Epic 40k Main Rules

Epic 40,000 rules are here for convenience

Sequence of Play

    1. Declare flyer missions (Ground Attack, Transport or Intercept)
    2. Determine initiative
    3. First player movement
    4. Second player movement
    1. Determine initiative
    2. Shoot with vehicles and infantry (Alternate turns to shoot)
    3. Determine initiative again!
    4. Shoot with war engines (As with infantry and vehicles)
    1. Determine initiative
    2. Resolve the first player's assault moves, close combats and firefights
    3. Resolve the second player's assault moves, close combats and firefights
    1. Roll to remove blast markers (d6-1 from each detachment)
    2. Roll to rally broken detachments (Leadership test, cannot rally if the detachment has same number or more blast markers than units left in it)
    3. Repair war engine damage and shields (Roll 4+ for each)
    4. Check scenario victory conditions

General Rules


Use 3 counters for army with higher strategy rating and 2 counters for army with lower. Put them into cup and draw from there. Return counters only at the end of the turn (unless rules state otherwise).

If armies have same strategy rating, roll d6 at the start of the match for both. The winning army has higher strategy rating for this match.


Each detachment has a HQ unit. If any other unit is further than 30 cm away from its HQ, it is out of order and cannot move in the movement or assault phase nor shoot in the shooting phase. It may still snap fire, fight in close combat or lend support to close combat or firefight.

This command rule is checked at the start of the each phase. If a separated unit is broken in close combat of firefight, it is automatically destroyed but do not affect the rest of the detachment. On the other hand, if the main detachment is broken, it does not affect the separated unit.

If the detachment HQ is destroyed, next unit in the chain of command takes place. The player controlling the detachment has choice of which one.


Blast markers are aqcumalated from shooting, close combat and firefights. Any detachment with blast markers must succeed in leadership test to move in the movement or assault phase or to set overwatch. EXCEPTION: Broken detachments may make a retreat move without taking a leadership test. (Note: althought rules do not say that, I assume that placing any special orders require leadership test, too)

In addition to that, in the shooting phase, the detachment has its firepower reduced by 1 for each blast marker it has. This is reduced after blast markers to target detachment is placed. If the detachment has super heavy weapons, each blast marker prevents one super heavy weapon from shooting unless there is normal firepower to reduce first.


Roll d6. If the roll is more than blast markers in the detachment, the test is passed. Detachments that currenctly contain 15 or more units add +1 to the dice roll. A roll '6' prior any to modifications always succeeds.


A detachment becomes broken if it loses a close combat of firefight. It must immediately retreat, and may make a retreat move in a subsequent movement phase (unless it is first rallied, of course). Mark a broken detachment with the Order dice (or fall back counter).

A broken detachment may not move otherwise, may not fire in the shooting phase and has its Assaul value and Firepower halved for close combats and firefights.

Retreat move may be up to 20cm, regardless of a unit's actual Speed. Normal terrain rules apply, and if the unit ends a retreat move within 15cm of the enemy, it is destroyed.

Special Units


Artillery units may fire without LOS. In addition to that, they may fire in the movement phase, using prepatory bombardment.

The detachment must be set to special orders at the start of the movement phase, before initiative is drawn. Artillery units may then fire at the start or end of the opposing player's movement. The rest of the detachment can then be set to overwatch and other units can make normal 5 cm move and fire in the shooting phase.

Note that units firing a preparatory bombardment may not reroll any misses.

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