HDD3 Rolls

Saves and Defences

Normal roll d20 against 16+
Vulnerable: -4 to saves or double damage
Resistance: +6 to saves or half damage or negate 1-3, minimum save 14+
Immunity: Immune!

Melee Attack

-1self burdened
-2self overloaded
-4self taxed
+10self grabbing
-2/+2self/target blinded
-8/+2self/target scared
-4/+4*self/target grabbed
-8/+4self/target blind
+0*target surprised
+2target stunned
+6*target paralyzed
-4target invisible
*Held AC used; target gains no benefict from DEX and melee skill.

Ranged Attack

+skillcreature marksmanship
-4each half covered (-8 for 75% cover)
-4medium range
-8long range (over 2x range)
-16extreme range (over 4x range)
+2*target paralyzed/held
+2random shot (no other mods except cover)
Note: Double range penalty if target is moving.
*no AC bonus from skill/DEX

Attack Result

40+double damage or +30, whichever is more
30-39double damage
20-29normal damage
10-19half damage*, round down or nullify 1-3 on d6
-91/10 damage*, round down or nullify 1-5 on d6
* hits only if the attack would hit the opponent (20+) before AC modification! So these result apply only against creatures with negative AC.

Special Attack Types

Gaze: Start of round happens at 1-4 or 1 if avoiding. In addition, creature may use it once per turn and force similar roll.
Bolt: Attack with at least +20-
Grab: d6 1-2 both hands pinned, 3-4 either. To escape, STR+d4-d4 must beat holder.
Swallow: Act only on d6 roll 1-2, attacks double damage.

Special Effects

Physical 20+: d6 1 breaks random item.
Acid: d6 1-3 damages random items.
Fire: d6 1 boils random potions, burns scrolls and damages cloth.
Cold: d6 1 freezes random potions and shatters wands.
Lightning: hit +10 metal, d6 1-3 creatures blinded until roll 1-2. d6 1 causes random rings and wands to disappear.
Poison: Armor negates/no effect.
Disintegration: d6 1-3 random items disintegrate.
Energy Drain: Attacker gains half drained.
Paralyzation: Target AC worsens, decay d6 on 1 each round.
Sleep: Waking at d6 1-2 each time hit.

Casting Roll

5%For each power level over (magic level+INT)
5%For each unspent magic point required by the spell
5%Each point of metal armor (chain or plate), ignoring any quality or magical modifiers
1%Each point of non-metal armor, ignoring any quality or magical bonuses
50%Caster has a shield (or otherwise only one hand quite free)
25%Caster deaf, scared, grabbed or has gauntlets (cumulative)
10%For each month without practising
10%Hobbit or dwarf mage
50%Caster swallowed
A spell failure or roll of tens (10, 20, 30..) calls for stun save and mana burn save, see below.

Mana Burn Save

+INTCaster INT
+WISCaster WIS
+lvlCaster magic level
-8Spell power level higher than caster magic level
-1Per each full 2 power levels in spell
No other bonuses apply unless especially so noted, and roll 1 fails automatically!

Mana Burn Effect

1Casting inability, days
2Casting inability, minutes
3-5Casting inability, rounds
6-10Loss of d20 magic points, or all, if less.
11-14Permanent loss of 1 magic point
15Permanent loss of 1 HP
16-20Loss of d20 HP
Casting inability: The mage cannot cast spells until succesfully rolls 1 at the start of his or her round, minute or day.

HDD3 RPG system (c) Kalle Marjola 1996. All rights reserved.