Bestiary - Lords

This bestiary includes unique and rare powerful or just plain special creatures encountered very rarely. They are mainly moved to this bestiary to give some extra surprises to players. You may need to refer to power reference to find referenced powers.

Creature BasicsAttacksAttributes Powers
Beholder HD: 10-16
move: (3)
Armor: 4 (4)
bite (1) +2 saves, mental x2, perceptive x3, fly Anti-magic ray, Eye-Stalks
1.5 meter diameter floating ball with central eye and eyestalks. Central eye casts an anti-magic ray - no new magic effects can be created within 50 meters front of the beholder. This includes spells, wands, staffs, scrolls and activating continuous magic. Miracles are not affected, nor existing enhancements.

Eye-stalk powers: Charm Monster, Suggest, Sleep, Telekinesis (300), Petrificate, Disintegrate, Cause Fear, Slow, Cause Wound (count as magic), Finger of Death. All are silent and can be used each turn, but limited to 1-4 for one direction.

Hydrodaemon HD: 16
move: 14
Armor: 4 (3)
2 or 4x claws (1), bite (1 +life drain 4) +3 saves, unholy, non-breathing, night vision, mythical (magic), immune to mind, poison, aging, disease, resistant to acid, cold, fire, magic Detect Invisible (a/s), Invisiblity (a/s), Telepathy (a/s), Dimension Door (s), Darkness (a/s), Water Walking (s), Daemon Gate (1)
These frog-alike 3 meter daemon creatures mainly live in river Styx. In combat, they may once per 5 turns make a great leap, raking with all 4 claws. Water walking allows hydrodaemon to float on water. A daemon gate is identical to demon gate, but brings another hydrodaemon.
Nycadaemon HD: 20
move: 10
Armor: 5 (4)
4x claws (3) or 2x by weapon +3 saves, mental x2, strong x4, unholy, night vision, see invisible, wings, telepathy, mythical (magic), immune to mind, paralyzation, poison, aging, disease, resistant to acid, cold, fire, magic Invisiblity (a), Enlarge (up to 4x, a), Shapeshift (a), Cause Fear (a), Dimension Door, Dispel Magic, Suggest, Mirror Image (4, 2/day), Reverse Gravity (2/day), Spirit Form (1/day)
This 2.5 meter broad daemon is a very feared and powerful opponent, able to communicate telepathically with intelligent creatures.
Shadow Demon HD: 8
move: 12
Armor: 5 (3)
3x slash (2) +1 saves, immune to fire, cold, lightning, resistant to mind, polymorph, physical (in darkness) Almost invisible, armor 6 against those not seeing invisible, regenerate 1 health/turn
A leaping shadow, not a demon, actually. Vulnerable to physical in daylight, armor 3 (3)
Tarrasque HD: 80
move: 8
Armor: 5 (5)
2x bite (8), 6x slash (4), tail (4 +stun) or trample (3d6) +10 saves, terror, strong x5, mythical (magic), immune to fire, mind, poison, disease, resistant to aging, death Reflect all bolts, Regenerate 1 health at 4+ per turn
A huge reptile horror. Reflected bolts hit the caster on a d6 roll 4+ (unless extra precaution made). Can rush once a while with great speed. Tail stun save is at -4.

General attributes: night vision, unholy, non-living.

Skeletal undead are immune to cold, lightning and piercing, and resistant to polymorph.

Incorporeal undead are immune to cold, mind, piercing and polymorph, resistant to physical. They see invisible and feed on death.


More powerful undead creatures.

Creature BasicsAttacksAttributes Powers
Death Knight HD: 14
move: 10
Armor: 4 (2)
3x weapon (2) +2 saves, scaring, strong, immune to turning, mind, resistant to cold, lightning, piercing, magic Detect Magic (a/s), Detct Invisible (a/s), Wall of Ice (a/s), Dispel Magic (a/s, 2/day), Power Word, any (a/s, 1/day), Symbol: Pain or Despair (a/s, 1/day), Fireball (power 14, 1/day), Demon Gate (2, 2/day), Reflect Spells
Horrific undead creature. Any spell magic resisted is reflected back at caster on a d6 roll 5+. The demon gate works as the same demonic attribute, and if successful, brings one type I-VI demon.
Demilich HD: 10
mv: -
Armor: 5 (5)
see below (ghost manifestation touch, aging 2 + 1 per 10 energy levels) +4 saves, immune to almost everything (see below) Manifestation, Howl, Soul Drain, Curse
Remains of the master lich long gone. When the remains are first encountered, the dust will rise up as a ghost. However, this ghost is completely immune to any damage or effects, building up energy levels for each potential damage inflicted on it or spell cast, with energy equal to power of the spell. These energy levels increase the damage caused by the touch of the ghost manifestation, and are lost at the rate of one level per day if left undisrubted.

If the skull of the demilich is touched, it will rise into air. During its next action, it will howl, forcing all creatures within 10 meters to save vs. death at -1 or become permanenly slain and forever gone. In next round, the demilich will suck the soul of the most powerful creature within 10 meter to one of its teeth gem. This can be avoided only with some kind of magical resistance. It will then descend, satiated. It can suck up to 5-8 souls, and after they are full or no creatures can anymore be affected, it will start to curse. There is no save against this curse, and its effects surpass any normal curse, with typical curses being: Never succeed in saving throw, opponents always hit in combat, always loses all treasures gained. This curse can only be removed with Bless, no typical Remove Curse affects it.

The skull of the demilich can only be affected or destroyed with following ways: Holy blade or similar weapon does 1 point of damage to it. Any other physical attack does one point of damage of a d6 roll of 6, regardless of actaul damage done. Forget spell will cause it to sink without howling, sucking a soul or cursing. Banish (or Banish Evil) will deal 1 point of damage to it, as will Holy water thrown at it. Disintegration and Negate Magic each does 2 points of damage.

If the skull is destroyed, all trapped souls must save at -1. Those failing are forever gone, but other souls can be salvaged by crushing the gem with suitable body within a few meters. Unless the reminas of the skull are sprinkled with holy water, the creature will reform over 1-10 days.

Ghost HD: 12
move: 8
Armor: 3 (3)
touch (aging 8, 2 dice to-hit) +3 saves, scaring, incorporeal, ethereal, immune to lightning, fire, see invisible Possess (1/hour, target must be within 5 meters and fail save at -2), Spirit Form (a/s)
An apparition of an evil dead person. When first seen, causes 4 points of aging damage unless save vs. fear at -4 succeeds. Possessed creature is controlled b ythe ghost unless banished with Banish. Any creature killed by a ghost is forever gone.
Lich HD: 15
move: 10
Armor: 4 (3)
2x weapon (1) or touch (see below, 2 dice to-hit) +3 saves, mental, skeletal, resistant to turning, see invisible, magic level 20 (40 MP) Dimension door (s), Detect Magic, Death Touch
Terrific undead magician. The touch is either cold (d6 1-4) causing 3 damage and paralyzation unless save vs. cold at -2 succeeds, or (5-6) disintegration 2 points.
Lich, Master HD: 25
move: 10
Armor: 5 (3)
4x weapon (2) or touch (see below, 3 dice to-hit) +6 saves, mental x2, strong, skeletal, resistant to turning, see invisible, magic level 30 (60 MP) Dimension door (s), Detect Magic, Death Touch
Terrific great undead magician. Touch as with lich, but causes either 6 cold damage with -4 to save, or 4 disintegration.
Mummy HD: 8
move: 6
Armor: 3 (3)
fist (1+disease) +1 saves, scary, mindless, strong, mythical (magic), immune to cold, paralyzation, piercing, resistant to blows, see invisible -
A horrific wrapped creature. Any hit causes rotting disease (unless somehow resisted) which is fatal in 1-6 months and prevents all magical or non-magical healing of health levels.
Skeletal Warrior HD: 8
move: 12
Armor: 4 (2)
3x big weapon (2) +2 saves, strong, mindless, skeletal, immune to petrification, turning, magic, see invisible -
Very rare fast undead creature.
Son of Kyuss HD: 5
move: 8
Armor: 2 (2)
claws (1+worms) +1 saves, strong, mindless, immune to piercing, resistant to cold, lightning, see invisible regenerate 1 health level/turn
A rotting zombie, with multiple worms crawling in eye sockets and other places. Any target hit is infected with worms on a d6 roll 4-6, which burrow deep into body and toward brains, and cause d6 physical damage each turn. Worms are killed with any disease curing spell or by 2 fire damage to subject. For each infection after the first, add +1 for damage.
Wraith, Giant Horror HD: 20
move: 8
Armor: 3 (3)
3x swallow (or touch life drain 2) +3 saves, incorporeal, resistant to fire, fly Aura of Fear (always on), regenerate 1 health/turn
A huge dark misty cloud of glowing red eyes. Any target hit is swallowed, and is damaged for 2 cold and 4 life drain each turn until dead. The creature is attacked as from outside, normal swallowing rules to act apply.

General attributes: night vision, see invisible, unholy, mystical (magic, iron), immune to fear, resistant to aging, cold, death, disease, fire, lightning, magic, mind and poison

Prince powers: Cause Fear (s), Charm Monster (s), Darkness (a/s), Demon Gate (varies), Detect Magic (a/s), Dimension Door (s), Dispel Magic (a/s), Enlarge (s), ESP (s), Fly (s), Invisiblity (s), Mirror Image (a/s), Portal, Restore, Shapeshift (s), Suggest (s), Telekinesis (varies), Teleport (s). All are used at power 20 unless noted otherwise.

Up to 4 times per day (no limit on home plane): Anti-magic Aura (a/s), Disenchant (a/s), Polymorph.

Up to 2 times per day (4 times in home plane): Death Spell, Grant a Wish, Negate Magic, Planar Gate, Regenerate (s), Resurrection.


Rulers of the Abyss planes, these mighty demons are classified as lesser deities on their own plane, where they also have following special powers/attributes:

  • Prince and all its items are immune to magic, unless prince wants them to be affected.
  • In own domain, the prince may cause up to 20 spells of up to 80 spell levels to work in different fashion.
  • At home layer, the prince has double health levels
Prince BasicsAttacksAttributes Powers
Baphomet, Demon Lord of Minotaurs HD: 30
move: 20
Armor: 5 (3)
5x weapon (4), bite (2) +5 saves, strong x3, mental, perceptive, magic level 15 (30 MP) Bellow (a), Breathe Unholy Water, Maze (a/s, 3/day), Passwall (s), Telekinesis (2000, s), Wall of Stone (3/day), Demon Gate (3, 1/day)
About 4 meter long lord of the minotaurs. Bellow forces all creatures within 20 meters to save vs. (mind) fear at -3 or become scared. Unholy Water is a cloud with 5m diameter, causing 8 damage to all blessed creatures and creatures from Heaven or similar places. Wall of Stone is identical to Wall of Force but is opaque, and Demon Gate conjures one glabrezu.
Demogorgon, Prince of Demons HD: 45
move: 12
Armor: 5 (4)
4x tentacles (3 +disease +stun), 2x tail (2 +life drain 8) +8 saves, strong x4, mental x2, scaring, immune to poison, disease, magic level 20 (40 MP) Charm Monster (s/gaze, at -2), Steal Mind (s/gaze, at -1), Wall of Ice (a), Telekinesis (500, a/s instead of gaze), Power Word, Stun (1/day, a), Demon Gate (3)
5 meter tall reptile with two monkey heads, long tentacle arms and a forked tail. One head can charm and one brings insanity, and either (or both) may use telekinesis instead of normal gaze power. A hit from tentacles stuns the target unless saves vs. disease stun at -2 and causes a rotting disease, inflicting 4 disease damage each turn (end of action) until the disease is removed. This disease is not cumulative. Demon Gate conjures a type I-VI demon, with half chance for marilith or balrog.
Juiblex, The Faceless Lord HD: 20
move: 3
Armor: 4 (3)
(both 3 dice to-hit): touch (acid 4 +disease +swallow) or spit (see below) +4 saves, strong x2, mental x2, immune to disease, poison, acid, polymorph, resistant to physical, magic level 20 (40 MP) Circle of Cold (a/s), Unholy Word (1/day), Telekinesis (700, a/s), Demon Gate (2)
Loathsome 3+ meter apparition. Touch contracts a rotting disease which causes 4 disease damage each turn (end of action) until cured and can swallow the target (unless a big target), causing same damage each turn until victim escapes. Spit (can be done once per minute) shoots Ochre Jelly combined with Green Slime against one target. This Ochre Jelly grabs the victim if it hits. Demon Gate brings 1-4 Type II demons.
Orcus, Prince of the Undead HD: 35
move: 8
Armor: 4 (3)
4x weapon (5+death) or 2x fists (2), tail sting (1 +poison) +7 saves, strong x3, mental x2, wings, magic level 30 (80 MP) Lightning Bolt (dmg 15, s), Wall of Fire (a/s), Telekinesis (800, s), Animate Dead (a/s), Raise Dead Army, Time Stop (1/day), Demon Gate (3/1), Undead Gate
A fat humanoid with batwings and cloves. A hit from tail forces a save vs. poison at -3 or brings immediate death. All powers are used at level 20 unless noted otherwise, The demon gate brings any type I-VI demon, but has only 4+ chance to open if Marilith or Balrog is called for. Undead Gate brings d6 random undead creatures at home layer.

Wand of Orcus is the mighty ruling staff of Orcus. Anyone touching it is immediately slain unless somehow resist magical death. In combat, it is a very big weapon, dealing 5 damage and causing death as previously. Alternatively it can be used to zap Finger of Death.

Yeenoghu, Demon Lord of Gnolls HD: 32
move: 15
Armor: 5 (3)
5x flail (4 +special) +5 saves, strong x2, mental, magic level 16 (30 MP) Magic Missile (6 missiles, a/s, 3/day), Hold Monster (a/s), Suggest (a/s), Telekinesis (500, a/s), Rock to Mud (s), Demon Gate (3, 1/day)
4 meter gnoll, wielding a large flail. Any hit from calls for another d6 roll: 1-3: no other effect, 4: paralyzation, target must save vs. magical paralyzation at -2, 5: death, target must save vs. death magic at -1, 6: stun, target must save vs. stun at -4. A demon gate brings 2-5 vrocks.

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