Note: Many non-human creatures has a special attribute called toughness. This is a special extra note that represents the creatures general extra toughness against all kind of physical damage. They are simple not hurt so easily. Likewise, social attribute is not marked as most creatures do not simply socialize. If it is needed, the GM may determine suitable social skills for the creature.

Civilized Creatures

Interracial offsprings: while intercourse between humanoid races is in general possible, this rarely causes pregnancy, and even then miscarriage, stillborn or disfigured baby is common. Even if the baby is fine, it is then a crossbreed, most probably shunned by both sides and usually sterile.


As the one of the most aggressively expanding races, humans are much more brighter than orcs and do not live in past like high elves and dwarves do. As a result, human settlements have expanded into almost all corners of the world and the kingdom of Thee'tuon is the most powerful and largest civilized state in the Mainland.

An average human is about a 175 cm long and weights around 70 kg, women being a bit shorter and lighter. This varies mainly by the climate and sub-race, and northern humans are usually much bigger. An average hard.working human male has strength and health +1 for all the hard work he does.

Human Guard
Strength +1, health +1, melee-1, bow-1. Usually a chain or leather armor, spear and/or crossbow or bow and a short sword.

Human Character
As defined in the main system, no modifications (but note that most men have strength and health +1). However, in some regions, shunned (-1) might apply based on character gender and/or profession.

High Monks of the Mountains

In high mountains of Tanion there exist monastries of monks. These monks live in solitude adn seek for total inner peace and mind control. They rigorously train their body and mind to seek englightement, and can learn telepathic innate powers, which draw power from the tranquillity of the monk's mind and spirit. However, some practioners become corrupted by their superior powers and start to feed on negative emotions instead of own inner piece of mind.

In addition to be able to pick monk innate powers, these monks can have combat awereness, sub-class of normal awareness (half cost) which only applies in combat but can be trained beyond normal human maximum. With this awareness, they can do superhuman feats in combat.

Initiate of the High Monks (3 cp)
Monk training (can meditate regardless of surrounding noise, can sleep very lightly, and can take combat awareness and innate monk powers). Usually minimum +1 strength, health, agility, awareness and willpower.
Possible innate powers are: Levitate, Suggest and Mind Probe (Illusionism), Detect Life (Druidism), Hold and Spirit Projection (Shamanism), Telekinesis (see demonic powers), and:
Channel Force (power level 3)
The monk channels his inner power as devastating current to nearby targets. This can take form as a blast wave, electricity or invisible force. This power is mainly used by corrupted monks and even them in extreme situations.


Elves are once a proud race of long and slender humanoids with pointed ears, skinny body and long legs. Today, only rare high elves closely resemble these ancient elves, while most elves have fallen into barbaric savage elf cultures, living in the forests and hunting all creatures that come close.

A typical elf is almost a 2 meter long but weight only 60 kg. Hair and eye color varies, but lifecycle is very slow and lifespan is about 500 years. Agility, health and awareness are usually +1, but no elf can have strength +2. Most elves are good at stealth and with a bow, but all have light bones, and suffer from broken bones more frequently than humans do. However, their eyes adapt much better to darkness (night vision, half the penalty from darkness) and they have supernatural resistance against any diseases.

Elves reproduce very rarely; females are fertile only a few days each year and pregancy is long. If half-elves are ever born, those are usually cast away or killed outright, and those - if not sterile - can never have offsprings that are more elves than they were, even if the other parent is a purebred elf.

Savage elf warrior
Agility +1, health +1, awareness +1, elf physique (see below), warrior frenzy, melee-1, bow-1, stealth-2. Usually armed with long bow, spear, stone or bone axe, sword or mace.

Elf Character (2 cp)
Strength max +1, awareness max +3, elf physique (light bones, night vision, long lifespan, resist diseases (+3)).
Usually shunned (-1 or even -2) and cultural stranger, typically awareness +1, agility +1, stealth at least 1.


Dwarves are an ancient race of subterranean humanoids. Deep into the mountains of the Midland they once build their huge mines and dungeons. The legend tells that they dig too deep and disrubted the Sleeping Gods, and they cursed the race of dwarfes, and most of them became sterile. So started downfall of the ancient race, and nowadays most of the dungeons and mines are abandoned or conquered by orcs or other aggressive creatures.

Mining and metalwork is highly appreciated dwarf skill, and some master smiths can empower items with magical dwarved runes, creating echanted items.

A typical dwarf is about 1.2 meter long and weights something like 110 kg, males being a bit fatter. All dwarves have a beard, even women. Their lifecycle is slow, and some live almost 1000 years. All dwarves have good health, but have short legs and cannot run very fast nor have exceptional agility.

Dwarf Warrior
Health +2, willpower +1, Dwarf physique (see below), melee-2. Chain hauberk, metal helmet, reinforced shield and axe or hammer.

Dwarf Character (-2 cp)
Health max +3, agility max +1, Dwarf physique (slow run, short jumps, very long life span).
Usually shunned (-1 or even -2). Typical dwarves have strength +1, health +1 and willpower +1.

Runesmith (skill): the character can forge items with magical runes. The power and type of the rune defines what runesmith level is required for the task. The actual forging requires days of work and usually rare and expensive materials. Requires gifted attribute for more effective forging.


Orcs are large and aggressive race of strange humanoids. Their skin color is green and their body is very adaptative, surviving from extreme damage. Orcs live mainly to wage war, and this is the only reason they have not conquered the known world. Or maybe it is their stupidity, only a few are bright enough to invent anything new. Anyway, an orc warrior is a fearsome sight and opponent, and they usually move in groups.

An average orc stand almost 2 meter long while crouched. If they extend into full length, they are almost two and half a meter long, but they find this position uncomfortable. They have long arms like gorillas, and have broad faces and large pointed ears. They are usually dim-witted and slow to react, but have good strength and health. Their eyes adapt well to darkness and their healing is far superior to other races. Wounds close at amazing speed and they are very hard to poison.

Orc Warrior
Strength +2, health +1, willpower -1, Orc physique (slow-witted, fast healing, night vision, poison resistance (+3), limited speech generation). Leather or no armor, big sword or axe and a wooden shield.
Orc Boss
Strength +3, health +2, Orc physique, melee-1. Leather or metal armor, big sword or axe in both hands.

Giant Humanoids


Trolls are strange solitary humanoids of dark caves, barren wastelands and misty swamps. They are usually night dwellers, shunning bright light. They eat anything that comes in their path, but prefer fresh meat, especially that of a man or an elf. All trolls have a strange metabolism allowing unnaturally rapid healing and regeneration.
Rock Troll
Strength +5, health +3, willpower -2, awareness -1, scent +3, skin 2/4, toughness +2, very slow witted, fast regeneration, claws 0/3 or big implement.
A rock troll resembles an almost 3 meter pile of moving rock, as gray scales as hard as rock cover it, and its back is covered by moss. It moves very crouched, having head at lower than its back.

Swamp Troll
Strength +4, health +2, willpower -2, scent +2, skin 0/1, toughness +1, very slow witted, extra fast regeneration, melee-1, claws 0/3 or big implement.
A typical swamp troll stands about 2 and half meter long, with long skinny hands extending into the ground, broad shoulders, large nose and little round stomach. It has a rubbery skin and super fast regeneration, closing wounds in a few seconds, and rejoining limbs in less than ten seconds. If hacked to pieces, the pieces will keep on fighting and moving, and ultimately rejoin with main part, recreating the troll. This may take a few minutes, and does not always work. The only guarenteed way to kill a swamp troll is by burning the corpse, which creates toxic gases.


Giants are, as name suggest, gigantic humanoids. They are usually very stupid ones, eating everything in their path, and drunk very often. Some of them have only one eye (known as cyclops) while some may have two heads (known as ettins or simply two-headed giants), which constantly argue with each other.

Note: Although their melee combat is not very skilled, a normal fighter just can't simply attack and dodge their attacks, they are just that big that it is like a full-grown man against (an agile) baby...

Hill giant
Strength +10, awareness -1, willpower -2, toughness +4, skin 0/2, slow witted. Height about 10 meters.

Mythical Beasts

These mythical beasts are usually found only from fairy tales, but in some parts of the world they are as true as any 'natural' creature like a fox or a bear.


This small chicken-reptile is one of the most feared creatures in the known world, although it is only a meter tall at most. Its touch can petrificate any living creature it touches, so all creatures fear and avoid it. A direct skin contact is required, gloves are sufficient to save against it, and even if the cockatrice succeeds to peck its target, the victim might be unaffected - this time. If the transformation takes place, it is usually a slow one and it is told that a lizard eaten immediately will cancel the effect. However, if the skin contact is a very long one, the petrification is almost instantenous.
Strength -1, agility +1, animal intelligence, wings, peak 0/1, petrificates, melee 1


Dragons, reptiles with wings, come in so many shapes and powers, that only imagination of the those who tell the tale limit their appearance. They come from as small as half a meter long to as huge as 50 meter long. Most of them breath fire, but some breath freezing cold, corrosive acid or poisonous vapors (which is not tied to scale color of the dragon). Most of them are intelligent and can speak, but some are dumb as animals. Yet exceptional ones can learn spells and practise ancient magics.
Small Dragon
Strength +4, agility +1, health +2, willpower +1, social +1, toughness +1, wings, scale 1/3, claws 1/3, fangs 2/5, breath weapon, melee-1, con-1.
This almost 10 meter dragon has winspan of about 10 meters. It may breath now and then a cone of flames, which resembles a flame thrower or similar weapon, although no burning media is projected.


Undead are creatures with dead body animated by some spirit, or restless spirits trapped between the normal and the spirit world.

In case of corporal undead, the spirit of undead is in co-existant state, and if banished from the body, usually cannot or does not want to return. The body itself is often old and dry and suspectible to flames; on the other hand, cold not not harm undead, they are usually immune to any mind-affecting effects and never get tired nor feel any pain.

The undead usually only sees the spirit world, with normal world things as shadows as described in the spirit world description.


Zombie is an animated corpse, created by some necromancer. A simple and weak spirit controls it and can be anything from a simple automaton to speech-capable monster with low cunning. Most zombies must be hacked to pieces before they stop moving, but some stop when their head is severed. Neverthless, they ignore all pain and can work without limbs.

Skeleton is a zombie with less meat but usually more potent magic. They are usually fast and skilled in combat, but are neverthless mindless animatons, made only to serve their master.

Animated Human Zombie
Strength +2, agility -1, awareness -1, ignores wounds, mindless, does not tire.

Human Skeleton
Strength +2, melee-1, ignores wounds, mindless, does not tire.


Wight is a powerful spirit of the fallen, which has reinhabitated its body (or other dead corpse). It can often speak and is fast and can easily memorize things and learn new ones. If banished from the body, it usually immediately reinhabits it if it is still in pieces.
Wight Warrior
Strength +2, agility +1, awareness +1, ignores wounds, does not tire, melee-2, bow-1


Lich is similar to the wight, but the spirit is completely voluntary in the corpse. More precisely, it has never left it, the body has just died a natural death and the magic keeps it alive after that. Only powerful necromancers and other practioners of foul magic ever become liches, using rituals taking years to finish.

Liches, in addition for being master or even better magicians, usually also have powerful innate powers, like a touch of extreme coldness and ability to teleport. Most can also see the normal world. No lich have health attribute, they never tire and ignore wounds.


This rare undead creature lives by the blood of living creatures. Powers of vampires vary from vampire to vampire, as they are similar to liches that living creatures have only changed to this undead state. However, they body is usually much more preserved and kept in good shape via drank blood, and thus they appear as normal person, along with normal eyesight. Some vampires have powerful magical skills or innate powers, but many of them just live in the severs of the cities and drink what they succeed to catch. It is said that those who drink the blood of vampire become one. Some of vampires have hypnotic eyes, some are vulnerable to sunshine, and some can shapeshift.
City Vampire
Strength +3, health +3, agility +2, awareness +2, willpower +2, social +1, melee-2, stealth-2

Trapped Spirits

Trapped spirits are those spirits that are bound between the normal world and the spirit world, forever lingering in co-existant spirit state without able to wander deeper into spirit realm. A creature killed in dramatic situations or by foul magic has higher changes to transform into a trapped spirit. Sometimes trapped spirits are called dead spirits or spirits of the dead.

Most trapped spirits have an insubstantial physical manifestation that cannot be harmed by normal physical ways, but instead fought like spirits. Normal physical weapons are useless against them. Some of them can turn invisible, and some can possess the living like some free spirits, temporally losing their manifested form.

All trapped spirits have willpower from -1 to as high as +4, depending on spirit's power and size. Those capable of speech speak in tongues known by their former selfs, if any.

A banshee, usually also known simply as a ghost, is a simple spirit trapped between the worlds. It usually appears similar to original creature, but transparent, but can also turn invisible and sometimes detach to the spirit world but not wander further into the sprit realms. It can usually walk through walls, but has no other special powers. However, some of them can possess the living, at least briefly.

Spectre is a very powerful spirit entity, with combined powers of several spirits of the dead, even hundreds. It usually appears as ghostly mainfestation of screaming faces, being able to become invisible to normal sight and to possess inanimate objects, sometimes also living. The possession can sometimes be done to multiple targets and main spirit still stay separated.

Wraith is often referred as an evil spirit of darkness beyond, and it has many things common to demons. It appears as a column of dark smoke with red glowing eyes, but can change shape to slide through gaps. It cannot, however, move through solid objects nor turn invisible, not is it capable of communication, acting more like a force of evil. It can drain life force from all living things it encounters, and if it traps a weak spirit (like a spirit from a just dead creature), it might succeed to turn it into a new wraith.

Free Spirits

Free spirits are those which usually roam in the spirit world, often unable to manifest into the normal world without outside help. They might be drawn to certain events and can be called or summoned with suitable rituals.

These free spirits usually need to follow odd rules of magical beings, and if a person knows the exact spirit - the better if knows it true name - and has sufficient knowledge and possible ingredients, can inscript wards to prevent that spirit from crossing or entering. These usually last until physically broken.


Demons are evil spirits usually trapped into the deep spirit realm usually known as Abyss. Only the most evil and foul spirits breed there, and they consume souls to gain more power. All demons can speak in all tongues, whatever they say is understandable by all intelligent creatures that hear it.

Many demons have innate demonic powers, varying from demon to demon with any powers. Basically almost any invocation from Primal, Sorcery, Illusionism, Shamanism or Necromancy exists as innate power for some demon, and they also have some typical demonic powers of their own:

Gate (power level 1+)
The demon "gates in" another specified demon, usually its lackey or slave. The power level needed is based on target demon's power and size - 1 for small demons, 2 for big ones, 3 for demon lords.
Telekinesis (power level 1+)
The demon can remotely close doors, move chairs or do other poltergeist activities. Manipulating larger or living objects require more power, finer manipulation is harder, and concentration is required to keep on moving or hovering the object.
Teleport (power level 2)
The demon can instantly teleport from one place to another within 50 meters. The demon is transfered into pure power which flies to target location and reappears there. Possible visible and audible effects depend on demon, and teleporation is impossible through anti-magic barriers or wards affecting this demon.
A demon usually has a horrific form, and when it materializes to co-existant state when summoned, it is usually subject to all normal physical damage, and if mortally wounded, it is either banished back to Abyss or eternally destroyed, depending on demon's powers. If it is banished back to the spirit world, it is immediately sucked back to the Abyss, but some demons can willingly enter the spirit world and wander there as any free spirit.

All the following define demon manifestations, and names are not common known, only some descriptive ones. If demons are met in the spirit world, they either resemble their physical manifestations or large dark shadows, possible with gleaming eyes.

Strength +1, agility +1, health +1, skin 0/1, melee-1, claws 0/1.
These small demons resemble humans but with long pointed teeth, leathery skin, glowing red or yellow eyes, pointed tail and possibly small horns. They are one of the most least and common demons seen. Some of them might know magic.

Bull Demon
Strength +4, health +2, skin 1/4, toughness +2, melee-1, claws 0/4.
This horrible manifestation is similar to gigantic hairless gorilla with dark black skin and long fangs. It stands about 2 and half a meter long.

Claw Fiend
Strength +3, health +2, skin 0/2, toughness +2, melee-2, claws 0/3.
A red demon with four arms, each with long claws.

Pit Horror
Strength +4, health +3, awareness +1, willpower +2, skin 1/2, toughness +2, melee-2, claws 0/3, tail, wings, demonic powers-2 (pyrokinesis, telekinesis, gate).
This almost 3 meter tall dark gray or brown demon has huge bat wings and a long tail. It has powerful innate demonic powers and is a formidable fighter, usually wearing a dark enchanted demon sword and a whip.

Evil Spirit Demon
Willpower +2, demonic powers-2 (telekinesis)
This demon does not usually materialize - if forced to, it becomes some gruesome horror (define suitable values). It stalks in the fringes of parallel spirit world and when agitated, rushes as strong felt presence which can make lamps flicker, flowers die, mirrors break and cause various telekinetic effects, and then possesses the final target, usually some creature. This target can sometimes called as deadite, and at that form, has increased strength, ignores wounds and can sometimes levitate, teleport or have telekinetic powers. The target usually has gruesome appearance or at least empty eyes. The motivation to possess and action thereafter depend on demon and its targets - some are just irritated for being disturbed, some protect some areas, while some try to open further gates to Abyss.

Other Spirits

Many other spirits wander the spirit world. Most are harmless and ignore any travellers, like weaker spirits often bind by shamans. On stronger spirits, there exist benevolent strong spirits often called as angels, strong nature spirits and various random spirits of varying powers. Most stronger spirits have varying innate powers and can turn a living creature to an avatar.

One known type are benevolent spirits which have or grant to their avatar divine powers. Typical spell-like powers come from almost any magic path, except foul effects from Necromancery and most druidic powers.

Other known is various strong spirits of the nature which have or grant nature powers, which are typically close to Druidic path powers, but also elemental part of Sorcery.

This strange spirit is a semi-physical manifestation of the elemental force, and is made of fire, earth, water or air. Like trapped spirit, it is forced to co-exist between worlds. It is usually created by powerful sorcery. The elemental has innate powers typical to its type, and usually cannot be harmed by normal physical means.

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