Extra Rules

Here is some extra rules, do not take them too seriously...

"Pinball" Rules

These rules are made to give the game a bit more 'bigger' feel for those who need big numbers for big things. The basic idea is to talk and use big numbers but the basic system stays the same. In a nutshell:

Example: A normal attack does 1000 points of damage, while a big fireball might do over 10000 points of damage! Likewise, characters may have over 10000 health levels!

Althought the numbers change the game works as earlier, just with bigger numbers. You can also extend to magic points and also multiply armor values and attack rolls.

Example: 'I cast a lightning bolt with 12000 magic points, doing 12000 points of lightning damage!'

Example: A common dwarf has armor of 3000 while balrog has armor with value 5000!

And finally, you can also multiply saving modifiers. But remember that the actual number of dice is not changed, so if the final result is like +2000, that means 2 extra dice.

Example: 'The creature hits - it's sting was poisoned! Save at -4000!' 'Darn, I have only +3000 at saves...'

For understandable reasons, attacks, enchantment durations, area effects or targets affected etc. should not be multiplied. It is essential to understand that nothing changes in the game, except the way to talk about them.

And for really epic and pinball feelings, multiply by one million, not by thousand!

Extra Character Powers

Add following new powers for characters with higher levels:

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