Tabletop Battles


  • Epic Armageddon (NEW) - Epic Armageddon stuff
  • Blood Bowl - links to various local Bloodbowl leagues with their house rules, plus old erratas, special card list, conversion guidelines etc.
  • Warhammer Fantasy Battle - our clarifications, armies etc. (quite outdated)
  • Epic 40K - useful links, our house rules and some things about old epic, Space Marine.
  • KTA (Fi) - Kallen TaisteluAreena

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Other games

These pages contain loads of free games:

Syndicate V
The corporate future roleplaying game.
The cybervaran roleplaying game.
Generic roleplaying system.
RIP Fantasy
Fantasy roleplaying game.
Neo-Hunt 3
The cybervaran board game.
Fantasy strategy with normal chess pieces.
Lords of Hell
Cardgame of unholy politics. many more, see main index.