rather than playing Blood Bowl on the field like they should be doing. This is, of course, excellent news for the team playing against the vampires, if slightly less good news for the rival teams fans...

None the less vampire teams do play Blood Bowl. All vampire teams are coached by a Vampire Lord, a rather more strong-willed and powerful member of the vampire race. Vampire Lords are exceptionally intelligent creatures who thirst for power over other races. This being the case exactly why they should want to coach a Blood Bowl team is by no means certain, especially as the team under their command rarely does very well, but none the less they do do so.

All of the other players in a vampire team are the Vampire Lord's creations: vampires or human thralls. The vampires were one living creatures, which were almost - but not quite - slain by the Vampire Lord and then brought back to life as lesser vampires under his command. Vampire teams generally also include a number of human thralls; weak-willed mortal creatures that are willing to serve the Vampire Lord in return for the promise of immortality at some time in the future.

Vampire Lords are player coaches, and actually take part in the game rather than simply yelling at the players (and referee) from the sidelines. Although the Vampire Lord represents you, they must still be bought for the team, as shown on the team list below. The team will keep on functioning normally even if the Vampire Lord is killed, it being assumed that the next in line of the vampires in the team (i.e. the one with the most spps) will take over. The vampire that takes over the team immediately loses the 'off for a bite' negative skill as soon as the old Vampire Lord dies, and it's entry on the roster should be changed straight away to show that it is the new Vampire Lord of the team. Note that since you can only have one Vampire Lord per vampire team, the only time you can ever purchase a Vampire Lord for a team is when it is first created! If for some reason there isn't a vampire to take over the team when the vampire lord dies, then the team will disband after the match.

Qty    Title          Cost MV ST AG AV  Skills
1 Vampire Lord 180K 6 5 4 9 Block,Dodge,Hypnotic Gaze,Regenerate 0-12 Vampires 110K 6 4 4 8 Hypnotic Gaze,Regenerate,Off For a Bite 0-12 Human Thralls 50K 6 3 3 8 -
Re-roll Counter: 50K

Other Special Rules: Although vampires and Vampire Lords are not considered to be big guys as such, they still earn star player points at half the normal rate (the Undead are such slow learners!), and they can use doubles to get rid of their negative 'off for a bite' skill. Vampires and Vampire Lords may take skills from the General, Agility and Strength catagories. Human thralls are treated as human Lineman for the purposes of gaining skills etc.

Big Guy Team List

The following team list is really an amalgam, with each line representing what would normally be team. However, in most leagues a coach simply isn't going to be able to field a team of Big Guys, because they are not going to be able to afford to buy 11 players and stick within budget! Therefore the Big Guys in the following list will nearly always be taken as allies for other teams, rather than fielded as a team in their own right.

League Commissioners who desire it should feel free to allow coaches to field Big Guy teams, but they'll need to bump up the starting budget of the team to allow this to happen. Single race Big Guy teams must be chosen from a single line on the list below (i.e. all Ogres, or all Treemen, etc.) and can't take any allied players themselves apart from Star Players of the same race. BTW, note that all Big Guys are limited to a maximum qty of 12., which means that you can't have more than a 12 man Big Guy squad.

Qty   Title        Cost MV ST AG AV  Skills
0-12 Minotaur 110K 5 5 2 8 Horns,MB,Thick Skull,Wild Animal,Always Hungry 0-12 Ogre 120K 5 5 2 9 Mighty Blow, Thick Skull, Bone-Head 0-12 Treeman 110K 2 6 1 10 MB,Stand Firm,Thick Skull,Take Root
Re-roll Counter: 70K (Note: Jervis forgot to put price to re-roll counters so this price set by me -Kalle) In addition, add the Bull Centaur shown below to the Chaos Dwarf team list, the Rat Ogre shown below to the Skaven team list and the Troll to the Goblin team list:
Qty   Title        Cost MV ST AG AV  Skills
0-2 Bull Centaur 130K 6 4 2 9 Sprint,Sure Feet,Thick Skull 0-2 Rat Ogre 130K 6 5 3 8 Mighty Blow,Prehensile Tail,Wild Animal 0-2 Troll 100K 4 5 1 9 Regenerate,MB,Really Stupid,Always Hungry


Most Big Guys are very slow learners and so must earn double the SPP's to gain a Star Player Roll. For example, a rookie Big Guy needs to earn 11 SPP's to become 'experienced' and gains his first roll.

All Big Guys are limited to taking Strength and General skills only.

In addition, Big Guys are not allowed to use doubles on star player rolls to pick skills from categories not normally allowed to them. Instead a Big Guy can use a double on a star player roll to do one of the following:

Note that strength and armour values still can't be improved by more than 2 points over their starting value, or to greater than 10 no matter what.

New Skills

Always Hungry


Really Stupid

Take Root (revised)

Wild Animal

Off For A Bite

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