Basic Attributes

Armor Class (AC)

How hard the creature is hit and how much resistance against damage. Different creatures have different base AC from 10 to lower, and gets lower with armor and dexterity. Reduce creature positive DEX from AC, negative DEX does not worsen AC. Characters with melee skill gain better AC because of their training.

Melee AC is creature base AC -any armor -possible melee modifiers (mainly weapons) -warrior skill level/2 -DEX.

Missile AC is as melee AC, but different weapon/shield modifiers

Held AC is creature base AC -any armor (and other similar)


General level of the creature. Added to some rolls, unmodified or divided, depending on roll. Creatures use HD, Hit Dice, to reflect their general level. Player characters start from level 0, and become stronger and stronger for each level. There is no upper limit for level, but very high level (say, 20+) characters are very rare.

Hit Points (HP)

Resistance against damage. When dropped to 0 or below, creature is unconscious or dead. Hit points start from racial base+CON for player characters, and raise for each level. Creatures have d10 hit points per HD, with more stronger fighters and similar creatures having average 7-9 hit points per HD.

Magic Level

The spellcasting ability of the creature. This level limits the spellcasting of the high level spells, and is used as base on powers of many spells.

Movement Speed

The speed of the creature. In meters per combat round. Reflects the speed and agility of the creature during combat, and is reduced with load. The actual maximum movement speed when running continuously is more dependent on original movement speed, constitution and load than any other stats of skills.


Special attribute only for those with destiny to do something, i.e. all player characters and some other great heroes or villains. Represents the character's chance to cheat death or destiny. Each destiny point can be used to reroll one roll.


These are used as needed to:

Strength The physical strength. Represents the actual physical strength to lift things, hold something and break items. Gives bonuses to damage in melee and thrown weapons.
Constitution The endurance and stamina. Gives bonuses to HPs and saves against poison.
Dexterity The speed and agility. Gives bonuses to to-hit rolls and AC in combat, and is used on area saves.
Intelligence The wits and thinking speed. Gives bonuses to spell-casting and perception tests.
Wisdom The will power. Gives bonuses against mind and spell attacks.
Charisma The natural charisma and comeliness of the creature. Gives bonuses to reactions.

This game only uses bonuses or penalties from high or low stat levels. Normal human bonuses range from -3 to +3, +0 being the average. Stat levels can be lost or gained because of same effects.

Lost Stats
Losses are restored at 1 point per week unless noted otherwise, but on a d6 roll of 1 are permanent (roll after that week has elapsed). Permanent modifications are just that, permanent, and cannot be restored with Restore or similar means.

Low Stat Levels
A creature with stat -2 or -3 have constant problems, and those with stat of -4 or less are usually completely helpless. Creatures with INT -4 are plants, and with CON -4 are generally dead, at least if drop happens because of some effect.


Attacks of the creature. Normal humanoids have only one (weapon) attack, but many creatures can attack multiple times. If there is any modifiers to attack rolls or special effects, they are usually noted also.


Special attributes innate to creature. Many humanoids are resistant to poisons and similar things. Innate powers and magic is usually grouped under 'powers', although they are counted in extras.


Defense Attributes

These defenses or vulnerabilities are against some attack type.


All damage caused by this type of attack is halved (round down). All saves against non-damaging attacks are at +6, with unmodified 14+ always saving, or if there is no save, the effect is resisted with d6 roll 1-3. Note that attacks with save are never reduced to half by resistance, only save modifier is in effect.


The creature is immune to attacks of this type (but it does not make his or her items immune!)

Feeds On

The creature is not only immune, but feeds on that attack type! All damage caused is halved and then added to creatures HP! If the attack does no damage, add power level (if any) to creature HP.


All damage of this type is doubled, or saves are at -4 against non-damaging attacks of this type. Resistance and vulnerability negate each other.

Physical Attributes

These attributes are quite obvious to all other creatures.


The creature is almost completely invisible, and is seen only as faint movement when near. Melee attacks against it are at -4.


The creature is ethereal, and can pass through most walls and objects at will.


The creature is very frightening, and upon seeing it very close, creatures must save vs. fear or are scared. Those successful are immune to that effect for this encounter.


As feared, but much worse. Upon seeing, the creatures must save vs. fear at -8. Those failing even without that modifier are paralyzed from fright. Those failing because of modifier are scared. Those paralyzed are still scared when paralyzation ends.


The creature can move around in the air, but not very well, and is easily plummed around. The creature cannot change altitude without other means.


As flying, but creature needs room and vitality to fly around, and is not very manouverable. Flying speed can be much higher than normal speed.


The creature can fly freely around in the air.


The creature is very slow to react. It has -6 to-hit and is hit with +4 because of its slowliness. In addition, its movement speed is halved. Slow creature that gains fast first becomes merely non-slow.


The creature is very fast. Its land movement is doubled, and it has double basic attacks, or may first load or handle items and then attack. In addition, it has -4 to AC while in move. Slowed fast creature becomes first merely non-fast.

Miscallenous Attributes

All attributes not falling to above classes. Usually innate powers or special properties of the creature.

Innate Magic

Innate spell-like power of the creature. Used without casting roll, but require action and sound. May use MPs.

Innate Power

Innate spell-like power, which may require an action or be used 'as will'. Does not require sound but some mental concentration, and may use MPs.


The creature has no mind, and is thus automatically immune to mind attacks. In addition, it cannot be detected by ESP or similar means nor there is brain to damage. The creature usually cannot do anything else than to walk around and attack in melee.


The creature is magically constructed or enchanted and subject to negation and similar methods. It is automatically non-living and mindless.


Creature takes +2 damage from blessed weapons and is subject to certain special effects.

See Invisible

The creature sees invisible creatures as they would not be invisible, but a little transparent.

Detect Illusions

The creature detects all illusions from real object simply at glancing at them.

Night Vision

The creature can see in darkness (almost) as well as in daylight.

Night Dweller

The creature has night vision, but is blinded in sunshine.


The creature does not need to breathe, and is thus immune to drowning and all harmful gases (needed to breathe).


Creature is not living, and cannot be cured by normal healing methods. Creature is automatically immune to death, poison and disease, and is non-breathing.


These cover different special statuses, which is not (usually) normal situation for creature.


The creature is 'blinded' in the darkness (or in sunshine for night dwellers), and attacks at -2 to-hit and melee attacks against it are at +2. Ranged attacks are quite impossible. Apply to all creatures without night vision in very dark condition, like moonless night.


The creature is scared from fear. All offensive actions are at -8, and all other tests are at -4. Melee attacks against it are at +2. The creature usually tries to run away from fear-causing origin, and cannot approach it. The fear is normally removed with d6 roll 1 at the start of creature's action.


The creature is burdened from its load. Its movement is dropped by one-fourth, melee attacks are at -1 and AC worsens by 1. Round movement normally.


The creature is overloaded. Movement is halved and melee attacks are at -2. AC is worsened by 2.


The creature is well overloaded. Movement is at one-fourth, melee attacks are at -4 and AC is worsened by 4.


The creature has lost its mind and cannot do much else than stare blankly ahead or run around mindlessly.


The creature has real problems to decide, what to do. At the start of its turn, on a d6 roll 1 the creature can do nothing else than stare blankly. Creatures attacked in melee may still attack blindly against their opponents, but cannot do anything else. In other times, the creature loses its thoughts repeatly.


The creature is completely blind. Unless it is used to it, all melee attacks are at -8 and melee attacks against it are at +4. Movement is random, and attacks can be against wrong target.


The creature is stunned and is hit in melee with +2 to-hit. The creature cannot attack, cast spells or use innate powers. Creature recovers from stun at the end of his or her next action - until that, it cannot do anything except wander a bit.


The creature is paralyzed in spot, and all attacks against it are at +6, and no melee skill modifiers apply to AC. If someone can attack the creature without any disruptance (out of combat), it can be killed without any roll unless it is non-living, in which case the attack hits automatically and causes double damage. Sleeping and held creatures are handled in the same way.

HDD3 RPG system (c) Kalle Marjola 1996-97. All rights reserved.