ReBBLe Organization

ReBBLe is divided into Old and New World. Both worlds have same number of divisions, and each division has at least 3 teams partaking. The divisions may change between tournaments, and teams may even move from world to another. Each player may have only one team active in the current tournament, all other teams are limited to free games, see below.


ReBBLe tournament (or season) consists of maximum of 9 games per team. The first 6 matches are official tournament games to determine teams for play-offs. These matches are divided into 3 rounds of 2 matches each, and each team must play all matches in single round before it can play matches in next round.

All matches in each round must be played before certain date. Those not unable to do that must ask more time or matches are automatically marked as non-held.

The team scores 2 points from victory and 1 point from draw in each game. Most points scoring teams enter play-offs.

After all 3 rounds have been played (for a total of 6 games for each team), the official play-offs begin. Play-offs are played with 8 teams, and participating teams are selected with following rules:

In play-offs, each conference winner plays against a wildcard from other conference. However, new and old world are separeted from each other, so that they meet only in the finals. In addition, if all wildcards are from the same conference, the winner of that conference plays against the one with least points. Otherwise, the most successful teams play against teams with least points in first round. Wildcards are always referred to have less points than teams going to play-offs as conference winners.

Those teams that do not enter play-offs or drop from them get free matches, see below.

Any MISS NEXT GAME injuries are automatically healed at the start of the season.

Tournament Prices

Tournament Spike! ChallengeDungeonBowlChaos CupBloodBowl
Winner's Cash prize200 000150 000Varies350 000
Extra+d6 Fan Factor--Each player fielded in final gains MVP (not just winner's)
Modiefirs to each match-Free Team Wizard+1 Random event +20 000 money.
Second's cash prize100 000100 000Varies150 000

Best player (most SPPs) after Spike! challenge will enter Hall of Fame, giving +1 Fan factor to the team.

Note that the Free Team Wizard is in addition to any wizard you may already have. That is, you can get 2 wizards for the match.

Trophy reroll will be given to each tournament winner, and remains untille next year tournament final has been played. The reroll is usable once/match, and nothing can take it away, not master chef, bad habits or allies. You cannot use it when doom and gloom has been played, but it waits for the next half. TR of the team is increased by the cost of half reroll, round up.

Free Games

Each tournament in ReBBLe consists of maximum of 9 matches for each team. Of these matches, 6 first are normally round matches, and then possible play-offs. Those teams not partaking play-offs or dropping from them may play free games so that total of 9 games are played. Each free game must be against different opponent.

Non-held matches: If some match is not held for some reason, it is marked as such in results. This is very undesirable result, but sometimes there is nothing to be done about that. Coach of each team must explain reasons for that and non-held match may result as banning from the next tournament. In any case, one non-held match can be replaced with free game after official rounds. If team has more than one round match non-held, it is automatically banned from next tournament unless coach has very good explanation for that.

Dropping team: If some team completely leaves current tournament, the match chart is reorganized to reflect this, if possible. Otherwise its opponents gain automatic 0-2 victory from each non-held match. In any case, this team is quite certainly banned from the next tournament.

Teams Outside Current Tournament

Teams not partaking current tournament may play up to 3 extra free matches against other ReBBLe teams not partaking current tournament. In addition to these 3 extra free matches, normal 3 free games at the end of the tournament against any ReBBLe team are still available. These additional free matches must be played before 'normal' free games.

Extra newbie rule: Teams with less than 3 matches may play extra free matches to sum it up to 6 before playing 'normal' free games. Thus a fresh team may play 6 matches before actual 'normal' 3 free games, while team with 2 may play 4.

Please note that team cannot play 2 or more matches against a same team in free matches! Official tournament games are not counted on this limit.

IMPORTANT: Even if your match goes badly, your entire team is massacred or otherwise you want to get rid of it, no team is ever removed from the system after it has played any games! Instead, set it as 'hibernated' in TeamTracker.


In ReBBLe, weather rolls are modified as follows: No weather roll is made for play-offs during Dungeonbowl because they are held indoors.

Veterans and Star Players

Teams may not buy veterans or star players. All players must be trained personally. This of course do not apply to players bought from other team in ReBBLe.

Selling Players between Teams

A ReBBLe team may sell any player to a different ReBBLe team, providing the player is eligible to play in the buying team (see rules for allies).

The mimimum cost of the transfer is value of the player times 5,000 gold coins, round down to nearest 10,000. The selling team does not gain any lost Fan Factor of an ally and the buying team loses Fan Factor from bought player if appropriate as described in ally rules.

For example, a niggling dark elf lineman with 13 SPPs is sold. The mimimum cost is 40,000 gold coins, because the value of the dark elf is 7 -1 (niggling) +2 (SPPs) = 8.

Note: All player transfers must be announced on the public bulletin board! No transfer is allowed from team coached by certain player to other team coached by the same player.

NOTE: Coaching staff cannot be sold!

Limit to Cash and Player Transfers

To prevent unsportsmanlike money pumping near finals, cash and player transfers are stricly FORBIDDEN during third match round and during play-offs.

This prohibition applies to all teams from first third round match pre match sequence to last play-off match (or third round match if fails to enter play-offs) post match sequence.

For example, a team outside the season cannot buy player from team currently in play-offs.

Exception: Money transfers to opponent in the outgoing match is, however, allowed. So you can still sell your random play cards and bribe your opponent from using that bad habits on you.