Sample Characters

Sample characters made with standard 20 cp. Please report all typos. Any skills are at skilled (1) level unless noted otherwise. Descriptions miss any extra personality or appearance notes. Free skills and attributes and skills gained from augmentations are marked in parentheses, to show that no CPs are paid for them in that box.

Frans Sullivan - an intrusion specialist
AttributesSkills Background and Equipment
Health: Good (+1)
Awareness: Good (+1)
Willpower: Good (+1)
Social: Good (+1)

Addiction, ecstacy drug

Professional pride
Strong British accent
Electronics, expert
Etiquette (high-class, corporate, black market), expert
Athletics (climbing, swift moves)
Gun (pistols, machine pistols)

Royal families
Tastes of rich
Dexterity, expert
Stealth (indoor)
Drive, Car
Drive, VTOL
Language, Corporate China
Language, France
Language, Spanish
(Language, English, native)
net contacts (experts, black marketing)

Auto Lockpicks
100 standard 10mmS ammo
Covert Clothing
Wigs, masks, makeup etc.
cp 4x1-1-2x0.25 = 2.5 cp 2x3+4x1+1.5+8x0.5 = 15.5 cp 2
Frans is an expert in a field of intrusion, especially to homes of the rich or various low-security stores. He knows most eletronic secutiry systems and how to bypass them, but can also deal with mechanical ones or get stuff out of pockets. He is also very skilled at disguising himself and can handle most situations simply by talking. But if there is need, he does not hesitate in using firearms - they just usually mean more problems and noise.

Quote: Yeah, I can get there, if the price is right or I otherwise find myself in an advantegous position after the trip.


Johann Schwarz - a cleaner
AttributesSkills BackgroundEquipment
Strength: (Superb +2/3)
Health: (Superb +2)
Agility: Average (+0)
  Quickness: (Superb +2)
Awareness: Average (+0)
  Visual Awareness: (Superb +2)
Willpower: Good (+1)
Social: Poor (-1)


Always wears trenchcoats
Soccer enhuasism
Combat, master
Gun (most), expert
Melee (krav maga)
Drive, Cars
Drive, Helicopters
(Language, German, native)
(Language, English)

Gun manifacturer knowledge
Military knowledge
Soccer knowledge
superior items

augmentations (1st gen), obvious
synthetic muscles
augmented blood system
boosted reflexes
subdermal armor (+1)
regeneration system
secondary arteries
upper body muscle implant
muscle charger: arms
steel knuckles
vision augs: light filter, LI, enhanced retina, display
SecTek Piranha-1L
500 explosive 10mmS ammo
500 AP 10mmS ammo
SecTek Storm-3
600 standard 5.5mmR ammo
200 AP 5.5mmR ammo
20 high explosive 30 mm grenade

Rigid Armor trenchcoat
Old car
cp 1-1-2x1-2x0.25 = -2.5 cp 6+3+1+4x0.5 = 12 cp 0.5+1-2+2+2+1+2+1+4x0.5+4x0.25 = 10.5 -
As a young German, Johann made an agreement of installation and testing of latest human enhancement technologies. For years his body was surgically and genetically altered, resulting in a huge muscular man with little education or social skills, used by the military in various operations, but mainly back in the barracks. But then the project and contract was ended and Johann was sent in his way, with phone number to call in a case of acute problems and clinic to go for a medical routine check twice a year. It has been some years and augmented parts rarely give any problems (hey, they are German quality, after all) and Johann has wandered in various mercenary and bodyguard jobs where appearance and social skills do not much.

Quote: The deal iz zimple: You pay, I clean.


Helene Åberg - a sniper
AttributesSkills BackgroundEquipment
Health: Good (+1)
Agility: Superb (+2)
Awareness: Good (+1)
Willpower: Good (+1)
Social: Good (+1)

Proudness of hair
Dislikes tall men
Always wears Police sunglasses
Hates any formal wear
Gun (sniper rifle), expert
Athletics (swimming, climbing)
Electronics (surveillance)
Melee (knives)
Drive, Bike, expert
Throw (knives)
Language, English, fluent
(Language, German)
(Language, Norwegian, native)
net contacts (hitmen)
net contacts (generic)
superior items (weapons and bike)
superior items (electronics and armor)
FA NWM-2 with PGS
100 standard 9.5mmR ammo
50 sabot 9.5mmR ammo
Beretta Model 115M
200 standard 7mmS ammo
2 mini Flash grenades
Combat knife

Street bike
Covert clothing
Ultrafiber Vest
Motion detectors (3)
Rifle Microphone (2000e)
Visor (with display, light filter, LI, magnification, balance system)
Yak headset
cp 3+4x1-4x0.25 = 6 cp 3+5x1+1.5+0.5+1 = 11 cp 2x1+2x0.5 = 3 -
A former sniper from military school, Helene now works as a professional hired hitwoman, assassin or simple sniper for those who pay enough. She is in excellent physical condition and can handle herself even if pressed to close quarter. She is expert in her field and packs high price electronics and personal systems to match any well equipped advisories.

Quote: Hm, 500 meters you say? No problem, but I want some backup systems in a case someone blows up.

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