Introduction to RIP Fantasy

RIP Fantasy is the 5th edition of my more-realistic fantasy systems. Although mindless killing and hack'n'slash systems have their special place in my heart, this is not a system for them, so I have made hdd3, edd and other game systems. No, RIP Fantasy is my fantasy setting with attitude, atmosphere and great stories, where exact roleplaying system can be thrown away and concentrate on story. It is not meant for those who think that GM cannot be fair without exact rule. No, as Syndicate, RIP Fantasy requires that players trust their GM and value smooth playing over complete fairness (with cost of lost realism in many roleplaying systems)

Some just wonder, why I keep doing these new versions? Well, at last I think I have game system simple enough. I have removed all pre-set rolls and tables, all what is ledt are guidelines. And I like it. And I like my world - I do not mean Tanion, but the atmosphere generated by the spirit world and magics I have written here. Now all what is left is adventuring in this new world, see if it works...

2018 Updates

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