Sample Characters

All these samples are level 25 characters, and thus have 13 health levels and +4 saves. In addition, they have 25 skill levels and 50 improvement picks.

Grunt, Level 25 Dwarf Warrior

For 50 improvements, we take:

Skills (25): acrobatics, bestiary (5), booksmanship, healing (3), languages (3 extra), magic items (2), mystics, survival (3), stealth, warfare (5).

Magic items (15): heavy magical armor, obsidian axe, thunder hammer, helm of mind protection, ring of true seeing, ring of free action, bag of holding, unicorn horn, 2 amulets of life saving, wand of fire, lightning, teleportation and digging, 2 fire arrows, 4 extra healing potions, 2 levitation potions, 2 speed potions, 2 invisiblity potions, 3 planar gate scrolls, 2 negate magic scrolls, 1 wall of force scroll.

Other items: Crossbow, 30 quarrels, shield, adventurer pack

Final attributes:

Teier, LEVEL 25 Human Combatmage

For 50 improvements, we take:

Skills (25): ancient lore (4), bestiary (4), booksmanship (4), healing, languages (2 extra), magic items (5), mystics (3), warfare (2).

Magic items (15): cloak of protection, vorpal blade (2), ring of fire immunity (2), ring of cold resistance, speed boots, amulet of magical breathing, staff of power (2), staff of fire, 2 wands of teleporation, 1 wand of speed monster, 3 extra healing potions, 6 gain power potions, 3 scrolls of recharging.

Other items: adventurer pack

Spells (40): Detect magic, feather fall, magic missile, remove fear, reveal use, shield; acid arrow, detect invisible, ESP, gain resistance, mirror image, strength; create nutrition, dispel magic, haste, heal, lightning bolt, morph armor; extend, fireball, fly, improved invisiblity, reveal, stone skin; cone of cold, identify, multispell, passwall, telekinesis, teleport; anti-magic shell, chain lightning, dig, energy drain, fasten, globe of invulnerability, major conjuration, stone to flesh; forcefield, meteor swarm, negate magic, planar gate, prismatic spray, regenerate, reincarnate, weird

Final attributes:

Lleurelen, Elven Priest

For 50 improvements, we take:

Skills (25): acrobatics (3), ancient lore, bestiary (2), evaluate, healing (4), language (2 extra), magic items (2), mystics (2), survival (2), stealth (4), warfare (2)

Magic items (15): holy sword (2), longbow of piercing, magical quiver, bracers of defence, ring of fire immunity (2), ring of teleport control, amulet of grounding, speed boots, slippery cloak, unicorn horn, 3 acid arrows, 3 extra healing potions, wand of digging, wand of teleporation, wand of speed

Other items: 60 arrows, adventurer pack

Final attributes:

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