ReBBLe is dead - if you are interested to play in our leagues, refer to more acute leagues!

How to Join ReBBLe?

To join ReBBLe, you MUST fill the registeration form, which is sent to Kalle Marjola, our league commissioner. Please fill this form even if you only plan to join, but have open questions.

In addition to that, you must enter your team into TeamTracker system before playing any games! Passwords to TeamTracker and match updates are given upon registeration.

Timelines and Free Games

Teams may join ReBBLe at any time, but official games (and these are only accepted games) are limited:

Teams belonging to ReBBLe must then register to the next tournament before deadline. The team does not have to play any (extra) free games before that, but it is recommended. So it is good idea to join league with before deadline to the next tournament is too close.

Teams for the next tournament

Send email to Kalle. Unless you are a new player, in which case fill up the registeration form, to gain passwords for www-system, allowing you to input your team into the TeamTracker. You must fill all mandatory fields, and it is recommended to fill all the other ones, too, so that other players may admire your team.

Team Building

Teams in ReBBLe are originally builded with standard rules from Bloodbowl and Deathzone with 1,000,000 gold coins with following modifications: In addition, depending on league organization, some extra boost may be given to new teams. Currently no extra boost is given. And please note that you cannot move a team from other league to ReBBLe, all teams must be started from scratch! So no already experienced players, no team rating different to 100.

What to buy?

Only following things can be bought with gold:

Rules and Stuff

If you are new to Bloodbowl, or haven't played 3rd edition, contact other players. Some of them are willing to teach you the new game before you even have to think about new team. See mail addresses from conference table or better, visit irc-channel. Or come to see ReBBLe games.

ReBBLe games are almost always played in Uusi ylioppilastalo, Mannerheimintie 5, on A-stairs, 3rd floor (clubroom of TKO-šly). There we have 2 game boards and figures for most teams (but most of them are mine so use them with respect or I take them away!). Keys can be borrowed from other players so that is not problem. So you do not need own game or figures. The clubroom is in active use, so remember to fill board reserving form.

In addition to game itself, all Bloodbowl and Deathzone rules are there also. You may read them there or maybe photocopy (I did not say that). In addition to these standard rules, players in ReBBLe must be aware of all house rules used, so please study them, too, if you start to play seriously.

WWW-Pages and Automatic Update Services

ReBBLe has very advanced automatic update services (maybe coolest in the BB-world ever), which use perl scripts with www-forms to handle team information, match registerations and data queries.

When a new team joins ReBBLe the coach must contact league commissioner Kalle and then register team into www-system. Use Teamtracker to input all basic data of your team - you may also input all player information etc. if you want, see below, but basic data is mandatory (email, team name etc.)

After each game, either player must register the played game to ReBBLe system with www-form available from main page. Please study that form, you had to know all that information!. In addition to that, each player is responsible to keep information about his or her own team updated in statistics by using update form.

If you enter some incorrect data, use either fix button in match lists or Teamtracker to correct it as soon as possible.

All current players in ReBBLe keep own www-page of their team, and it is encouraged thing to do. In addition, many teams do not even use old paper forms for team keeping, but just use www-pages and print them before games. I encourage you to use Teamtracker (designed by Viljo, our perl-guru) to make www-pages, but you are free to do it your own way, too.

Warning: Beware of the cache system used by your system. I recommend hitting the 'reload' button always something seems to be amiss.

Tips for New Teams

Some tips for new teams. Argueable at least, but may give some ideas.