ReBBLe Timetable

Current Tournament:

Blood Bowl '98

Entry deadline:
Round 1:
Round 2:
Round 3:
- 12.7
- 2.8
- 23.8

Next Tournament:

Spike! Challenge '98

Note: Quite probably never held

League News

All written by Kalle, league organisator, and refer to him unless noted otherwise
6.9.97 Homepage fixed to, only automatic system set to www.tko-aly.
22.9.97 Final rules announced
28.9.97 All scripts and queries preliminarily ready.
29.9.97 First ReBBLe tournament, Spike! Challenge 2497 starts.
1.10.97 All play-offs except Dungeonbowl moved outdoors
6.10.97 Two teams changed to new ones because players not contacted or not interested. No other modifications to Spike! program.
10.10.97 Clarified rule for prone players and third stat raise.
3.12.97 Wrote down the official rules for fumble in passing attempts.
15.12.97 Old Beards is the Spike! 2497 winner!
12.1.98 Dungeonbowl 2498 program released and the tournament begins! Number of extra free matches for teams outside the tournament increased.
13.1.98 rok and Underdark Avengers open the tournament
20.1.98 100 played ReBBLe matches! Singing Rain has the Spike! player of the year 2497, Hlalvalas
22.3.98 Blitzkriig is the Dungeonbowl 2498 winner! Singing Rain was beaten on the first overtime.
30.3.98 Chaos Cup '98 opens, with some rule modifications
9.4.98 200 played ReBBLe matches (with 688 touchdowns and 1161 casualties)!
4.6.98 Butcherbirds is the Chaos Cup 2498 winner after it beat World's Edge Plague Bringers
28.8.98 Black Crag Trashers is the Blood Bowl 2498 winner after it beat Grovedancers on overtime
31.8.98 Total 321 held ReBBLe matches, with 1141 touchdowns and 1994 casualties