Spell List

NoSpell LvlTypeDescription
1Acid Arrow 2Ranged, Power 2 per d8Must hit normally, d8 acid damage per 2 power levels, max 8d8
2Animate Dead 4Touch, Enchant CorpsePower level/2 HD corpse animated as zombie, decay 1/hour
3Anti-Magic Shell 6Touch, Enchant creatureShimmering field, immune to magic. Decay 1-2/10 minutes
4Aura of Fear 4Touch, Enchant CreatureTarget scaring, decay 1/round
5Banish 2Ranged, Power 6+Outerplanar or ethereal banished or forced to semi-transparent form unless saves vs. magic, at +8 if power less than HD
6Burning Hands 1-Burns target in front, hits as bolt, 2d6 fire damage
7Cause Fear 2Ranged, Enchant CreatureTarget save vs. magical fear or scared, decay 1/round
8Cause Stupidity 3Ranged, Enchant CreatureTarget save vs. mind magic or stupid. Decay 1/day
9Chain Lightning 6Bolt, Power 15+Fires a bolt, that lepas from target to target, losing -5 power each leap. Causes current power+d20 lightning damage
10Charm Monster 5Ranged, Enchant CreatureTarget save vs. mind magic or charmed, decay 1/hour
11Cloud Kill 5Ranged, Enchant AreaCreates 5m diameter greenish cloud, all breathing take 2d10 poison damage each round. Decay 1/round
12Cloud of Slumber 3Ranged, Enchant AreaCreates 5m diameter cloud, all breathing in area save vs. magical sleep or put to sleep. Decay 1/round
13Color Spray 1BoltAll hit blinded on d6 roll 1-3. Recover with roll 1-2 at own turn
14Cone of Cold 5Bolt, Power 10+Power+d20 cold damage
15Conjure Monster 3-Conjure one random creature
16Curse 3RangedCurse creature or random item
17Darkness 2Enchant AreaArea becomes dark, decay 1-2/hour
18Death Spell 6Power 20Kills 4d20 HD creatures unless save vs. death magic at -2
19Detect Evil 1TouchSense cursed/blessed state
20Detect Illusions 1Touch, Enchant CreatureDetect illusion, decay 1-2/hour
21Detect Invisible 2Touch, Enchant CreatureTarget sees invisible, decay 1-2/hour
22Detect Magic 1-Sense magic around caster
23Dig 6-Creates a hole. If cast inside creature, does 5d20 damage
24Dimension Door 4-Teleport up to 50m
25Disenchant 5Power 15+Dispel all enchantments within 10m on d20+power > power roll
26Disintegrate 6BoltFirst hit is disintegrated 3d20
27Dispel Illusions 4-Dispel all illusion around caster within 20m
28Dispel Magic 3Ranged, Power 5+Enchantment is dispelled if its power level less than dispel power+d20
29ESP 2Touch, Enchant CreatureGain ESP, decay 1-2/min
30Energy Drain 6Touch, Power 20+Energy drain power level+d20 death magic
31Enforce Wall 6Ritual 10 min, Enchant AreaMake wall or roof immune to magic. Decay 1-2/day
32Enhanced Illusion 3Ranged, Enchant AreaCreate illusion with simple movement, decay 1-2/hour
33Enhanced Mystical Aura 7Ritual 1 h, Enchant AreaPrevents all teleporting in or out of area, except caster
34Enlarge 1Touch, Enchant Creature, Power 5+Target +1 STR, +2 hp per 5 power, double weight per 10. Decay 1-2/minute
35Extend 4RangedReduce decay to 1/6th
36Feather Fall 1Power 1 Slow fall
37Finger of Death 7BoltAll hit save vs. magical death at -2 or slain
38Fireball 4Ranged, Power 10+Explodes in first target at 5m diameter Power+d20 fireball. Add negative AC to damage
39Fireshield 4Touch, Enchant CreatureShimmering field, immunity to fire. Decay 1-2/hour
40Fly 3Touch, Enchant CreatureTarget gains levitation, decay 1/minute
41Force True Form 2-Shapeshifted near caster forced back to original form
42Forget 2Ranged, Enchant CreatureSave vs. mind magic at -4 or stunned next round and stupid. Decay 1-2/minute
43Free Breathing 3Touch, Enchant CreatureTarget becomes (almost) non-breathing, decay 1/hour
44Frostshield 5Touch, Enchant CreatureShimmering field, immunity to cold. Decay 1-2/hour
45Gain Resistance 2Touch, Enchant CreatureTarget resistant to poison, sleep, polymorph and petrification, fire, cold or lightning, decay 1-2/hour
46Globe of Invulnerability 6Touch, Enchant CreatureTarget creature immune to fire, cold and lightning. Decay 1-2/minute
47Glyph of Warding 3Ritual 10 min, Touch, EnchantmentCreate ward with another spell, decay 1/day
48Haste 3Touch, Enchant CreatureTarget becomes fast, decay 1/round
49Hide Aura 2Touch, Enchant EnchantmentHides magical aura, decay 1/hour
50Hold Monster 4Ranged, Enchant CreatureTarget save vs. magic or paralyzed. Decay 1/round
51Identify 5Touch, Power 20Identify one magical item
52Invisibility 4Touch, Enchant CreatureTarget invisible, decay 1/minute
53Knock 2RangedTarget lock opened
54Light 1Enchant Area, Power 1Light surrounding area, decay 1-2/day
55Lightning Bolt 3Bolt, Power 10+Power+d20 lightning damage
56Magic Missile 1Ranged, Power 3 per missileAutomatic hit, d6 magical damage per missile, max 10d6
57Major Conjuration 7-Conjure anything from same plane
58Metamorph 4Touch, Enchant CreatureTarget polymorph. Decay 1-2/hour
59Meteor Swarm 7Ranged, Power 20+Hurl one meteor per 10 power levels, each d20+10 fire damage
60Mind Blank 3Touch, Enchant CreatureTarget immune to mind. Decay 1-2/hour
61Minor Globe of Invulnerability 4Touch, Enchant CreatureTarget creature resistant to fire, cold and lightning. Decay 1-2/minute
62Mirror Image 2EnchantmentCreates illusion duplicate of caster, decay 1/round
63Morph Armor 3TouchTransform armor to fit on another creature
64Mystical Aura 6Ritual 10 min, Enchant AreaPrevents all teleporting in area, except caster
65Negate Magic 7RangedNegate permanently magical effects
66Passwall 5Touch, Enchant WallOpen portal 2x2x3m, decay 1-2/10 minutes
67Permanency 7Ritual 6 hour, Enchant enchantment, Power 30Make enchantment permanent, burns magic points
68Petrificate 6BoltFirst hit save vs. magical petrification or turned to stone
69Phantasmal Forces 1RangedCreates a short obvious illusion
70Phantasmal Horrors 3Ranged, Enchant CreatureSave vs. mind magic or scared or paralyzed, decay 1/round
71Planar Gate 7Enchant AreaCreate inter-planar gate, decay 1/min
72Polymorph 5BoltFirst target permanently polymorphed, save vs. magic
73Portal 6Enchant AreaCreate a portal to place within 5x power level km, decay 1-3/round
74Power Word, Kill 7RangedTarget save vs. magical death at -6 or slain. +4 to save per full 100 hp
75Power Word, Stun 6Ranged, Enchant CreatureTarget save vs. magical stun at -8 or stunned. +4 to save vs. per full 100 hp. Decay 1/round
76Prismatic Spray 7Bolt, Power 15All hit suffer random effect
77Produce Flame 1RangedIgnite fire on target location, cause d6 damage
78Raise Dead Army 5Ritual 5 min, Ranged, Enchant CorpsesAnimates power level humanoids as zombies, decay 1/hour
79Ray of Enfeeblement 2Bolt, Enchant CreaturesTargets hit lose 2 STR, decay 1/round
80Reality Illusion 5Ranged, Enchant AreaCreate illusion with all properties, decay 1-2/hour
81Regenerate 7TouchSlowly regenerate body part or 50% hit points instantly
82Reincarnate 7Ritual 10 min, TouchCreate new body for dead
83Remove Curse 4TouchRemove curse from item or creature
84Remove Fear 1Touch, Enchant Creature Grants immunity to fear, decay 1-2/hour
85Remove Spell 2Power 10Remove one spell from memory
86Restoration 5Touch, Power 10Cure disease or blindness or restore 1 stat level or 20% hp
87Reveal Use 1Ritual 1 min, Touch, Power 10Reveal basic attributes of the item
88Rock to Mud 6RangedSoften target rock formation
89Sanctuary 1Ritual 10 min, Enchant Area, Power 5Create sanctuary with +1 INT bonus, decay 1/day
90Shape Shift 7Enchant SelfShapeshift into chosen creature, decay 1-2/hour
91Shield 1EnchantmentCreates shield, -4 AC, bolts bounce 2/6. Decay 1/round
92Sleep 1TouchTarget creature is put to sleep unless saves vs. magical sleep
93Slow 3Ranged, Enchant CreatureTarget save vs. magic at -4 or is slow. Decay 1/round
94Spirit Form 6Touch, Enchant CreatureTarget becomes ethereal and immune to physical, and can walk through objects. Decay 1/minute
95Static Illusion 2Ranged, Enchant AreaCreate static illusion, decay 1-2/hour
96Steal Mind 4Touch, Enchant CreatureTarget save vs. mind magic or insane, decay 1/day
97Stinking Cloud 2Ranged, Enchant AreaCreates 5m diameter cloud, all breathing in area save vs. poison or stunned. Decay 1-3/round
98Stone Skin 4Touch, Enchant CreatureTarget -5 AC, minimum held AC 0. decay 1-2/hour
99Stone to Flesh 6TouchTurn stone to flesh. Stone creatures save -4 or +6 AC and HP halved
100Strength 2Touch, Enchant CreatureTarget +2 STR, decay 1-2/hour
101Stun Ray 2BoltSave vs. magical stun or stunned
102Suggest 4RangedTarget save vs. mind magic or performs one action
103Summon 5RitualSummon outer-planar creatures not more than power level HD
104Telekinesis 5Ranged, Enchant ObjectHurl 50kg per 2 power levels or move around 10kg per 2 power levels, decay 1/min
105Telepathy 3Touch, Enchant CreatureTarget may communicate telepathically with all within 20 m. Decay 1/10 min
106Teleport 5TouchTeleport self and 2 others or other 50m randomly
107Touch of Death 5TouchTarget save vs. magical death at -4 or slain
108Vitality 2Touch, Enchant Creature, Power 1+Target creature gains power level hit points. Decay 1-2/minute
109Wall of Fire 4Ranged, Enchant AreaCreate 6x3 firewall, damages 20+d20, decay 1-2/min
110Wall of Force 7Ranged, Enchant AreaCreate transparent 6x3 wall AC -10, 200hp, decay 1/min
111Wall of Ice 5Ranged, Enchant AreaCreate 6x3 ice wall AC 0 50hp, decay 1/hour
112Wall of Shadows 1Ranged, Enchant Area, Power 5Create 6x3 shadow wall, fear-save to penetrate, decay 1-2/10 min
113Ward 2Ritual 1 min, Enchant AreaCreate ward against outer-planar creatures, decay 1/hour
114Web 2Ranged, Enchant AreaCreate 6x3m wall of sticky strands with grabbing STR of +2, teared against STR +5, decay 1/hour
115Weird 7RangedAll creatures in 5m target area save vs. mind magic at -2 or slain. Those saving are paralyzed for one turn
Total 115 spells, 63 enchantments, 11 rituals. 37 ranged, 11 bolts and 41 touch spells.

HDD3 RPG system (c) Kalle Marjola 1996-97. All rights reserved.