Skill List

SkillPicks Description
Warrior Skills
Armor Repairing (-) N May repair armor.
Dodge (-) N Increases AC and can dodge
Estimate Opponent (INT) N May estimate opponent level
Horseback Fighting 1 May fight horseback
Load Fighting N Load levels
Marksmanship (-) N Add directly to-hit with ranged
Melee (-) N Add directly to-hit in melee, add level/2 to AC, count as 2 skills.
Weapon x Evaluation (INT) N Evaluate weapon class bonuses
Weapon Class x Training 1 No penalties with selected weapon class (1h-swing, 2h-swing, flails, bows, slings, thrown weapons)
Weapon x Specialization 1 Gain +1/+1 or +2/+0 with selected weapon type. The class must be learnt first.
General Skills
Climbing (DEX) N Skill to climb cliffs and walls
Con (CHA) N Verbal one-to-one communication
Cooking (INT) N Identify and produce something to eat
Estimate x (INT) N Estimate value of gems, jewelry or art objects (as selected)
First Aid (INT) N Stop bleed. Each attempt takes one round.
Language x 1 Skill to speak certain language
Leadership (CHA) N Inspiration, agitating etc.
Lock Picking (DEX) N Lockpicking and small trap detection and disarm
Miner (INT) N Skill to detect twists and slopes underground
Riding x (DEX) N Skill to ride and control selected creature.
Rope (DEX) N Accurate throws, good knots, estimating
Running 2 Increases movement speed by 1
Sleight of Hand (DEX) N Pickpocketing, card tricks etc.
Stealth (DEX) N Skill to move silently and unnoticed
Swimming (CON) N Skill to keep afloat and swim in currents
Tightrope Walking (DEX) N Skill to keep balance
Tracking (INT) N Skill to track. Use bestiary to identifying, but this skill can be used a bit, too.
Scholar Skills
Alchemistry (INT) N Skill to make potions from magical ingredients and common alchemistic materials.
Bestiary x (INT) N Knowledge about creatures of chosen type: humanoids, creations (including undead), animals (including fantasy monsters) or outer-planar creatures.
Conjuration x (INT) N Knowledge about right rituals to conjure specific creatures: demons, devils, elementals, etc.
Healing (WIS) N May heal 20% each day if successful and has herbs etc.
Language x 1 Skill to speak certain language
Legends (INT) N Knowledge on legends and places
Magic Items (INT) N Knowledge about different common magic items
Mathematics (INT) N Complex mathematics
Read/Write (INT) N Skill to write and read
Religions (INT) N Knowledge about religions
Runes and Glyphs (INT) N Identify runes and glyphs
Scroll Writing (INT) N Write scrolls with magical ink
Spellcraft (INT) N Recognize spell being cast
Pick: How many times the skill can be effectually taken. In specified skills, this applies to all separate specializations.

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