Welcome to the year 2003. We live in a parallel world to that of your own, and it is a much darker place. Shadows are more darker, buildings rise to skies as some stalking monsters and people is more paranoid and grim.

And in the dark alley something moves. The predators of the night, vampires, werewolves and other supernatural creatures stalk the human population and each other and expand their grip over the human population.

But now it is time to strike back. The unofficial and secret goverment organization, simply nicknamed 'bughunters' by associates, has started a war against all unnatural creatures with one simple goal: Total extermination.

Author's note (27.8.2001): this sketch was written before there was a commercial game Hunter which is set to World of Darkness, and this sketch has nothing to do with it. If I ever have time to continue this project, I might propably change the name to avoid confusion.

RIP System



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