RIP is a simple 'storytelling' system designed for all those who want to simple and fast games without rulebooks. The system is mainly for character creation, ideas and as equipment list, as all judgments must be done by the gamamaster.


It all started back '93 when I released first version of Syndicate - roleplaying the dark future. That first version had accurate rules for damage, hit locations and skill tests. But no combat system. It was used for several years, and people did not complain about it. At the same time, I started to generate my fantasy system, for various gaming projects. The idea was same: simple, fast, realistic, but allowing high-level characters. It had much more detailed system, but the general principle was, after all, same.

During '96, I made the second version of the Syndicate, the Dark Era. This time, I finally removed all mentions to absolute dice. But the game was still the same, fast and simple, and none complained.

This time, I removed last tables. And the RIP Fantasy was now so close to Syndicate (the latest version, 3rd edition, was now called Syndicate fantasy supplement) that I finally separated the basic system from the Syndicate, named it simply 'RIP System' and then started to do expansions to it. Syndicate is the old plain Syndicate, with little cosmetic modifications, but it is still there. RIP Fantasy is much more edited game.

Back in 3rd edition RIP (fantasy), there was still combat rounds etc. No more. You do not need them. Amber works perfectly without such, why would we need? The main idea is anyway the story, the action, relations of the characters.

RIP System

The name 'system' is a bit confusing,because this game is here only as a reference to create some levels and 'handles' for characters and creatures of the game world. Actual game system is inside the gamemaster's head.

So what is the idea of all this? Well, these rules are a way to generate comparable things. You do not need rules, but it is good to know, if someone is stronger than you if you wrestle. And that's why there is all these character creation rules. And not all players or gamemasters have enough imagination to think about all possible equipment, skills and ideas.

Of course you can always use any other game system, just dump its system and play it as you wish. So do it. These pages are mainly for my campaigns, but are presented here so that other people may use them if they want to. I do not press them to anyone (except my players). They are simply a fast and simple way to generate comparable things.

Making Decisions

In RIP, all decisions about the outcome of any conflict must be made by the gamemaster. He may use some dice to help this, but does as he wishes to. In any case, as player, you must trust your gamemaster. Diceless (or systemless) game does not if players start to argue about every thing. And as a gamemaster, you must try to be fair and consistent. If in doubt, try to imagine the situation in real world, movie or book. Or ask.


As for simplicity, all referenses to players, player characters or gamemaster are made with 'he'. The reader may substitute 'she' as needed to.

All commercial game systems referenced here are (c) by appropriate parties. Use of these names are not meant to offend such a status, and are used simply for convenience.

RIP system and all its expansions are (c) Kalle Marjola, 1993 and onward. No whole or part of these pages can be used in any commercial product, and permission is granted to download for personal use only.

Syndicate V: The Corporate Future (c) Kalle Marjola 2001-2002. See generic rpr game license