My Epic Forces

Epic cabinet Note: this list is outdated. I have done some updates but not all are reflected.

This is a list of my figure range and here to help for my friends to build up an army. Some figures are shared between armies and are such noted. I also have a list of figures unassembled or not yet converted so this list lives. But I hope it is adequate help to create like 3000 point armies. I do not have any space ships and see no need for them.

I'm planning a javascript based army creation tool. Meanwhile you have to use appropriate pdf. All armies listed here are available either as official rules or from Vault.

The convention in the list is: the number is usually the number of painted and readily available units. In parentheses is the extra (unpainted or bad color) units. Then there is possibility of extra units which can be created, this is marked with plus sign. I also have listed some untis which I definately do not have and which I do not prefer to proxy.

Imperial Armies

Shared stuff: Titans and Imperial Navy. This means that in normal situation a space marine army can easily fight imperial guard or AMTL.

Thunderbolt: 4

Reaver: 1
Warhound 2 (+2)
Warlord: 1 (++)

None: Marauders (maybe 2 will come, or you can use old brick Thunderhawks..)

Space Marines

Source: Epic Armageddon rulebook, plus "Hena's changes".

Assault units: 12 (++)
Bike units: 14? (++)
Devastator units: 12 (++)
Scouts: (2 + 2 unassembled)
Tactical units: 20 (++)
Terminator units: 4 (+10)

Dreadnoughts: 4 (++)
Hunter: 4 (plus conditional 4 more)
Land Raider: 10 (++)
Land Speeder: 13 (++)
Predator: 7 (undefined type)
Razorback: 6 (undefined type)
Rhino: 15 (++)
Vindicator: 6 
Whirlwind: 8 (or 12)

Thunderhawk: 1 (+1)

None: Attack Bike, Land Speeder Tornado/Typhoon, Landing Craft

Imperial Guard Steel Legion

Source: Epic Armageddon rulebook. Many additional units are theoretically available, so the list will expand later on.

Guardsmen: 12 (+40) (plus commissar stands and command units)
Ogryns: 2 (+4)
Rough Riders: 1 (+17)
Snipers: 4 (+4)
Stormtroopers: 8
Support Squad: 8

Basilisk: 6 
Bombard: 8
Chimera:  7 (+7)
Deathstrike: 2 (++)
Griffon: 6
Hellhound: 6
Hydra: 6
Leman Russ: 13 (+7)  (including two "vanguisher")
Manticore: 6
Sentinel: 22 (+9)
Valkyrie: 4

Baneblade: 1
Shadowsword: 3

None: Leman Russ Demolisher, Vulture (proxy: Valkyrie)

Adeptus Mechanicus Titan Legions

While this is most probably usable, I have not yet investigated it. It is available from official (extra) rules.


Orks are numerous but I would not still use them against each other. The first list is for basic ork army list from the main Epic rulebook.

Biggunz: 10+ (++)
Boyz: 70+ (++)
Grots: 14
Bikeboyz: 17 (+7 nobz, +6 unassambled)
Kommandos: "12" (just use something else..)
Nobz: 30+ (++)
Scorcha: 14
Stormboyz: 10
Warbuggies: 15 (++)

Battlewagon: 10+ (++)
Dreadnought: 12 (++)
Gunzwagon: 10? (with variations to be used as supa-zzap etc)
Deth Koptas: (8 unassembled)
Flakwagon: 4+++?
Killa Kan: 6
Supa-Zapp / Soopagun: X (use shokks, traktors, pulsas,..)
Stompa: 8 (+2, +5 unassembled)

Fighta-Bomber: 15
Gargant: 1
Great Gargant: 2 (other is Steam Gargant actually)
Gunfortress: 4 (+1, can be used as battlefortress, too)
Landa: 3 (+1)
Supa-Stompa: 2

Speed Freaks

Source: official (extra) rules.

Nobz bike: 7 (inc bigmek)
Speedstas: 8?
Trukks: (++, use rhinos)

Feral Orks

Source: swordwind

Madboyz: 8 (+4 ++..)
Wildboyz: 8 (+4 ++)
Wyrdboyz: (+5 on basic bases, 3 unbased)
Boarboyz: 17 (+20 unassembled)
Squiggoths: 3 (+5)
Steam Gargants: (2) (those models are huge...)

None: Junkatrukks (use wagons), Squig Catapults (use traktor kannons), Orkeasaurus

Orkimedian Gargant Bigmob Army

Source: Vault

Kustom Gargant: "1"


There is list of Eldar craftworlds. This basic list is based on Swordwind Biel-Tan craftworld list which is in Swordwind expansion (part 1). There is still some conversation required but some armies can be assembled.

Avatar: 1 (+1)
Farseers: 2 (+2)
Guardians: 11 (+11++)
Heavy Weapon Platform: 6 (+6)
Jet Bikes: 17 (+17)
Rangers: 10 (4 ++)
Support Platform: 3 (++)
Vypers: 13 (+13)
War Walkers: 6
Wraithguard: 10 (+5 +) (+2 with farseer for Iyanden list)
Wraithlord: 4 (+11)

Dark Reapers: 4
Dire Avengers: 4 (+4)
Fire Dragons: 3** (+5)
Howling Banshees: (+1+"8" + 7 harlequins) 
Shining Spears: 6*
Striking Scorpions: 7 (+3)
Swooping Hawks: 9*** (+7)
Warp Spiders: 8**

(* = number of exarch stands)

Falcon: 6 (++)
Fire Storm: 2 (+2) (+6, as Fire Gale)
Fire Prism: 2 (+4) (+1, as Bright Stallion)
Night Weaver: 10
Wave Serpent: 6 (+4)

Cobra: 2 (+4) (as Warp Hunter)
Phantom Titan: 1 (+1, both weapon setups)
Revenant: (2)
Scorpion: (4) (as Tempest)
Storm Serpent: 3 (as Tempest variant)
Void Spinner: 1 (as Tempest variant)
Warlock Titan: 1

Night Wing: 3
Phoenix Bomber: (3 unassembled)
Vampire: 1 (+1, custom)


Chaos has been divided to several armies. There is generic cultist army "Lost & Damned" which can use most chaos engines and daemons of all chaos factions. Then there is generic chaos marine army "Black Legion" which can use chaos marines of any faction, but cannot use divided chaos engines. Both these are available from official (extra) rules.

Daemons are listed here. For specific engines and other units, see lists below.

Greater Daemons: 1 of each
Lesser Daemons: bunch of each faction (5 Daemonettes)
Daemonic Beasts: huge pile of Flesh Hounds, 6 Slaanesh Fiends

Lost & Damned

This is under construction, i.e. I have not yet converted units to new epic. Patience... This list can be used against Black Legion except for shared Defilers, or against Emperor's Children providing that no Slaanesh engines are used. In any case I suggest use of Khorne/Nurgle as favored deities. If traitor guard is used, there might be problems using it against Imperial Guard.

Khorne Engine: 8
Khorne Lord of Battle: 1

None: Tzeentch machines,..

Black Legion

This is under construction, i.e. I have not yet converted units to new epic. Patience... This list can be used against Lost & Damned providing that agreement upon Defilers can be found.

Obliterators: 4
Banelord: 1
Tzeentch Raptors: (4)  (disc riders)

Emperor's Children

I'm going to build this army as my main project. Patience.. Note that Slaanesh engines are shared with Lost & Damned so that if this is used against it, Lost & Damned should limit itself to Khorne/Nurgle and not use Defilers.

Bikes: 6* (+6++, using slaanesh steeds)
Chosen: 12**
Daemon Prince: 1 (winged) (+1 non-winged)
Legionnaires: 12 (++)
Noise Marines: 11*
Possessed: (5*)
Defilers: 1 (+4)
Debasers: 1 (+1) (can be mixed with Defilers)
Land Raiders: 3 (+2 ++)
Rhinos: 8 (++)

Slaanesh Daemon Knight: 12
Slaanesh Subjugator: 1
Slaanesh Questor: 2

(* = number of warlord or sorceror stands)

Not yet: predators (use marine), noise havocs.. (upcoming)

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